(Minghui.org) In April 2004, I met Practitioner A at a material production site. His face was pale, and his eyes were wide open. When he talked, he had a hard time breathing and constantly coughed up sputum. He was all skin and bones, sitting there staring at his swollen legs. His feet were so swollen that he could not put his shoes on. He was at the last stage of lung cancer.

Practitioner B told me about A. B pointed to A's legs and said, “Isn't that the black minions persecuting you? You must eliminate them.” A had his eyes wide open and panted while looking at his legs, repeating what B told him. He kept saying “eliminate, eliminate...” to his legs. I asked B why A was so sick. B told me that both A's parents passed away and that he might have a brother and two sisters. There was nowhere to place A.

I thought about the bad influence on Falun Dafa's reputation and the local practitioners if A had died at the material production site. I told B to help A pick up his things so he could come home with me. B asked me about my child, and I told him that I would send my child to his grandparents' home. I was not going to let the evil take A away without doing anything.

B had me think twice and pondered, “If he got well, no one will say anything, but if he... what would other practitioners think about you?” I asked B if he had a better idea – he was silent. I waited downstairs for A for a long time. Seeing A wearing shoes that did not fit him, struggling with every step while he came downstairs, I cried.

A came to my rented place, where I had him sleep on one of the beds that had sunlight. He was very sick and could not stop coughing. I made him soup, constantly sent righteous thoughts, and asked Teacher to help him.

At night, A had a high fever. His eyes rolled up, and he was babbling. I woke him up so he did not lose consciousness. I told him that he must remember that he was Teacher's disciple, nothing should be able to hurt him, and whatever tried to hurt him was guilty. He gradually pulled himself together. I saw him regaining consciousness and kneeling down in front of Teacher's picture, asking Teacher to save his life. I told Teacher that I would not allow the evil to take A's life because there are still a lot of beings waiting for A to save them. I had A look at Teacher's picture and reciteLunyu with me. I wanted him to know that Teacher was beside us. We recited Lunyu until late at night.

I saw that he was sweating heavily and getting better, so I encouraged him. I told him that he did well and was a real practitioner. He had a bitter smile on his face and asked me whether I meant it. I told him yes and that he did great. He said he was hungry, so I made him some soup. He looked more energetic after drinking the soup. Then, I had him ask Teacher to save him and sent righteous thoughts next to him to eliminate all the evil factors that persecute practitioners. A being that obtained the Fa belonged to Falun Dafa, and whatever hurt him was guilty. While I sent righteous thoughts, I saw a gray dimension, like a dark, empty house. There was a sign with words I could not recognize. I negated the old forces' arrangement and noted, “This place is prepared for the evil, not for Dafa practitioners.” The dark house disappeared while I sent strong righteous thoughts. I also saw a lot of flying saucer-like objects trying to take A away.

Seeing that A was much better, I fell asleep. Shortly, A shouted for me, “Sister, I am scared once you go to sleep.” I told him that I would not sleep. He said, “I am scared to lie on the bed alone. I am scared, sister.” I told him that I would pull my bed next to his, so that a fellow practitioner and Teacher were right beside him. “Nothing is going to hurt you,” I assured him, “Let's recite Lunyu again.” We recited Lunyu all night.

The next day, I went to the market to buy things he could eat. After I got home, I heated some water to wash his face, head, and legs and brush his teeth. His face, mouth, and pillow were covered with sputum while I was away. The skin of his legs and feet looked shiny because of the swelling. I knelt down to wash and rub his legs. When the water got cold, I added more hot water. He smiled and said that it felt really comfortable. At the time, his smiling face looked worse than a crying face. His face was so pale, and his eyes looked disproportionally large. I told him, “You need to thank Teacher. It is Teacher who let us become practitioners during Fa-rectification. Our helping each other is not a simple thing.”

After I rubbed his legs and feet for over half an hour, his swelling reduced significantly. I played Teacher's lecture for him and brought him his meal. After he finished eating, he told me that he wanted to go to the toilet. He could barely catch his breath. I supported him while he walked to the bathroom. When the night came, his eyes rolled, and he started babbling again. His fever ran high, and he took off his pants. I felt so bad for him and helped him put his pants back on. I kept shouting at him, asking him not to lose consciousness. I knew I was at the critical moment of the fight for his life and getting it back from the evil. I wiped off my tears and suddenly became very calm. My will to save the practitioner was as strong as diamond. I had to bring him back from the dead.

Suddenly, a gust of evil wind brought up sand and debris, repeatedly hitting on the glass windows. A cat was outside of the window, its eyes giving off terrifying light. The cat kept howling in the gusty wind. The air seemed to have frozen with A moaning in the house, the eerie wind blowing, and the cat howling. I looked at Teacher's picture and knew the evil was coming. From the bottom of my heart came a righteous thought that was able to awe and terrify all evil:

“Divinity, human, ghost, animal, disintegration—
The position is decided by oneself” (“Untitled” from Hong Yin II)

We are Mr. Li Hongzhi's disciples, and whoever touches us is committing a crime.

“Fa zheng qian kun xie e quan mie,
fa zheng tian di xian shi xian bao.'”

With Teacher's help, the wind died down in less than an hour. I looked at A, who fell asleep. I did not want to relax. I continued to send righteous thoughts and ask Teacher for help.

I did not sleep for two days. Seeing A wake up, I looked up at Teacher's picture and shed tears. I was beyond grateful.

With two other practitioners' help, A did the five exercises. A practitioner brought us Teacher's latest article, “Teaching the Fa on Easter, 2004, at the New York Fa Conference.” The four of us sat down to read the article. We had a special feeling toward the word “Easter.”

A's siblings learned that Dafa practitioners worked very hard to save their brother, who had late stage cancer. They witnessed the miracle of Falun Dafa and were very thankful for Dafa and the practitioners.

Through Fa study, I knew why we were able to save A's life in such a tribulation by reciting Lunyu. It was because we did not try to validate ourselves, and nothing could touch us. Teacher saw our hearts. It was truly the manifestation of “Cultivation depends on one's own efforts, while the transformation of gong is done by one's master.” (Zhuan Falun) I thank Teacher for saving our lives!