Long-term chronic illnesses disappear after practicing Dafa

Throughout my life, I was very weak and constantly ill. I had bronchitis, which spread to my lungs, and my heart was severely damaged. Drugs kept me alive since childhood. I knew even when I was very young that I was different from the other children: my lips and face were purple, and my back was hunched. Later on, I had to stop going to school after the illnesses worsened. I could not get excited about anything, and sometimes it felt like my heart would stop beating. Every winter, my parents worried if I would survive. Because of my physical discomfort, I had a very bad temper.

In 1987 when I was 21, my parents spent 10,000 yuan to buy me a job. They hoped that I would not suffer in a work environment. I got married in 1993, but since I was in poor health, my husband treated me badly. The responsibilities of my job and household chores taxed me severely. After our child was born, I could no longer handle all my obligations because of illnesses, but I attempted to force myself to endure everything to keep my family together.

In March 1998, my neighbor told me that Falun Gong could cure my illnesses, so with this intent, I began to practice. About three months later, my husband asked me why I had not taken my medicines. His question surprised me. I realized that I could now wear short-sleeve shirts in warm weather. After practicing Falun Gong, I became illness-free; I was very fortunate and happy.

The dark clouds of persecution only strengthened my determination

I was at my mother’s home when the persecution began in July 1999. The lies and rumors fabricated by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), however, could not change my family’s firm belief in Dafa. Back then, the state-run TV broadcast information that slandered Dafa and Master throughout the day. At work, I also heard people talking about Falun Gong; their only source of information about Falun Gong was CCP propaganda. My husband told me that I should not talk to anyone about Falun Gong and that I could secretly practice at home. He knew that, as a result of the practice, my illnesses were all cured, and my temper had improved.

At the end of 1999, my sister asked me to go to Beijing with her to validate the Fa. Since I was afraid then, I told her, “You go first. I’ll go after you come back.” She went with four other practitioners from our city. After displaying some banners in Beijing, they safely returned home. They told me that many practitioners nationwide dared to face the evil violence by saying, “Falun Dafa is good; Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” Afterwards, I took my father and a few other practitioners to Beijing. Once we arrived, however, we were intercepted at the Beijing West Railroad Station by agents from the local 610 Office and illegally detained for 15 days.

Not long after that, the head of the plant where I worked asked me to choose between my job and Falun Gong. I replied that I wanted both and that there was no conflict between the two. He said that since I was the only Falun Gong practitioner in the entire work unit, they did not want to get in trouble because of me, so I had to choose between the two. I knew clearly that Dafa was good, so I chose Dafa. I was then fired.

After hearing what had happened, my husband flew into a rage and beat me. He said that he would not feed a person who did nothing. He then kicked me out of the home where I had spent seven years, and I moved back in with my parents.

In August 2000, a fellow practitioner asked me to help distribute truth-clarifying materials. A few days later, one of us was arrested. Faced with the pressure of losing his job, my husband helped the police find my sister and me the next day. Seven days after I was illegally detained, my husband filed for divorce: the persecution had destroyed my family.

The inmates in the detention center knew right away that Falun Gong practitioners were good people, because we followed strictly Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Everywhere we went, we demonstrated peace and kindness. I was given a two-year forced labor term in 2001. After getting to know me, the convicts secretly confided in me that they had learned that I was not like what the CCP described. However, in order to get their terms reduced, they preferred to follow the wardens’ orders, even if they went against their own conscience. They brutally beat practitioners, deprived us of sleep, forced us to do heavy labor, and made us watch TV programs that slandered Dafa.

I was released in 2003 and found out that my sister had been forced to leave home and become destitute to avoid further persecution. My other sister had passed away from cancer two months after I was confined in the forced labor camp. When my brother-in-law came to see me with his new wife, I cried like a child for over half an hour. I told them that I knew my sister had died from cancer. I realized I was crying because I felt sad, but I did not have any grudges against them. I told them to be happy. His wife was from out of town. As practitioners, we treated her very well, so she was able to see the beauty of Dafa. My father cared for them all the time, and they respected him. After their child was born, they often left their child with us when they needed a babysitter. I took good care of the child and treated my brother’s wife like my sister. During the holidays, we always gathered together. Our neighbors said that we treated her as if she was one of us.

Ex-husband changes

My ex-husband was granted custody of our daughter, and I went to see her every once in a while. At first he and his new wife were afraid and kept me from seeing her. But now they have finally given me permission to arrange regular visits. During the entire process, they have learned how wonderful Dafa is.

They both had been affected by the Cultural Revolution and were easily influenced by the CCP’s slander and defamation of Falun Gong, so they had chosen to turn against me due to fear of losing their jobs. I had hated them before, yet I began to feel sorry for my ex-husband after he went through two surgeries. By not knowing the truth of Dafa and blindly trusting the CCP’s lies, he had harmed himself. After letting go of my grudges against him, I went to his home many times and patiently explained to him how I had changed from someone reliant on medication into a healthy person. He told me that he had early stage lymphoma and had gone through two surgeries. He was not able to talk and was living from day to day. I told him, “You should think about your (current) wife, your daughter, and your mother. Do you have the heart to say good-bye to your child? You are obligated to live.” He replied, “I will listen to anything that you tell me, except about your faith. How much have you suffered these years!” I told him, “I won’t say anything else but that Dafa has given me a second life. Had I not practiced Falun Gong, I don’t even know if I would have survived at all. You knew of my poor health in the past. Life is very precious, so treasure it!”

I went to see him again a few days later. He did not resist me as much. I gave him truth-clarifying DVDs and continued to tell him the fact about Falun Gong. He accepted everything. After that, I also gave him a copy of Zhuan Falun. He read it thoughtfully and finally understood that Zhuan Falun was a book that taught people to be good. I was very happy to see him change. Now he is getting healthier and more energetic, and his voice has become strong and robust.

After having benefited so much from Dafa, I would like to tell every predestined person: Please read Zhuan Falun when you have a chance. The book tells you the fundamentals of universal law and about being a good, true person. Treasure Dafa, and happiness will be right around the corner.