(Minghui.org) I started practicing Falun Dafa in 1993. Over the past 19 years, I've seen things change from the initial days when I first obtained the Fa, to the period after July 20, 1999 where we started to validate the Fa and clarify the truth in order to save sentient beings. Every practitioner has their own miracles that occurred in their cultivation. In my case, I'd like to share my experiences with Teacher when he was giving Fa lectures.

The very first time I saw Teacher was in Beijing at his 13th Fa lecture. That day, many students were waiting outside the gate for Teacher. Someone shouted, “Teacher is coming!” We all cheered, “Teacher is coming!” and “Greetings, Teacher!” With a smile, Teacher waved at us then walked towards us, and then we walked into the auditorium together. When everyone sat down, Teacher began his lecture. I was sitting in the front row, but the room was overflowing and some were sitting on the floor. We all listened to Teacher attentively. The more I listened, the more I felt that Teacher's voice was very familiar to me. Suddenly, it started raining and somehow the rain was falling into the auditorium. People started moving around trying to anxiously avoid the rain. Teacher said, “Don't move!” then reached with his hand into the air and made a grabbing gesture. The rain stopped instantly. All the attendees looked at Teacher in amazement. Then Teacher said, “Settle down please, I'll start the lecture now.” Everyone else was listening attentively again, but I felt like I was entering another dimension. I was in a temple with red brick and green tile on the floor, with a huge courtyard outside. Red carpet was covering the floor and there was a magnificent white horse in the courtyard. It caught my eye because it was quite beautiful. I continued visiting other places, when all of a sudden the scenes disappeared from my vision and I was listening to Teacher's Fa lecture.

The second time I saw Teacher was at the East Health Expo. I saw Teacher talking with a group of people. When I went over to him, Teacher said to me with a smile, “Here you are!” I said, “I have a question for you but for some reason I can't seem to remember it when I see you.” Teacher pointed at me and said, “That means you should ask the question. Do you have a ticket for the Fa lectures in Tianjin?” I replied, “No, I don't.” Teacher asked me to buy a ticket from Lao Liu, but Lao Liu didn't have any left. Teacher asked Lao Liu to reserve 200 more tickets. When I received the ticket, I said to Teacher with excitement, “Look, I've got the ticket!”

On the second day of the expo, Teacher was giving a lecture about gong. Teacher asked us to extend our hands with the palms facing up and said that we would feel Falun spinning. I really felt something spinning in my palm. Teacher asked, “Do you feel it?” Everyone said, “Yes.” We all felt so wonderful. The day the lectures finished I really did not want to leave Teacher, so I planned to see him on his way out. Some practitioners had driven Teacher in a car, and I saw him returning to the car. He turned around and saw me, then strode towards me and shook my hands warmly. Teacher said, “Go back home. I will see you in Tianjin!” I was too excited to speak, but as I watched Teacher leave I remember feeling stunned. Even recalling this today I still feel very excited and tears stream down my cheeks. This memory will stay with me forever.

The third time I saw Teacher was at the Fa lecture in Tianjin. Just like in Beijing, the students all went to the theater very early and waited in front of the gate for Teacher to come. Soon, Teacher arrived in a small bus. Teacher smiled as he got off the bus and said, “You've all come very early!” We all said, “Good morning Teacher!” Then we walked into the theater together. Teacher began his lecture after asking us to be seated. Each day when Teacher said, “That's all for today” I always felt that time went by too quickly and wanted to be by Teacher's side a little longer.

When Teacher finished teaching us the fifth exercise, Strengthening Divine Powers, he came down from the platform to correct our movements. Teacher came to me and said, “Relax your shoulders, lower your elbows and hold your forearms level.” I was really excited and these words have forever been engraved in my heart. Now whenever I do this part of the exercise I think of Teacher's words. When I told fellow practitioners about it, they said, “You're really lucky!”

I do indeed feel very lucky to have been able to attend Teacher's Fa lectures several times. Other practitioners have written about it so there's no need for me to write more. The happy feelings I have from that time is beyond my ability to describe, and I can only say, “Thank you Teacher!”