(Minghui.org) Last year when my family built a new house, I encountered some of my own issues. When there was a problem, I looked inward and cultivated myself to remove my human attachments. It was terribly painful when I couldn’t let go of attachments. I then studied the Fa more and sent forth righteous thoughts more frequently. When I still could not get rid of the attachment, I asked Master for help. After the attachment was removed, I looked back and found that it was really nothing.

When I couldn’t remove the attachment to self interest, I repeatedly recited Master’s teaching, “True Cultivation:”

“My truly cultivating disciples, what I have taught you is the Fa for cultivation of Buddha and Dao. Nonetheless, you pour out your grievances to me over the loss of your worldly interests, rather than feeling upset for being unable to let go of ordinary human attachments. Is this cultivation? Whether you can let go of ordinary human attachments is a fatal test on your way to becoming a truly extraordinary being. Every disciple who truly cultivates must pass it, for it is the dividing line between a cultivator and an everyday person.”

(“True Cultivation,” Essentials for Further Advancement)

I kept reciting it, determined to get rid of the attachment to self interest. Spontaneously, the bad substance was removed and I felt joyful again.

My husband is not a practitioner. Seeing that our neighbor had built a new house, he wanted to do the same. I tried to persuade him not to, but he insisted and finally we had to do as he wished. This really upset me and made me cry several times. I realized that something was wrong with me. What was I attached to? Why was I upset? Master said,

“As a matter of fact, when you agonize over infringements upon your reputation, self-interest, and feelings among everyday people, it already indicates that you cannot let go of ordinary human attachments. You must remember this: Cultivation itself is not painful—the key lies in your inability to let go of ordinary human attachments. Only when you are about to let go of your reputation, interests, and feelings will you feel pain.”

(“True Cultivation,” Essentials for Further Advancement)

Through reciting this paragraph, I found my attachment. For more than 30 years I kept a vegetable garden next to our house. I offered vegetables to my whole family and we earned several thousand yuan by selling the extra vegetables. I had become attached to this vegetable garden and hated to abandon it to build the new house. I realized that this was actually my attachment to self interest and sentimentality. As I recited the Fa more, my attachment was removed and I was no long upset. I relaxed and felt joy again.

My family hired 17 workers to build the new house. I realized that they were people with predestined relationships and that I should clarify the truth about Falun Gong to them. I first sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil factors behind them. Then I talked with them and told them about the wonderfulness of Dafa and the evil crimes committed by Jiang Zemin in persecuting Falun Gong. I used every opportunity to clarify the truth to them. In the end, all of them understood and quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. It was hot summer and the temperature was over 90 degrees Fahrenheit when we built the house. The workers were soaked with sweat, so I bought ice water and frozen treats for them every day. They were very happy and grateful.

Later I began using my refrigerator to make ice water. However, the fridge stopped working. I looked inward and searched for human attachments, but I could not find one. I then called maintenance and asked them to repair the fridge. Two technicians came, and I told them the facts about Falun Gong. They shouted right away, “Falun Dafa is good!” They also quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

One day I went out to distribute Shen Yun DVDs. I took more than 10 copies with me, but by noon I hadn’t given out one. I felt very sad for sentient beings. When I tried to give a disc to a young man in his 20s, he would not accept it no matter how I explained it to him. At that time, I had the sincere wish to save him. Finally, from the depths of my heart I said, “Young man, I am not asking you for anything. I sincerely hope you can watch this performance and have a bright future.” The young man took the disc with both hands and repeatedly said, “Thank you, Aunty!” I burst into tears immediately. I enlightened that when we sincerely wish the best for others, their knowing sides can sense it. Master has given us a path to save sentient beings. We just need to walk it.

As Dafa disciples, we need to cultivate every thought and deed and conduct ourselves according to the Fa. Otherwise, we may not be able to fulfill our responsibilities. We have such a great mission and responsibility; let’s all strive forward diligently, cultivate ourselves to remove human attachments, do well the three things, and return home with Master.