(Minghui.org) A lot of people from mainland China are traveling overseas, and many of them have gone back home with truth-clarifying materials, books, newspapers, periodicals, or video discs. But there were also a lot of people that were so intimidated by their tour guides that they didn't dare bring anything back with them. In addition, those newspapers or periodicals, etc. may be only good for a given period of time and their contents are rather limited.

Therefore, I recommend all overseas truth-clarifying spots have discs made for overcoming the Great Firewall. Practitioners can distribute a full-featured version of software for overcoming the Great Firewall as published on the Minghui website, together with simple instructions for usage placed inside an exquisite small cover. As it is small and convenient to carry, and without sensitive content on the cover, it can be widely distributed and can be effective for a long time. It is an efficient way to clarify the truth and will be popular.

Software Description:

The disc contains the world-renowned Freegate series and UltraReach (Wujieliulan) soft-ware for breaking through the Great Firewall in China

◎ They can be downloaded free

◎ They are exceedingly encrypted to ensure privacy and security

◎ The software includes a key for automatic upgrades

To download Freegate:


To download Wujieliulan:


Help for usage:

Place the CD in the computer CD-ROM drive. It will automatically show the interface and is easy to follow. If the computer does not play automatically, double-click the FanQiang.exe file provided in the CD package.

Software for overcoming the Great Firewall can be copied to any computer hard drive. Double-click the .exe file and follow the instructions provided.