(Minghui.org) In the following paragraphs, I wish to share some of my experiences during my practice of Falun Dafa, a most profound cultivation method.

Diseases Ravage My Body

Many of my organs were sick or malfunctioning. I had tumors near my shoulder blades and on my hips. They hurt so much that it was torture just to try and sleep. I couldn’t walk a single step or lift a utensil to eat without pain. When I tried to sleep, I could not even turn side to side in bed! My mind could not think clearly and my eyesight was failing. I was scared of the slightest breeze, and even in summer I had to wear a heavy jacket. My life, if you could call it living, was worse than death. So many times, I considered suicide, but I had two little children to take care of. I was forced to keep on living this miserable existence.

Some of my friends told me to go to the hospital, so I took their advice and borrowed some money to visit the hospital. After many examinations the doctor finally said, “There is no treatment for your condition, it’s too late. There is nothing we can do for any of your health problems. In addition, the four tumors are cancerous. Not even the famous, ancient doctor Hua Tuo could do anything about it.” He could not stop shaking his head, and in the end he decided to vent his frustration by yelling at my husband. He told my husband that I was not going to live much longer, and that he had better treat me well while I was still alive. All we could do was leave for home, taking some pills along with us.

During these painful months, I often fainted, collapsing upon the floor. Many times, our family of four would just huddle together in a big hug and cry, begging heaven to save me, and when that didn’t work, we begged the earth to save me. My husband had a problem with one of his legs and started having trouble walking himself, but he continued to persist in going to work.

What Appears to Be a Dead End Is Not

One day in 1997, my five-year-old came skipping home saying, “Mommy, we should practice Falun Dafa. Everybody else felt better after practicing. It should work for us, too! Come, I’ll show you.” As he talked, he began the fifth sitting meditation exercise. In order to make him happy, I said, “Sure, Mommy will practice, too.” So I sat in a half-lotus position, learning the exercise.

When I first closed my eyes, I saw some kind of water lilies. There was a big golden lily with smaller yellow, red, and green lilies trailing behind it. They were all gently spinning in the water. The water lilies had some unidentifiable fish, which I later realized were actually Faluns, swirling inside them. I was mesmerized to the point that I continued to watch it for the next ten minutes. Then, when I took my legs down from the lotus position, I felt a warmth blossom from the legs up through my entire body. I relaxed a great deal. In my happiness, I immediately committed myself to practicing Falun Dafa. I had no idea I would slowly be able to regain my ability to walk again. I was so excited, I went to find other practitioners so that I could obtain the book Zhuan Falun. I finished reading it in one sitting! In my heart I thought delightedly, “I praise you great Master! This is exactly what I needed and what I’ve waited so long to find.” I decided to fulfill all of the requirements Master told us to do in order to become genuine Falun Dafa practitioners.

I painfully learned every single movement of the five exercises. I could finally fall asleep without trouble. The tumors also disappeared. My body was completely healed. In just three days, all my illnesses vanished. My entire mind and body was revitalized and reborn. I was constantly in a jovial mood, telling everyone that I met, “It was Falun Dafa that gave me a second chance at life.” Many of my friends and acquaintances wanted to learn Falun Dafa as well. From then on, my children and my husband also began to practice Falun Dafa.

Practicing Dafa Steadfastly

On September 29, 2001, officials from the judicial department, 610 Office, police and other government organizations came to my house and arrested me illegally. They took me to the local government office to try to brainwash me. When I got there, one of the heads of the operation arrived, accompanied by several huge thugs meant to intimidate me. They tried to make me say hateful words towards Master and Dafa. They tried to make me sign documents that proclaimed that I would never support or practice Falun Dafa ever again. I did not comply with their orders, and so they beat me with electric batons, sticks, empty wine bottles, and wet towels before handcuffing me. A group of them pushed me to the floor, brutally attacking me until blood flowed from my ears and I became momentarily deaf and fainted. Then, a head assistant came over and grabbed my head, slamming it against the edge of the wall over and over again. Afterwards, they took me to an office and handcuffed me in painful positions. Deciding my initial beating was not enough, they resumed torturing me until they were exhausted. During 21 days of illegal imprisonment, I was denied food, water, and use of the restroom. My entire body had gone through some sort of intense pain that left me in a state of just skin and bones and covered with injuries. They also forced my family to give them several hundred Yuan before sending me home.

At my home, I focused on studying the Fa. Three days later, all my wounds had healed and ten days later, I could hear clearly again. My entire family was awestruck by the divine powers of Falun Dafa. When I went out shopping and met friends and fellow practitioners, they commented that I seemed like a whole new person! My skin looked younger and flawless, and my eyes sparkled. All in all, I became more beautiful, and it seemed like I got taller, too. When I went home, I measured my height. I was pleasantly surprised by the results. I used to be 145 centimeters tall and now I am 147 centimeters!

My family was overjoyed. With unwavering faith, we followed Master’s requirements. My family and I greatly appreciate everything Master and Falun Dafa have done for us. We thank Master for his compassion, guidance, and for saving us. I hope more people may experience the wonderful benefits of Falun Dafa cultivation practice.