(Minghui.org) Before I started practicing the sitting meditation this morning, I felt something unusual was about to occur. I entered tranquility as soon as I closed my eyes. I saw myself flying forward in the sky led by two divine beings. They used mental telepathy to communicate to me: "A large battle is about to begin. We will take you there." We flew in the sky for a long time arm in arm before we finally arrived at the battlefield.

It was a dimension that was about to collapse, and was surrounded by smoky volcanoes. The sky was crimson and black. I saw Teacher standing on the peak of a mountain across from me in the image of a western god. Teacher was in white robes with a giant pair of wings on His back. The two divine beings immediately knelt down and bowed, followed by me. Teacher hinted to me to look down. I stepped forward and saw a giant dragon in the valley. The dragon was burning from the inside. Chunks of its flesh kept falling off its body, exposing its bones. I heard its agonizing cries echoing in the valley. A voice in my head told me, "That is THE Red Dragon. It is about to be annihilated." I took a better look at it. It had such a long body. I couldn't even see its head. Another voice told me, "The length of the dragon is equivilent in length to the world's people all lined up together." I took another look and saw that in the body of the red dragon were all the world's people seated in a line as though they were riding a train with only one single, long row of seats. They were sleeping and dreaming inside of the Red Dragon as it was on fire. Some of the passengers riding in the deadly Red Dragon were Falun Dafa practitioners!

I was confused at the time, but I quickly realized what it meant. It is about the culture of the Communist Party. Whether they are practitioners or not, people in the East and the West have all been influenced by the culture of Communism. Should the Chinese Communist Party collapse, its legacy of Communist culture would still remain. Moreover, when the Red Dragon is annihilated, it will take all the people who carry its culture with it to its grave, including some practitioners. This is because some practitioners' understanding of Falun Dafa is still influenced by the way the Communist Party has educated them.

Next I noticed a fellow practitioner that is a good friend of mine. Her fashen was trying to awaken her human side that was sleeping inside the Red Dragon. When her human side woke up, she tried to wake up other people. The Red Dragon then discovered what she was doing. It roared and turned its head in her direction in an attempt to stop her. Her fashen guarded the human side of several practitioners that had just awoken and urged them to flee. Yet some practitioners refused to leave and tried to get back inside the Red Dragon. The Red Dragon's head had already reached them. In this pivotal moment, the practitioner's fashen pushed and shoved them out of the body of the Red Dragon and locked the door. They saved only about six fellow practitioners. There were many fashen gathering outside of the door, feeling anxious that their human sides were still sleeping. They could do nothing because their supernormal capabilities had no power there. They could only attempt to wake up their human sides in ordinary ways. Once their human sides woke up, they would then in turn try to wake others in the same ordinary way.

I saw myself gradually exiting the dimension. On my way out, a fellow practitioner urged me to write and share what I saw there. Teacher nodded with a smile in approval. Then I returned to reality.