(Minghui.org) Last night, after lying down, my main spirit went to the lobby of a large hall. I saw dozens of Falun Dafa disciples wearing yellow cassocks and sitting in the lotus position. There was also a god-like lady wearing a grayish-white dress.

While I was wondering why her dress was so different, she smiled and said to me, “This is because I have successfully become a devil.” I was shocked. How could a Falun Dafa practitioner become a devil while diligently following Dafa? She continued to explain proudly, “Although I appear to be a Falun Dafa disciple, I held on to my innate way. I actually used my innate way to return home. My practice is different from yours.” At this point, I saw several other people around her. It seemed to me that these were her supporters who worshiped her. While I was trying to figure out what these people were, she said with even greater pride, “These people followed my way of cultivation and are my followers.” Suddenly, I saw three words showing up on her body. I thought one of the words was her name in the human world.

I understood that the dozens of people wearing yellow cassocks were real Falun Dafa practitioners who followed the Fa and were unmoved by this god-like lady. Although she was sitting among the Falun Dafa practitioners, she did not follow the Falun Dafa teachings. She thought she could fool people. Actually, it is clear in this other dimension what she really is. In this dimension her followers looked like ordinary people who had lost their ability to reason. They blindly followed her and did what she told them to do, and they were carrying her message. In the human world, these people believe her and do what she tells them to do.

A true Falun Dafa practitioner must follow what Teacher says and what is stated in the Fa. Every situation should be judged by one's own understanding of the Fa and not by other people's opinions or actions. Reasoning and pretense have no meaning because in the other dimension it is obvious whether Falun Dafa is being followed or not. Whoever is following the Falun Dafa teachings will appear as those wearing the yellow cassocks.

Based on what I saw in this other dimension, I think it is important to follow the Fa strictly. There is no benefit to looking at a situation and arguing about it. I hope fellow practitioners will look at their own situations seriously. Maybe the problem is that the human world is a confusing place, but in this other dimension everything is very clear. I hope that those who were misled can wake up.

The above is my personal opinion. Please forgive me if you find anything offensive in what I've said. Heshi.