(Minghui.org) The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began a signature campaign at my workplace on June 2012, which was called “Guarantee Cards For Families Refusing Evil Cults.” It was aimed at defaming Falun Gong and poisoning the minds of everyday people. With the coordinated righteous thoughts of fellow practitioners from inside and outside China, we successfully eliminated the evil campaign.

I logged in to the website of my workplace one day in June and found a notice posted by the local CCP office that asked for each neighborhood committee of each workplace to get the “Guarantee Cards for Families Refusing Evil Cults” according to the number of people in their neighborhood. All the families were to sign the cards and hand them in to the neighborhood committees, who would then publicize the actual number of signatures.

In early 2012, the Chinese Communist Party held a propaganda campaign with the slogan, “Anti-cult--Promote harmony and welcome the 18th People's Congress.” They put up so-called “anti-cult” bulletin boards to slander Falun Gong in many neighborhoods. The local residents resisted and protested against the propaganda, and many pictorial posts on these bulletin boards were removed by the local residents. The party officials then attempted another project. They ordered the local neighborhood committees to impose the so-called “Guarantee Cards For Families Refusing Evil Cults.” Although they used petty gifts such as environment-friendly tote bags, mothballs, and a few anti-mosquito tablets to lure people, very few residents volunteered to participate. From the photos taken by various neighborhood committees and posted on the official campaign website, it is obvious that most of the participants who showed up at the meetings were the neighborhood committee members.

They also tried to implement the campaign in my workplace. I work in a large research institute, which has about 6,000 employees, the majority of whom have masters degrees. The local CCP committee had tight control of the employees' ideology, and held “political study” at fixed times every week. Their purpose was to make an example out of my workplace and maintain the environment of persecution.

My local practice group promptly held an experience sharing session. We first studied Hong Yin III.

“People in peril are crying for help
For their knowing side wants to survive”
("It is the Divine Saving People," from Hong Yin III)

We knew it was our responsibility to save people, and that we mustn't let the evil poison people's minds, so as not let hopeful people down. Fellow practitioners quickly reached a consensus that first, we needed to notify all practitioners in the region to send forth righteous thoughts, and second, we should clarify the truth to the employees in my workplace. We also divided the work load and assigned it to each of the participants.

We decided to have our local region send forth righteous thoughts every evening from 11:00 p.m. to 11:55 p.m., because everyone would have a whole day's work and household issues done and could reach a calm and serene state of mind. The main focus of our sending forth righteous thoughts was to eliminate the evil factors behind the “Guarantee Cards” campaign, to help people stand up against the persecution and the campaign, and to have those who were steadfast in implementing the campaign receive due retribution. All fellow practitioners realized that we should act as a whole. Some practitioners usually do the exercises at 11:00 p.m., but they moved it to later so that they could participate in sending forth righteous thoughts.

Some practitioners designed truth clarification materials, some made short messages in various forms, and some collected the employees' email addresses, cell phone numbers, and home phone numbers. Some sent the phone numbers of the local neighborhood committee, the CCP local committee, and various offices to the Minghui website, asking overseas practitioners to help call people to clarify the truth to them.

Very soon, overseas practitioners made the phone calls. Our local materials were produced, and over 4,000 phone numbers and email addresses were collected. We started distributing the materials, sending short messages, making phone calls, and sending emails. At the same time, practitioners from other regions also helped. As it was hard to tell office phone numbers from residential ones, practitioners sometimes encountered phone numbers that rang with no answer. They would then pick another time and make the call again.

The truth had been quickly conveyed to everyone, everywhere. People woke up to the truth and the evil was awed. When we sent out short messages, some people replied saying, “I agree with what you said,” “Who are you? You said it.” The even better result was that many practitioners who had not joined the truth clarification campaign came out and participated in distributing materials.

Several days later, some practitioners could feel the evil being vastly reduced during sending forth righteous thoughts. Very soon the due date for those guarantee cards came but there was no action at all from anyone in my workplace. Thus a seemingly frightening and menacing evil campaign was dissipated, just like dark clouds dispersed by bright sunlight.