(Minghui.org) New Tang Dynasty (NTD) is now a popular TV station in China. Ordinary people and even senior government officials like to watch it. One director general has gone from refusing to watch it to enjoying it. At first, he did not allow his family to watch it. Then, when his family watched NTD TV programs, he just ignored them and stayed in the next room. But he overheard. Later he secretly watched it alone, quickly changing the channel when his family came in. Now he openly watches NTD with his family and likes it very much. When the receiver broke, he was constantly urging his family, "Did you find someone to install a new one? When will it be installed?" No one in his family was as anxious as he to get it fixed. From rejection to acceptance, how is NTD TV able to impress Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) officials, those who were rigid and poisoned by the CCP’s culture before?

First, NTD TV programming is distinguished by two remarkable features:

A. NTD is the only TV station in the world that has the courage to stand by its professional ethics to report the truth. It is independent and impartial television, not directed, manipulated, or bribed by any special interest. Its news programs, such as "News Banned in China," "People’s Talk," and "Interpretation of Chinese News," and commentary programs on current affairs, such as "Today’s Clicks" and "Interactive Hot Spots," are consequently very distinctive and topical.

B. NTD is the only TV station in the world that has no sexual content. The movies and series broadcast by NTD are traditional and wholesome, leading the audience to look at life from a positive angle and to enlighten the true meaning of life.

Secondly, NTDTV’s programs are funny, humorous, and exceptionally well-crafted. These are not exaggerated compliments. People cannot help but laugh when they recall some instances. For example:

Around the 2008 Olympic Games, NTD’s "Interpretation of Chinese News" broadcast a "Transposed Melody" program, which was adapted from the song “Beijing Welcomes You.” The melody was not changed but the lyrics were. The expression and even the shape of the singer's mouth exactly matched the new lyrics. Viewers laughed throughout the program. The director general mentioned above rocked with laughter and often hummed the tune during that time.

The director general also likes watching another program with a song adapted from the "Long March Chorus." He laughed throughout the show and said, "This is amazing. All of the scenes, the shape of the mouth, and the action perfectly match the original song. It is a very high class show. Do you have the DVD of this show? Please play it again."

In addition, he is very fond of "Today’s Clicks," a program presented by Shi Tao, who has his own style that really resonates with viewers. The director general watches every one of Shi Tao’s programs and is touched by the content. As he watches he often says, "Hey, he really dares to say that." He often has high praise when Shi Tao hits the mark with a single comment on events or people.

He also likes the "Interpretation of Chinese News" program hosted by Wen Zhao. People are impressed by Wen Zhao’s analysis of events and specific comments, which are very deep, accurate, reasonable, clear, and logical. The director general said, “He (Wen Zhao) knows everything about current events, politics, the military, and history. He really is a very able man of high class.”

There are also short, humorous, and witty programs that show the ugly and nonsensical side of the Party. When the Chinese, who are consistently repressed by the CCP’s ideology and autocracy, see them, they will be no longer afraid of the CCP.

The director general now can watch two NTD channels—the Asia-Pacific channel and the New York channel. He has physically and mentally benefited a great deal from watching them for years.

NTD has broadcast so many good programs. It has brought happiness to many suffering Chinese and continues to brings light and hope to the darkest reaches of China!

I salute all those involved in NTDTV ! Thank you!