(Minghui.org) With the Fa-rectification process and truth-clarification to the public advancing at full speed, many sentient beings are waiting for Dafa practitioners to save them. I have experienced the following types of situations many times.

I went out today and encountered two people working at a lime farm. They were coming in my direction, but I knew they would walk past me, oblivious to my wish to save them. I waved at them. Then they immediately dropped their tools and came running to meet me, despite being covered in lime. One said, “I've been waiting for you for so many days now. I am a Communist Party member, but I hoped you could help me make a statement on the website and help me quit. I used to serve in the military, and I didn't realize how evil the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was. I would not have done that if I knew how corrupt it is.” He also said, “One of my friends quit the CCP too. He was able to get his entire family to quit smoothly and without trouble. But I just can't seem to do that. I know Dafa is good, and I've been looking for Dafa practitioners to help me quit the CCP for a long time.” After I helped him quit, he wanted the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party book to share with his family. His eagerness reminded me of a long-lost loved one. As practitioners, we should always be there to help people like these.

One time, a man in his sixties who was working on his lawn came running over to us to have us help him quit the CCP. A similar incident happened a few days ago. We were trying go around a fish pond that was fenced off due to construction. When we finally got around it, a young man came over and greeted us enthusiastically. He already knew we were Dafa practitioners and brought us over to clarify the truth to a group of people. After they understood the facts, they all asked for some truth-clarification materials and quit the CCP.

There are so many instances of similar things, so I will not continue for too long. I just wish to tell those fellow practitioners who are too shy to step out and help clarify the truth, that you needn't worry. The persecution is but a shallow thing. In fact, this is all Master's doing. All we Dafa practitioners have to do is eliminate our attachments and complete our mission. The tide of time waits for no one, yet the issue of sentient beings is very urgent. Master has arranged everything well, and there are many people in this world waiting to be saved. Master has always been there, leading and guiding us forward. As long as we keep studying the Fa diligently and act compassionately, everything will go smoothly. We should use the insights from our hearts. The path of saving sentient beings is very divine and sacred.