(Minghui.org) I was born in a destitute village of Taiwan with poor health. I passed out often when I was age 13. One day I was admitted to the hospital because of pain in my internal organs. The doctor could not find the root cause, and gave me shots that caused me to lose feeling in my left arm and left leg. A dozen doctors performed joint exploration, but could not find the cause. Eventually I was involuntarily discharged without further treatment.

I started working for a printing factory at age 20. One morning I was riding my bicycle to work. I extended my left arm to signal my intention to make a left turn, but I was hit by a car in the middle of the turn. I lost consciousness immediately. I woke up in a strange place with no one beside me. My mind went blank for a minute. I thought, "If I should die right now, I would never know the meaning of life." When I came to, I decided to look for a cultivation school.

My Primordial Spirit Left My Body

While searching for treatment of my illness, I became acquainted with a traditional medical doctor, Mr. Chang, who cultivates on a mountain. One day I followed him to a free door-to-door visit deep in the mountain. Suddenly my heart stopped. I stopped breathing and my face turned dark. The doctor gave me emergency resuscitation, assisted by his apprentice. Meanwhile, my primordial spirit had left my body. I soared into the sky and arrived in a vast space, which was the transparent body of a giant and ancient Buddha. Remaining seated, the Buddha offered a palm, which my primordial spirit landed on. The Buddha then put my spirit away inside his body.

It felt very relaxed being free of the weight of my human body, and I was hit with sharp pain when my spirit returned to my body. My heart started beating again. Yet I felt cold and kept trembling. Dr. Chang might have saved my life, but I began to pass out three times per day. Each time I had to be resuscitated with more than ten acupuncture needles. Sometimes he had to rush down the mountain to buy me herbs. I never paid him any money or gave him any gifts. Nevertheless, he continued to help me. While I stayed with him, he taught me how to apply acupuncture needles to resuscitate myself.

Bodhisattva Saved Me from the Dark Angels of Hell

One day I saw in my mind two dark angels from hell trying to take my life away when a Bodhisattva in white robes blocked their way. I looked at the Bodhisattva closely and saw it was my mother. She decided to send me to live with my married cousin in the north, seeing that my health was deteriorating.

I felt as though my internal organs had been ostracized. I tried to hit myself so the exterior pain could distract me from the internal pain. My mother held on to me and cried. I begged my mother to end my life. My mother locked all the doors and windows to prevent me from any suicide attempt.

I had heard that it is a sin to commit suicide, but I felt lost. Eventually Dr. Chang became my godfather and I married his apprentice.

Encouragement from Other Dimensions

My godfather passed away after having looked after me for ten years. He lived with us most of the time. He maintained a high moral standard, and required the same of us. He used to be a math professor at a university before he moved to the mountain. I asked myself before I made a decision, "How would a divine being approach this problem? Would a divine being respond this way?" I felt like a hermit in those days.

I once had a dream where I saw myself sitting on top of a giant rock. I looked at my own skin and marveled at my fine skin texture and my fluid outfit in the shade of lavender. Behind me was a grove of bamboo also in the shade of lavender. Standing before me was a miniature of myself with less refined skin and a neutral-sex outfit. I had the dream before I knew anything about the Assistant Spirit.

Passing Out Frequently

My husband often sought divination to find the root cause of my poor health. He would be informed that I must not have any surgery or ride a scooter. Rebellious, I decided to have surgery, and I was fine afterward. I also continued to ride my scooter. One day I was riding at the speed of 90 km/hr., and hit a truck. My safety helmet was cracked and I had a concussion. The driver asked to take me to a hospital, but I refused. He offered to fix my scooter, but I refused that too. My husband was confused, but he insisted that I study divination with him.

I didn't forget about seeking a cultivation school. I still had no feeling in my left arm. One day I had a thorough medical exam and was diagnosed with abnormal growth in three places on my spinal chord. I started going to a chiropractor, but the business went under. I picked up prescription drugs to help me sleep. My heart continued to fail from time to time. I felt better off in sleep. If I had to drive, I would take heart medicine first and carry my will with me.

Amazed by Falun Gong

One day, when I was attending a meeting of my divination classes, Ms. Lin, who was sitting at the same table as me, brought two copies of the book Zhuan Falun. She gave the larger copy to the president of the association. I looked at the smaller copy on the table and told her I would like to buy the book from her. It had taken 20 years for me to finally find Falun Gong.

I turned 41 in May 1999. For ten years I had had difficulty falling asleep. I avoided traveling before I began passing out frequently, and my heart would stop beating from time to time. I relied on sleeping pills to fall asleep and relied on heart medicine to travel.

The first day I learned the Falun Gong exercises, I did them at a public practice site. I felt things dropping out of my body while I was practicing the second exercise. I was in so much pain that I asked Ms. Lin what to do. She told me to persevere. Fine, I thought. As long as I don't pass out, I shall persevere.

While I was practicing the fourth exercise, I found the ground was covered with an electrical web up to the height of my calves. I felt electricity all over my arms and exclaimed. Fine! I can take it as long as I don't pass out. I later realized that Teacher had granted me the vision and the electric sensation to encourage my faith.

Interference from Other Dimensions

While I was practicing the sitting meditation, I saw interference from other dimensions. Strange beings from other dimensions tore my face and sent centipedes to bite me. I told myself I mustn't be discouraged by the interference.

