(Minghui.org) When Falun Dafa practitioners' bus arrived at Lok Ma Chau, a village in Hong Kong’s new territories located on the border between Mainland China and Hong Kong, all they could see were white banners with black words slandering Falun Dafa. The banners seemed to have blocked the entire view. None of the practitioners wanted to look at them and acknowledge their existence.

I felt terrible. The bus stopped at the station. The minute I got off the bus, I cried. “I am so sorry, Master.” I sobbed facing a wall, like a child who dared not return home because he did something wrong.

For a while, when I sent righteous thoughts, I held the thought “eliminate all the evil banners.” However, the minute I held that thought, I would either become drowsy, or have a headache and my hand gesture became incorrect. This went on for days.

I was very troubled and tried to figure out where my righteous thoughts had gone, the kind of righteous thoughts that could “split a mountain in half—split it with but one thought” (“Fa Teaching Given at the 2010 New York Fa Conference”). Master said, “I regard eliminating the evil as whisking dust away” (“All for This Day” from Hong Yin III).

I was worried about my cultivation state and kept looking within. It wasn’t until I read an article a practitioner sent me that I understood, “The practitioners in Hong Kong did not form one entity, did not pay attention to sending righteous thoughts, and did not pay attention to this issue.” That was why I was powerless.

My fellow practitioners! The evil daring to slander Master and Falun Dafa in Hong Kong tells us that each and every practitioner in Hong Kong is ineffectual. The evil forces despise us and that is why they dare to slander Master in front of us!

In the article, a practitioner said, “The so-called ‘Hong Kong Youth Care Association’ sabotaged the truth clarification sites and interfered with what we did. We all know that what they did was deliberate and systematically planned. These people came after us because they knew that we are similar to loose sand, that we are scared, have other things on our minds, do not cooperate with each other, and are not one body.”

I cannot help but think that we are as he described: We did not cultivate diligently and improve according to the Fa. We were impatient, hateful, whiny, aggressive, and indifferent. We respond in kind to attacks, and we are just like lose sand that doesn’t stick together. When I read that he said, “Shame on practitioners in Hong Kong,” I felt ashamed and hurt.

Hong Kong practitioners proposed three ways to deal with the situation: “Send righteous thoughts, clarify the truth of the persecution of Falun Gong, and clear the evil banners with righteous thoughts.” The practitioner also proposed: “We must look within unconditionally, cultivate ourselves well, and form a strong force. We must coordinate with one another and rectify the evil situation with righteous thoughts and acts. We should help Master to accomplish what he wants and save more beings!”

Please point out any incorrect views. Thank you.