(Minghui.org) I started practicing Falun Dafa in 2010 while in my third year of junior high school. Although I have not practiced for long, I want to keep up with the Fa-rectification, do the three things well, and return to my true home with Master.

Cultivating xinxing, clarifying the facts, and saving people

I would tell my classmates about Falun Dafa whenever I had the chance and told them to remember “Falun Dafa is good” and that they would have a good future after quitting the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) affiliated organizations. Some classmates quit, but others were unwilling to. I looked inward and found many attachments. I had sentimentality and did not want my good friends to be weeded out. I had the attachment of fear and would tell them not to tell others what I told them. I also had selfishness as I clarified the facts, with the hope that I could return home with Master and not because I was compassionate to sentient beings. After I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate these attachments, almost all of the girls in my class quit the CCP.

I did not clarify the facts to the boys in my class because I thought that they were not good and that it would be difficult to talk to them. The boys and girls in my class are all human beings, and our responsibility is to assist Master with Fa rectification and save people. I should save all of them. In addition, if I cultivate well, my energy field will correct all incorrect states and purify their minds.

Being an honest practitioner

I went to the library to borrow some books for our reading class. When I distributed the books to the class, one student did not get one. I thought that I had lost it on the way, so I gave my book to her. Because I always reported the correct number of books I was taking, the owner of the library trusted me and never counted the books when I returned them. If I did not tell her that one of them was missing, I would not have to pay the fine. But I knew that a practitioner should not tell lies. When I told the librarian that I had lost one of the books, she told me that I had left it in the library when I picked up the others. She then showed me the book. I realized that the situation was arranged by Master to test my xinxing. Master has told us that we will not lose what is ours.

Only by studying the Fa well can we validate the Fa better

Over time, I had more and more homework to do, so I had less and less time to study the Fa. If I did not study the Fa for a few days, I did not want to study the Fa. I thought that it was time consuming to study the Fa, and I had homework to do. This thought deviated from the Fa, as studying the Fa should always be our priority. Our wisdom was given to us by Master. Only by studying the Fa well can we do other things well. Schoolwork is just a form of ordinary society. I am only using it to validate the Fa.

Please correct me if there is anything inappropriate.