(Minghui.org) I began practicing Falun Dafa in 2007, but didn't participate in group exercises until 2010. I realized at the time that I had wasted three years and needed to do more to catch up with Fa-rectification. Although I began cultivating late, revered Teacher arranged for me to meet fellow practitioners.

At first, I went to scenic areas to clarify the facts to tourists, but I didn't do it very well. I ended up sending righteous thoughts and doing the exercises. I was anxious to find other ways to validate Dafa, and I eventually learned how to use the Internet to save sentient beings.

When I went to the computer room to learn how to help netizens withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations, there was another elderly practitioner learning the same thing. She was having some difficulties because she wasn't familiar with computers. A message appeared on her computer screen asking, “How do you do the three statements?” Our instructor then began showing us the process of helping people to quit the CCP. About two minutes later, a picture of a little angel appeared on the elderly practitioner's screen. The netizen asked, “Have you finished with the withdrawal process?” She replied, “We have initiated the process and are waiting for it to finish.” Then, a picture of a cup of coffee appeared on her screen. I understood that the netizen was thankful for the practitioner's help. I felt Teacher's immense compassion. The elderly practitioner had limited knowledge of computers, yet she was able to use it to save a being. I now have a better understanding of the following words in Zhuan Falun,

“Cultivation depends on one’s own efforts, while the transformation of gong is done by one’s master.”

I saw the little angel dancing on the screen happily. It was a pivotal moment for me and it strengthened my desire to save sentient beings using the Internet even more.

When I began to clarify the facts on the Internet, problems showed up immediately. Although I was following the guidelines on how to do it, the people I interacted with didn't want to withdraw. When I looked within, I found that I was too focused on getting people to quit the CCP instead of having them understand the facts about Dafa. In addition, I wasn't too familiar with all the talking points, so I didn't bring up the right topic at the right moment. I also understand that clarifying the facts is a process of cultivating myself. Thus, I should have focused on telling people the facts without expecting anything in return. This was the way to improve my character.

I then re-organized all the information I got from practitioners. I focused on the information that dealt with problems I encountered before and issues suitable for me to use. This approach worked better, and people were willing to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. My character had also improved. Knowing that I was on the right track, I continued looking within and I revised my information file. I could feel my body changing and it was easier to do the fifth sitting exercise in the full-lotus position.

Using the Internet to save people allowed me to gain more confidence in clarifying the truth. If one finds it difficult to clarify the truth over the phone or in person at tourist attractions, learning to use the Internet first can help prepare us for those projects. The reason is that there's less pressure involved on the computer and you're not facing someone directly. After you do it several times, you will naturally become more familiar with what to say in any situation. Thus, you are gaining confidence in doing this type of project. As you look inward to improve on what to say, you are also improving your character. This is my understanding of helping people to withdraw from the CCP.

I once encountered someone who liked to argue. I felt the need to win the argument. Later, I realized that this competitive mentality was not appropriate for a practitioner. Instead, I should be more compassionate and sincere when saving people.

Teacher said in “Fa Teaching Given at the Epoch Times Meeting,”

“Ordinary people don’t know that all of this is encompassed by the expression 'the appearance stems from the mind.' So, put another way, one’s own factors can in fact change one’s surroundings. 'Cultivate yourself' and 'search within' are words that I have said in a very straightforward and clear manner. (Laughing) But, there aren’t that many people who give these words due weight.”

My experience is that when I look within, find the cause, and change it, then the external situation also changes. This was due to an improvement in my character.

Using the Internet to advise people to withdraw from the Chinese communist organizations has helped me improve my character a lot, and I am grateful to Teacher for this opportunity. Since I began my cultivation late, I need to do the three things well to be qualified as a practitioner during the Fa-rectification period. The above is what I have learned and would like to share with my fellow practitioners.

Thank you!