(Minghui.org) On March 14, 1993, I was fortunate to attend Master's Fa Lectures in the Wuhan City “701 Center.” Though nineteen years have passed, time has not caused this eternal memory to fade. I still recall the scene then, as if it were just yesterday.

At that time I was very sick and wanted to cure my disease using qigong. I passed by the gate of the “701 Center” and saw a Falun Gong poster with a brief introduction. This was my first encounter with “Falun Gong” and I intended to try it out. So I walked into the auditorium.

There were many people inside. One of the staff members there said she had heart disease and got cured after she attended Master's Fa Lectures in Beijing. I could not believe all of it but registered anyway.

Master was dressed in a simple manner, but very neatly. He gave me a very approachable feeling. Since I had been influenced by the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) atheism all my life, when Master was lecturing, my mind was still blank after listening for quite some time. However, I did agree with the principle described in Zhuan Falun, "Zhen-Shan-Ren is the Sole Criterion to Discern Good and Bad People."

During break time, many practitioners surrounded Master and asked questions. No matter what questions were asked, Master always answered with patience. Master's compassion and his explanation with the principles of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" changed me in a subtle way. After several days I felt obvious changes in my body. My headaches and back pain disappeared, and my body felt very light as if I were flying. When I rode a bicycle I felt that someone was pushing me.

On the seventh day, while I was practicing the fifth exercise I felt myself rising up. My Heavenly Circuit had opened up! Master's Fa was real! In just a few days my body experienced such changes, and I felt so much benefit. I was excited. Falun Gong is really a wonder! The fact defeats the eloquence. As long as I became a good person, I would regain my health. Why not? I thought, if I still don't accept Falun Gong, then I would be a fool. What "atheism" and "materialism?" The changes in my body were proof to me that there are divine beings! In excitement I asked about the feelings of the lady who sat next to me. She was around 50 years old and didn't say anything but smiled at first. After a while she said to me that she was watching them. I asked who she was watching, and she said, “There were lots of divine beings and Buddhas, and Master's body was shining while he was lecturing...” This lady was from Hanyang, and she was previously a Buddhist follower.

In the ten-day class many miracles manifested. Among them there was a three-year-old child who had leukemia, and was cured within a few days.

The wonders of Falun Gong spread quickly, and Falun Gong started to spread rapidly in our area. This is not just because of the magical healing effects. More importantly Master told people about the characteristics of the cosmos. Master opened the door to all the people, entering or exiting was completely free, without obligations. All people could come to learn and practice, no matter if male or female, old or young, or in what social class or status. People came to attain good health, or for understanding those questions that had been bothering them for their entire lives. In the class there were many designers, teachers, doctors, as well as retired officials from Wuchang Police Department (about 20 of them). They had all sorts of diseases, including emphysema, cardiovascular, and bronchus diseases. These police officials then attended Master's Fa Lectures at Hankou Municipal Party Committee Auditorium and the Youth Center. When they were asked why they attended Master's Fa Lectures continuously, they replied, “It felt very comfortable to listen to Master's Fa lectures, more effective than medicine or shots.”

Falun Dafa is the Buddha's Fa! Human world changes and the cosmos' arrangements from so long ago are all for today's Dafa dissemination. As Dafa disciples, let us cherish this opportunity more at the last moment, utilize every second well to save sentient beings, and tell them the truth of Dafa and the real wish of sentient beings. Lets fulfill our great oath from prehistory!