(Minghui.org) I was fortunate to start practicing Falun Dafa on April 1, 1997. In early June of this year, I began to experience symptoms of illness karma. It all resulted from a rumour being spread in our village that my husband was having an affair.

Considering his age, I blamed him for having done something so shameful. If he really had an affair, I would have been so embarrassed. I did not treat the tribulation as a test from the perspective of the Fa and failed to search within myself. Instead, I let my attachment explode, and consequently, I began to feel sick and was unable to eat.

I decided that it was the old forces' arrangement and tried to deny it by increasing the duration and frequency of sending forth righteous thoughts. I also studied the Fa more often. However, the illness symptoms worsened. For half a month, I could hardly eat anything but some porridge. I felt very weak and perspired when I walked even a few steps. Quickly, I lost weight. I wanted to pass this test by myself, so I did not tell any of my fellow practitioners from our local area.

While studying the Fa with fellow practitioners one night this June, I had to leave early since I was not feeling well. Once I got home, I vomited from 9:30 p.m. till 9:30 a.m. the next morning. I vomited even after I drank some water. During the day, I sat down in the yard and vomited everything, even my stomach bile.

I called my daughter that day and asked her to take me to her village because I believed that practitioners there were very diligent, and their cultivation status was better. Those fellow practitioners shared their experiences with me. We studied the Fa and sent forth righteous thoughts together. After that, I felt better. Four days later, I wanted to return home and try to break through this tribulation by myself. Yet my physical condition deteriorated, and a week later, I felt that I had become more fragile. I then invited my cousin (a fellow practitioner) to come and study the Fa and send forth righteous thoughts with me.

My condition, however, did not improve, and my husband insisted that I should go to the hospital. Whenever fellow practitioners came by to see me, he treated them very coldly and tried to drive them away. My ninety-year-old mother also wanted me to go the hospital. In addition, my children and younger sister also often came by or called to urge me to go to the hospital.

I firmly held onto one thought: I will trust Master and the Fa and not go to the hospital. I told my family, “Give me three days, and I will be better.”

When the illness karma hit me very hard, some fellow practitioners in our village tried to offer help. However, I had believed that since they were all younger than me and not as diligent as I was, they would be unable to help me.

Master said in “Teaching the Fa in the City of Los Angeles”:

“In any case, a cultivator must look at things as a cultivator should and with the mind of a cultivator, and absolutely cannot look at things with the mind of an ordinary person. Nothing you encounter is simple, accidental, or an ordinary thing. It must have to do with your cultivation and your improvement. Because you are a cultivator, your life path has been changed, and you have been given a new cultivation path; nothing on your path happens by chance.”

Fellow practitioners sternly told me, “If one practitioner is persecuted by the evil forces, all other practitioners are affected.” They also said: “Your illness karma is not accidental and has lasted a long time, so you should not let us miss the chance to elevate together. Therefore, we must intervene. You have been diligent in studying the Fa, and we have been relying on you. If you do not come to group Fa-study, we would slack off, and you would be worried that we did not cultivate well and were unreliable. Although we are not as diligent as you and your cousin, and we’re full of flaws, only Master knows our level. You should not think lightly of our collective power.”

My fellow practitioners’ words shocked me greatly. In the previous few days, I had sought help from those who I believed had good cultivation states, but held contempt toward the practitioners in my local area. Who gave me the right to look down upon Master’s disciples? That heart of despising fellow practitioners was a strong attachment, which had set up gaps among fellow practitioners. Once I understood this, I knew that I must let go of the attachment.

Master said in the “Fa Teaching Given in Manhattan”:

“Clarifying the facts at this point in time very much requires manpower, and if sentient beings are to be saved, it will take participation from more people. More people need to be involved in the variety of projects that aim to snuff out the evil’s persecution. In this light, then, a great deal of strength is lost when there is one less person, and a great deal of strength is gained when there is one more set of hands.”

Everyone constitutes a mighty portion of power. I should not have ignored and despised fellow practitioners.

Master said in “20th Anniversary Fa Teaching”:

“But, such lower lives aren’t valued by the Kings or even greater Gods of different planes of the cosmos. This is something determined by their state of being. They only see the overall standard as important. A particular being or groups of beings in larger expanses don’t count for much to them, for [those gods] are just so large.”

The old forces emphasize the overall individual standard, but I had ignored the power of the entire group.

Quickly fellow practitioners invited all practitioners that they knew to my house. Surrounding me, they sent forth righteous thoughts for an hour at the same time every afternoon.

The first time we sent forth righteous thoughts together, we could feel the tranquility in our environment, and the energy field was very strong. However, on the second day, the evil forces in other dimensions began to interfere with fellow practitioners by building gaps among them; the evil made them feel tired. On the third day, fellow practitioners cleaned their own dimensions first and then sent forth righteous thoughts. They also asked Master to strengthen our power. Every cell and being in the layers of my dimensions sent forth righteous thoughts together, eliminating the old forces in all dimensions and preventing them from persecuting and interfering with fellow practitioners.

Every day after sending forth righteous thoughts, we shared our experiences and studied the Fa together. Three days later, I completely recovered. My husband’s attitude also turned 180 degrees after that, and his affair ceased to exist.

Through this test, I found out that I held a strong resentment toward my husband and was also attached to the fear of losing face. In the meantime, I was not diligent with my cultivation and did not study the Fa very well. The result was that I felt embarrassed to clarify the truth to people and, hence, gradually did less. I could not do all five exercises at once. I also often missed sending forth righteous thoughts at midnight. What’s even worse, I despised some of my local practitioners, which had formed a big gap between us.

During the days that fellow practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts for me, they could feel that they were fighting against evil forces that persecute fellow practitioners. They cultivated their every single thought to make sure that their righteous thoughts were the most pure and powerful.

After I recovered, my fellow practitioners asked me to write down this experience to encourage other practitioners. I thank Master for His arrangement! I also want to thank fellow practitioners for their selflessness.