(Minghui.org) My husband and I were farmers. A few years ago, due to urban expansion, we lost our farmland and house, and moved into a small apartment. At the age of seventy, we rely on welfare because we don’t have any income.

My husband was very capable, and could endure hardship when he was young. He did all kinds of physical work, but we still struggled to make end meets. As he got older, he suffered from severe arthritis and stomach problems.

Besides his health issues, my husband had a very bad temper and was addicted to alcohol. From time to time, he cursed at me and hit me when he got drunk. He treated our son the same as he did me. He was not a loving father. He didn’t even allow me to cook a meal for our son when he visited us. It was very hard to believe he could be this way.

Due to his bad temper and drinking problem, our marriage was in trouble. I hoped he would turn for the better with age, but the result was the opposite. I couldn’t bear him any longer. Life was miserable. However, Dafa has changed my life and my family.

Falun Dafa Changed Our Life

One day, my husband went to the park. Upon seeing someone practicing Falun Gong, he stopped, learned the exercises and returned home with the book Zhuan Falun. He read the book and did the exercises daily. He no longer drank and he stopped mistreating me. I felt strange at the beginning, also a bit scared, fearing that he might develop supernormal abilities and use them against me. At night when he did the meditation, I worried. I didn’t dare sleep and watched what he was doing.

However, whenever he did the exercises, I felt so comfortable. I didn’t know why, but my fear disappeared. I was able to sleep well. After my husband learned Falun Dafa, he no longer said a bad word, and also changed his attitude toward our son.

Dafa not only changed my husband’s temper but also made him healthy. He used to suffer from severe stomach problems. After doing the Falun Dafa exercises, his stomach pains stopped. What surprised me the most was that within six months my husband was no longer bothered by his former arthritis.

After seeing the changes in him, I had a deep respect for Mr. Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Dafa, and Falun Dafa. I was thinking about also practicing Falun Dafa.

One day I ate some fish and a fish bone got stuck in my throat. I tried to take it out but was unsuccessful. After a week, my husband wanted me to see a doctor. But, I remembered that he had become healthy after practicing Falun Dafa, so I thought to ask Teacher Li for his help.

Amazingly, the fish bone moved downwards. I was so grateful. I now understood that Teacher is compassionate, so I decided to practice Falun Dafa.

I Begin to Practice Falun Dafa

I began to read the book Zhuan Falun. After finishing the book the first time, I understood why my husband had changed. The book tells us how to become good people and why it is important to be a good person. I wanted to follow what Teacher said in spite of any difficulties.

I had a bad temper and often got upset. I had to discipline myself and calm down. I recited Teacher's words: “When it's difficult to endure, you can endure it. When it's impossible to do, you can do it." (Zhuan Falun)

When I encountered conflict, I looked inward to find what I had done wrong. I no longer argued with my husband. He said that I became gentle and tender. We respected each other.

Due to the relocation of my in-law’s home, the government handed out a large relocation fee. My husband has two brothers, and he was the oldest. By law we should have received one-third of money, but his younger brother refused to share it with anyone. His two brothers became enemies because of the relocation fee.

My husband and I practiced Falun Dafa and we are not after personal gain. Teacher said:

“Accordingly, that is why cultivation practice requires time and time again that one should follow the course of nature since you will harm others with your efforts. If your life does not have something to begin with and you obtain what should belong to another person in society, you will owe that person a debt. ” (Zhuan Falun)

So we didn’t ask for our share of the relocation fee. As a practitioner, I need to care less about personal gain and take it lightly. Material wealth cannot be brought with birth, nor can be taken along with death. Money is not everything; it cannot bring your health and happiness.

Teacher said:

“In addition, elderly women will regain their menstrual period since a cultivation practice of mind and body requires menses to cultivate the body. " (Zhuan Falun)

After practicing Falun Dafa for six months, I began menstruating again at the age of sixty-nine.

I experienced many amazing things after I began to practice Falun Dafa. What is said in the book Zhuan Falun is true. Teacher Li is so compassionate.

I shared my story with the hope that more people could benefit from Falun Dafa and find happiness like me.