(Minghui.org) This article discusses my experience of clarifying the truth in a rural community.

One day, I went to a rural community to clarify the truth. Not long after I got off the bus, I came upon an elderly woman reading a newspaper in front of her house. I went up to her and said, “How are you? Are you reading the newspaper?” “Yes,” she replied, “I am retired now and have nothing to do. So I read newspapers when I am free.” I said, “Nowadays, there are so many false news stories. I have a CD for you which tells the true story about Falun Gong.” A man in his 40s came by to visit the woman and sat down to chat with us.

The woman said, “You asked me to watch this disk, but I don’t know whether I'll like it or not. I only like real news.” I told her that the CD I gave her was real news. I also took out several other disks from my bag and showed her. She was surprised by the Shen Yun Performance CD, “How beautiful it is! Where did you get it?” The man grabbed 3 disks from me before I could answer her. He was holding on tight to them and would not put them down. He asked me, “Can you please give me more? I love watching these. The shows on TV are not worth watching. I like watching things about Falun Gong.” Right about that time, another lady, about 60 years old, came by and said, “Don’t take those disks. They are about Falun Gong. I found one on my window at home. I took it down and wanted to break it, but I couldn’t. So, I threw it away into the dustbin. I am going to take it to the trash afterwards.” The man hurried to say, “What’s wrong with you? Are you too old to clearly understand? Do you know what they are about? Have you ever read or watched anything about Falun Gong? I have read a lot of materials related to Falun Gong. They are all about telling people to behave well according to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and to be a good person. You believe in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). What has it given you? Do you think that you benefit from it because you are living in such a big house? It is exploiting you! How silly you are! Can’t you see that the CCP officers are so greedy? Who works for the sake of us civilians? I am not that old, but I heard from the elder people that the CCP built itself up by telling lies. However, now the lies won’t work anymore. The CCP is most evil! People who practice Falun Gong are good. You see, this lady gave these disks to us and never asked for money. How can you treat her like this? Gifts are sent to your home, but you throw them away? How can you do that?”

I said, “Dear lady, you don’t know about Falun Gong because you have never watched any of these CDs. The performance of Shen Yun is very wonderful. The background sets, costumes and props, the music and the dance are all world class. Shen Yun is known to be a World Class Performance. What’s more, whoever watches it will benefit greatly. Some people have experienced healing and improved harmony in their family after watching this CD.” She replied, “I heard that Falun Gong is not good. So I did not watch it. I saw on TV about the Self-Immolation at Tiananmen Square and I was scared.” I informed her that the self-immolation incident was staged by Jiang Zemin and that our Teacher told us that we must not kill and that suicide is wrong. I said, “If you believe in those lies, you will be the one who suffers the loss.”

While I was talking to her, there came a man who sells watermelon. Then there came 20 more people. The man who was visiting with us held up the CDs and shouted, “Does anyone want this Falun Gong disk? I have watched it several times and it was quite good! If you want one, please grab one from this lady. Otherwise, you will miss a good opportunity.” After that, people asked me for the disks and I gave them all away. The people were all happy and thanked me. The older lady who had thrown away the disk, then asked me to give her a new one.

Later, people gradually left and there were not many people still around. So, I began to encourage the man to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. I asked him what CCP organizations he had membership with. He told me, “I joined the Communist Youth League. Can you help me quit it?” Some of the people who were present wondered if there really was a need to quit the CCP, and what would happen if they did not. Several people asked to quit the CCP and I made a list of their names. There was a young man watching me slowly writing the names and he took the paper and recorded the names himself. After he finished, he said to the crowd, “All set. You are safe now. Please go back and do whatever you should do.” I also said my blessings to them. I also thanked the man who had stopped to visit us initially for helping so many people know the truth today. He replied, “Not a big deal. This is what I should do.”

After they left, I talked to the older lady who was reading the newspaper about what had just transpired. She said, “I have never seen anything like this before. I did not know that people here had such a high level of consciousness. At first, I did not tell the truth to you because I was afraid to suffer loss. My husband was a Rightist. I was too scared that I would be disciplined by the CCP. I am really sorry.” She said that she was a professor and CCP member and asked me to help her quit. She also asked me to help her husband and children quit. I told her, “This is serious. They must be willing to quit by themselves. You can explain things to them. If they really want to quit, you can write down their names and give them to me or another practitioner.”

This experience of clarifying the truth encouraged me a lot. I was very moved to see that people knew the truth about Dafa. It was wonderful to see the deep delight of the people after quitting the CCP. I now have more confidence in clarifying the truth. I will remember the teachings from Master and try my best to tell people about the truth of Dafa in the time remaining. I hope that more sentient beings can be saved.