The next day I arrived at the group practice site early. As soon as I sat down, a drunken man approached me and said something to scare me. I told him I was not frightened. As soon as I began to practice the sitting meditation, I saw a giant Falun rotating in another dimension. That was when I realized that Teacher watches over us constantly!

Watching Teacher's Lecture Video for the First Time

I attended Falun Gong's free nine-day lecture class beginning on June 1, 1999. I had a headache, and pain in my spinal chord, bones, left arm, and internal organs. My body was stiff after constantly laying in bed for 20 years. I asked the coordinator if it would be okay to watch the video while laying down, and she consented out of the kindness of her heart. But I was still too consumed with pain to concentrate.

It was June 15 when I attended a Falun Gong class for the second time. I still missed some of the content, but at least I didn't lay down that time.

The Third Falun Gong Class

On July 15, 1999, I attended the free nine-day Falun Gong class for the third time. I told myself that I must concentrate this time. I sat in the middle of the class and felt energetic.

I chose the same seat on the second day. I saw light radiating between Teacher's eyebrows. I felt pressure in the same location on my forehead. When it was time to learn the second exercise, I felt so dizzy that I could not stand. I went to the bathroom and began to vomit. I was so worn out that I could only sit while watching the others practice the Falun Gong exercises.

I lay down in bed as soon as I returned home. I felt so dizzy, yet I could not fall asleep. I had a vision that I was riding on a war horse galloping in a desert.

The next day, while I was practicing the second exercise at home, I saw my body in another dimension shifting its shape constantly. I laughed because I found it entertaining. I asked my husband to watch, but he couldn't see it. I had just stopped taking medicine at the time. I waited until I could practice all five Falun Gong exercises at home, and then joined the group practice again. It took me only a week.

When I was practicing the second exercise on another day, I saw a mirror quickly rotating in another dimension, just like Teacher had said.

One day I had a dream where all the trees and grass turned into human beings, running after me and trying to kill me. I ran and ran until Teacher rescued me.

Practicing the Sitting Meditation

I endured so much pain to practice the Falun Gong sitting meditation in full-lotus position. It was so painful that I cried many times. When I practiced the sitting meditation with my eyes closed, I saw with my Celestial Eye my transformation in another dimension. I saw a baby (Buddha Body) absorbing the energy from the universe. I felt energy flowing into my abdomen.

I flew to Washington, DC in 2000 to attend the Falun Gong cultivation experience-sharing conference. I had never imagined that I would one day be healthy enough to fly. Words could not describe my immense gratitude for Teacher.

Heavenly Circuit and The Issue of Eating Meat

There is a new breakfast cafe near the Falun Gong group practice site I go to that sells tender stewed pork with buns. I ate it for ten days before I started to find it repulsive. Teacher said,

"They cannot eat meat, and meat smells sickening. If they eat it, they will want to throw up. You are not forced by anyone, and neither do you force yourself to not eat the meat. Instead, this comes from your own mind. After reaching this level, you will not be able to eat meat, as it is being reflected from the gong. If you really swallow the meat, you will indeed throw up." ("The Issue of Eating Meat," from Lecture Seven of Zhuan Falun)

That was exactly how I felt. After a week, I was no longer attached to eating it and could eat it again without any feeling of repulsion.

Teacher said,

"When our great heavenly circuits are about to open, a situation will occur wherein some people will lean forward during the sitting meditation. Because the circulation in one’s back is opened better, one’s back will feel very light while the body’s front will feel heavy. Some people lean backward and feel their backs are heavy while the fronts of their bodies feel light. If all of your body is opened well, you will feel as if you are being lifted up, like levitating off the ground." ("Heavenly Circuit," from Lecture Eight of Zhuan Falun)

When I walked, I felt I was about to levitate. Then I would hurry back to my car and sit down.

Experiencing Teacher's Compassion While Practicing the Sitting Meditation

Every day while I practiced the sitting meditation in the full lotus position I was in such pain that I cried. Sometimes I called to Teacher for help, but He showed me the words, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, in Chinese characters. Okay, I thought. I shall endure the pain.

I attended the Falun Gong cultivation experience-sharing conference in Washington, DC in 2003 and joined the group practice on the south lawn of the Capitol. I saw my body rotating in another dimension. I was confused as to why my body in another dimension rotated, until I came across a passage in the book Falun Gong. Teacher said,

"We are, in effect, situated within the Law Wheel while doing the exercises, and it is omni-directional and in constant rotation. Our Law Wheel is synchronized with the universe." (Chapter II of Falun Gong)

My ring finger, which was fractured, became normal again. I had a scar on my left eyebrow, and now the hair has grown back.

The Test of Life and Death

I faced a test of life and death in 2010. I had a problem with my back. Eventually I even lost a small section of my backbone. I was unable to lay down on my back. When I felt I was dying, I called out to Teacher to help me. I thought I saw Teacher's giant fashen. I also saw Teacher's fashen inside every cell of mine. When I finally prevailed over the test of life and death, I developed a better understanding of the Fa. Teacher's fashen are inside our bodies in every dimension, I think it means the Fa is melted into our each and every dimension.

I finally found Falun Gong after suffering so much for the first half of my life. Now I know that Teacher has endured more than any of us. Nothing could ever repay Teacher for what He has done for us. I proclaim my most sincere gratitude to Teacher!