(Minghui.org) I was fortunate to become a practitioner when I was 7 years old. Because both of my parents are practitioners, we cultivate diligently together. I was able to use my celestial eye not long after I started practicing. I could see some images in other dimensions. They looked sacred and magnificent. I have also seen what Teacher told us about in the Fa using my celestial eye. One time, I even saw Teacher with my own eyes while I was at home. Teacher was in a kasaya sitting in the lotus position with a happy expression. He flew towards me in tunnel-like space in which there were clouds and blue sky.

How time flies! Ten years have passed. Dafa practitioners have suffered a lot. My parents have been illegally jailed more than once for practicing Falun Dafa. We were homeless for some time, so as to avoid further persecution, but we came through eventually.

I can usually see images in other dimensions when I send forth righteous thoughts. When Dafa was first being persecuted, I saw evil beings and ugly images in other dimensions. They had a factory or warehouse to produce and store their skins. As soon as Dafa practitioners cleared the evil, other evil beings came to fill the gap. At that time, I wondered why there were so many evil powers. But I kept on sending forth righteous thoughts, and so did other practitioners. After several years, I noticed that our Gong goes looking for the evil and clears it up. The power of practitioners' righteous thoughts is infinite!

Not long ago when I was sending forth righteous thoughts, I saw a very emotional scene that brought me to tears. I saw the planets in the universe, and the Earth was the hero of all the planets. I also saw that the righteous thoughts of Dafa practitioners were like living pillars of gold, very soft and dense. Strong power emanated from them, covering the surface of the Earth. Each pillar rose from the top of each practitioner’s head and covered a large area of the Earth. They looked like a whole from far away, but the pillars were clearly separated. From my angle, I saw the golden pillars soaring upward. When they reached the southern area, they rushed in a circular arc. Then they rushed forward (there are so many scenes seen in other dimensions but they are hard to describe in words). The golden pillars soared to the rolling black clouds above, where the evil was being cleared. Dafa practitioners’ righteous thoughts formed the golden pillars rising together. The scene was very grand and magnificent. Even the word “thunderous” is not enough to describe it. Every single cell in my body was shocked and I was filled with pure power.

At that point, I wondered how many black clouds were left. I was stunned when I looked up. I saw several giant Buddhas standing on the black clouds. In that incomparably glorious world, some of the Buddhas had blue hair and were dressed in golden kasayas, and some were female Tathagatas. Some were lifting their right palms, and some were pressing their palms together, watching everything below them. They were kind and happy. I could feel that they have confidence in us that we can succeed if we have faith in the Fa. In that glorious world, there were pavilions, terraces, and open halls. Fairies were wearing trailing flowers, resplendent in a multitude of colors. The dimension's atmosphere was soft and exquisite. The energy field was very strong, but difficult to describe in words. I was thinking how glorious the world is that is waiting for us! You could never imagine this as a human being. I was moved to tears.

All the glorious things are waiting for us when we return. There were fewer black clouds. Although there were some clouds left rolling about, the evil is being cleared rapidly by Dafa practitioners' powerful righteous thoughts.

The righteous thoughts we send forth are the powers from the greatest lives, to clear up the evil factors. They should be the purest power. Therefore, when we send forth righteous thoughts, we must concentrate on our thoughts and keep our minds pure. I have seen thoughts which were not concentrated or which contained impurities in the power pillars. The impure thoughts showed different impurities, which are bad. We should not mix our righteous thoughts with bad thoughts, nor should we present impure thoughts to the universe. The power of righteous thoughts are so strong that every practitioner should pay more serious attention to sending forth righteous thoughts and purifying our thoughts. We seem to be separate individuals, but we are actually one being.

The sacred and glorious world is waiting for us not far away. We should listen to Teacher, follow what Teacher has taught us, and do well the three things.

All of the above is what I see from my level. I hope I can share with everyone and cultivate diligently. Heshi.