(Minghui.org) I started installing satellite dishes for others to watch New Tang Dynasty Television (NTD) at the end of last year. I'd like to share some of my experiences and understandings.

I have installed several dozen satellite dishes and have met many different kinds of people. All of their feedback on NTD has been positive, and I would like to share some here.

Fellow practitioner A has a relative who had been refusing to listen to truth clarification and accused Falun Gong of “being too political' as soon as the subject was brought up. However, after he watched NTD programs, he understood the truth. While hospitalized, one day he heard his roommates repeating the evil Party's lies about Falun Gong. He told them what he had learned from NTD. Subsequently, good things happened to him. Not only did he recover from illness, but also his business made huge profits.

Practitioner B's family member used to disapprove of B's practice of Falun Gong. They had many conflicts at home. After watching NTD programs, however, the family member understood the evil nature of the Communist Party and wanted to donate money to support B's and other Falun Gong practitioners' truth-clarification efforts.

Practitioner C's husband worked in the propaganda department of the public sector for many years and was poisoned heavily by the evil Party's lies. He was quite upset when I installed the satellite dish in his home. After he watched NTD, however, he understood the truth and saw the true face of the Communist Party.

I also installed a dual-satellite dish system in a factory. Some workers watched NTD when they had free time. They said that information discussed in NTD programs made sense. Later on, they stopped watching other channels and only watched NTD.

There are many examples like these, and I will not list them all. When NTD Television made changes to downlink frequencies sometime ago, the satellite dishes could not receive NTD signal anymore. My customers became very anxious and urged us to adjust it for them. In my understanding, it is because sentient beings all have a knowing side and are all longing to be saved.

Studying the Fa well is the foundation for installing NTD satellite dishes

At one point I developed an attachment to NTD programs. I indulged myself in watching TV, and my Fa study was affected. My righteous thoughts became weakened, and consequently my work of installing NTD was interfered with - I had no customers. I realized the problem, let go of my attachment, positioned the relationship between watching NTD and Fa-study correctly, persisted in attending group study, and did my installation work with righteous thoughts and righteous actions. The situation improved, things became smooth, and my customer base increased.

This lesson is unforgettable for me. I understood that installing NTD satellite dishes was not an everyday job, but rather one for saving sentient beings. Without righteous thoughts and righteous actions from the Fa, one cannot save sentient beings.

The importance of sending forth righteous thoughts

Interference from other dimensions is sometimes very big during the installation process. After I installed the dish in my own home, I turned on the TV and it was playing a truth-clarification program. My mother became very upset. I sent forth righteous thoughts continuously for an hour. Then she calmed down and stopped yelling at me. Later, she always watched NTD programs.

One day, we went to install the dish at practitioner D's home. As soon as we entered her front yard, the power went out, which rarely happened. We realized that it was interference and sent forth righteous thoughts together. But it didn't seem to make any difference. We waited till 6 p.m. to send forth righteous thoughts with practitioners around the globe, and as soon as we began, the power came back on.

One day, I was so preoccupied with the installation that I forgot to send forth righteous thoughts at noon. I didn't realize it until I finished securing the dish, but even then I didn't make up for missing sending forth righteous thoughts at a set global time. Suddenly the power went out before I could finish the final step of the installation. I sent forth righteous thoughts and studied the Fa, and had to wait for an hour and a half for the power to come back on. That day I did one less installation than I had planned. It made me realize the importance of sending forth righteous thoughts diligently.

One day, I went out of town to do an installation. I tried to find the satellite signals for more than two hours without any success. I was at the end of my rope. It was time to send forth righteous thoughts, so I sat down immediately to do it. During sending forth righteous thoughts, something occurred to me and I realized what the problem was. After sending forth righteous thoughts, I solved the problem in less than five minutes and received the satellite signals.

Looking inside when conflicts arise

One day, we went to install a satellite dish at practitioner E's home. She told me she wanted her family to watch NTD to learn the truth about Falun Gong because her husband was deeply poisoned by the evil party's lies. She was worried that her husband would be upset. I said, “If I see your husband, I will introduce NTD to him, so hopefully he will not be upset.” I was quite confident in my capabilities in this aspect. Soon her husband came home and indeed became very upset. When I introduced NTD to him, he became quiet.

I was supposed to install the duel-satellite dish system that day, but because of a structure in front of their house, only one channel could be watched, which was NTD. Since it was getting late, I told myself that a single satellite might be fine. The husband and son were not happy. When we turned the TV on, it was playing the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. The husband and son immediately started cursing. I looked inside, and realized that I had not done what I had said I would do. I had told them I would install the dual-satellite system, but I only installed a single system. As soon as I identified my human thoughts, the husband's and son's attitude improved. We quickly started the reinstallation and successfully installed the dual system.

One day, the dish was secured and the wiring was also done. But when we turned on the TV, the only channel that was missing was NTD. I thought, “I've got to look inside for my attachments.” As soon as that thought came up, NTD was suddenly added! I think that thought of mine made the difference.

Removing the attachment to money and walking the path righteously

At the beginning we only charged the equipment cost, and the labor was free. I was normally quite busy when the Chinese New Year approached and had to do several installations in one day. I thought about quitting my everyday job and making a living on NTD installation fees. I developed an attachment to money, and my motive for installing NTD was no longer pure; I wanted money.

One day I asked a fellow practitioner how much money he charged for labor, and the answer was no charge. At lunchtime, I noticed my chopsticks were curved. I thought to myself, "Did I deviate on my path?" I was alarmed and realized that I had an attachment to money. In the evening, I went to study the Fa at a practitioner's home. I was given a glass of soft drink, and it tasted bitter. I realized that something was wrong. When I opened Zhuan Falun, the first words I read were, "pursue self-interest." I immediately understood. I told myself, "I'd rather work for free, rather than develop an attachment to money!" I stopped charging installation fees and used the money I had charged before to make truth-clarification materials.

I am not suggesting that we never charge installation fees here, because everyone's situation is different. The key issue isn't about charging fees or not, but rather about removing the attachment to money. We should walk our path righteously when it comes to installing NTD satellite dishes.

NTD's power to save people is huge. The viewers experience great changes after watching NTD programs. The number of people who have had NTD satellite dishes installed is far from enough, and many sentient beings are not yet able to watch NTD.

This is my current understanding at my level. Please kindly point out anything improper.