(Minghui.org) Lianlian is eight years old and in second grade. She has frequently clarified the truth at school since starting Falun Dafa cultivation practice. She tells her classmates stories of China's divine-culture, teaches them how to sing Dafa songs, and plays games she made up herself that are based on traditional Chinese culture or programs from the Shen Yun Performing Arts show. As a result, her classroom teacher and all of her classmates now understand the truth about Dafa and believe that the practice is good. When every second grader was required to join the Young Pioneers (one of the Chinese Communist Party's organizations), the teacher protected Lianlian and two other students who practice Falun Dafa from joining, and helped the other students to avoid taking the oath. Below is what Lianlian told her mother.

I told my classmates the same stories that I had heard at home about divine-culture. My friends love to hear them, and sometimes the teacher quietly sits and listens too. One time, when the class bell rang while I was still in the middle of telling a story, my teacher said, “Let her finish the story. We'll be only five minutes late.” My classmates were very happy.

On rainy days or after I finished my assignment, I'd teach the students how to sing some songs. I first taught them to sing “How Hard to Save You.” Several days ago, I taught them how to sing “Lotus Arrangement” and “Little Practitioners Learning Dafa.” My teacher also learned them.

Our classroom teacher is a good person and is supportive of the practice because she understands the truth and believes that Falun Dafa is good. One day, she told us, “When I went out for a walk after dinner, I saw someone posting truth clarifying materials on the wall in the corridor. The practitioner said the poster was for saving people. I said that I knew about it and that there were three students in my class who practiced Falun Dafa. The practitioner then gave me another set of materials.” The teacher received another booklet later, and after reading it she passed it on to someone else.

My teacher is also very nice. She once told us, “I went to see the school principal and told him about the truth of Dafa, but he didn't want to hear it. He also told me to leave, and that he would fire me if I don't stop talking about the practice. At that time, the school director came and said to the principal, 'You can't fire her, she's a good teacher. What are we going to do if you fire such a good teacher?'”

All second-graders were required to register with the Young Pioneers. My mother and I wondered that as practitioners, how could we join the evil party? It wouldn't be right even if we did it casually. I had previously told my teacher that Master already purified my body and made me healthy and happy, so I couldn't be ungrateful. A day before registration at school, my teacher asked me, “Did you want to take part in the registration of the Young Pioneers tomorrow?” I said, “No.” The other two fellow practitioners also declined.

The next day, during registration to join the Young Pioneers, our teacher told the three of us to stay in the classroom while everyone else went to the playground. The teacher not only protected us, but also protected the other students in my class. She told them to remember two sentences, “We aren't ready all the time, but we are ready to be good all the time.” When the principal started reading the oath for the Young Pioneers, “We'll be ready all the time...,” the students from the other classes repeated after the principal, except for my classmates. The principal became angry and shouted, “What's wrong with that class of second graders!?! Nothing happened?” At that moment, my classmates said in unison, “Dear principal please hear what we have to say, 'We aren't ready all the time, but we are ready to be good all the time.'” The principal was frustrated and said, “OK, OK, your class doesn't have to say the oath.”

Although my classmates didn't have to say the oath, they were still forced to wear the red scarf given to each student. The children disliked wearing the red scarf around their necks. Only the three of us who didn't register with the Young Pioneers didn't have to wear the red scarf.