(Minghui.org) After news broke that New Tang Dynasty's Fifth International Classical Chinese Dance Competition would be held in Hong Kong on August 18, 2012, participants in China were frequently threatened. Moreover, their entry permits to Hong Kong were denied by the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) Political and Legislative Affairs Committee (PLAC). Some people were even blackmailed into becoming spies. The relatives of the competition's organizing personnel also received threats in China.

On July 8, captain Long Yanyun of the Shaodong Domestic Security Division in Hunan Province led a group of police to Falun Gong practitioner Ms. He Benxiang's nephew's home looking for Ms. He. Long said that his supervisor had notified him about an event in Hong Kong on August 18, and Ms. He's daughter, Ms. Luo Yue, was suspected to be one of the participants. Long knew that Ms. Luo had applied for an entry permit into Hong Kong and requested the permit to be mailed to Ms. He's nephew's home.

The police searched Ms. He's nephew's home, confiscated Ms. Luo's entry permit, and threatened those in the residence. Ms. He's nephew asked Long why they were being so irrational, and Long said, “My supervisor notified me that if Ms. Luo was to enter Hong Kong with the entry permit, we would all receive severe punishment.”

At 3 p.m. on August 11, Long Yanyun led two policemen and officer Hu from the Panyu Police Station in Guangzhou to Ms. He's apartment in Xiashao, Guangzhou. Ms. He and Ms. Luo were not there, but Ms. He's eldest daughter was home. Ms. He's daughter tried to prevent them from searching the apartment, but she couldn't stop them. Long confiscated Ms. Luo's passport, laptop, hard drives, and Dafa books, and threatened Ms. He's eldest daughter, “If we find your mother we'll put her in jail for two years ,and we'll turn Ms. Luo's passport over to the Shaoyang City government.”

It has been reported that the Asia-Pacific Round of the Fifth International Classical Chinese Dance Competition was successfully held at the Mingai Kowloon Service Center on August 18. It is the first competition series that New Tang Dynasty Television has held in Hong Kong. Five dancers from Taiwan qualified for the next round from the adolescent group, and they will go to New York for the next round's competition at the end of October. The chairman of the organizing committee, Ms. Ma Lijuan, strongly condemned the CCP and especially the PLAC: “They failed, as we successfully held this competition for the first time in Hong Kong. This must be something the CCP didn't expect.”

It has been reported that this competition in Hong Kong had a total of 42 participants from the adolescent and youth groups, but over 20 from China were unable to attend due to the threats and impediments imposed by the CCP.

In recent years, Long has come to harass Ms. He at least five times, and Ms. He was forced into homelessness for over 2 years. On the morning of September 19, 2009, personnel from the Shaodong Domestic Security Division broke into Ms. He's home. Risking her life, Ms. He climbed over a wall and successfully escaped. In February 2010, Ms. He's husband, Mr. Luo Changchun, mysteriously died at the Golden Lihua Hotel in Shaodong, and his corpse was secretly cremated at Xinshao without his family being notified. Regarding his death, there remain many points of suspicion.