(Minghui.org) My wife suffered rheumatism in the past. We lived on the third floor and she wanted to get to the fourth floor to watch the moon during the Mid-Autumn Festival. She was unable to walk because of her condition, so I had to carry her to the fourth floor. In 1997, she started practicing Falun Gong. After the practice purified her body and heart, all of her diseases disappeared. She became open-minded, healthy, and kind. Our family are grateful for Falun Gong and Teacher Li Hongzhi. We have benefited so much from Falun Gong. Many times Teacher has protected us from danger. The following are some examples.

Safe after a Serious Car Accident

One day in 1998, I was riding a motorcycle home from another city. On the highway, a bus passed me and then suddenly stopped in front of me to unload passengers. I didn't have time to brake. With a “boom!” my motorcycle hit the rear end of the bus and landed in the middle of the road. The bus driver and passengers were watching me worriedly. I was laying on the ground bleeding. From what I heard, I knew I must have looked terrible. I got up slowly. My clothes were torn. I found that I had only suffered some abrasions. My watch was nowhere to be found. My motorcycle only had scratches. However, the rear end of the bus had a big dent. The driver knew that he was responsible and didn't call the police. I rode for another 30 to 40 miles and finally got home. If it were not for Teacher's protection, I would certainly have died. My motorcycle still functions very well. This incident demonstrated Teacher's great compassion.

His Bike Was Destroyed But My Son Was Safe

One evening in 2002, my son rode his bike home after studying. At a corner, he was hit by a racing motorcycle that had several passengers on it. He had a “Gui Zhu” brand bike, which was known for its strong frame. The frame was twisted. However, he was safe and sound. Our family is very grateful for Teacher's protection. The next day, my wife took the bike to the repair stop, but the damage was so severe that they had to cut a whole chunk off. My wife clarified the truth about Falun Gong in the shop. Hearing that the rider was safe even though the bike was so badly damaged, everyone was amazed by the magnificence of Dafa.

Her Motorcycle Was Damaged But My Wife Was Safe

In 2006, my wife was riding a motorcycle. Her right view was blocked by a long truck at an intersection. A man on a motorcycle dashed out from the right and crashed into my wife. The front cover came off instantly. The front part of his motorcycle collided with the pedal of my wife's motorcycle. My wife's left leg was squeezed in between the two motorcycles. When the man pulled his motorcycle back, the front cover broke into pieces. He was terrified and asked my wife if she was OK. Her leg was still stuck, but she said, “No problem. But if you had hit someone else, you would have a big problem.” That man was about to leave. The passengers all asked him to leave, fearing that my wife would call the police or ask for money. My wife slowly got up. Without even bothering to check her legs, she rode her motorcycle home. She thanked Teacher in her heart for protecting her. However, she regretted that she didn't clarify the truth about Falun Gong to the man who had hit her and the people who were watching. They thought that my wife was too timid to call the police, but the truth is that she practiced Falun Gong and always thought of others first. She was safe even though the motorcycles were so severely damaged because Teacher protected her. Later when she took the motorcycle to be repaired, my wife told people about the accident and clarified truth to them. Everyone said that Falun Gong was wonderful. My wife said that those people had learned the truth previously. The damage to her motorcycle was the evidence that Teacher protected her.

We are so grateful for Teacher. Therefore, we have supported Falun Gong. A local group Fa study meets at our house. Prior to July 20, 1999, we played the video of Teacher's lectures overseas at our home. I would prepare tea and welcome practitioners to watch the video. I helped them park their bikes and motorcycles. Teacher's portrait is on the wall facing the entrance. We offer flowers and fruit to show our respect. Some people who learned the truth about Falun Gong also came to offer fruit to Teacher to thank him. Since 2003, my son has helped practitioners to purchase MP3 players, recorded the Fa lectures and exercise music, and taught them how to use it. He readily helped practitioners whenever they had computer problems. When my wife was not home, my daughter welcomed practitioners to our home. “One person practices Falun Gong, the whole family benefits.” Every member of our family benefits from Falun Gong. We are very happy to make some contributions. In 2005, our whole family withdrew from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) organizations.

I am proud that my wife practices Falun Gong. When Falun Gong was slandered and persecuted, it was every practitioner's responsibility to validate and safeguard Dafa. I supported my wife to appeal in Beijing four times. One week before July 20, 2000, in order to avoid monitoring by the local security office during the sensitive dates, she left early and lived at a friend's house in another city. (In fact, soon after she left, the security office started detaining practitioners). She went to Beijing one day before July 20. Her friend sensed the severe persecution of practitioners and that practitioners who went to Tiananmen Square were “going on a journey of no-return. ” She called me and asked me to convince my wife not to risk her life to go to Beijing. But I believed in my wife and supported her choice. This was the third time she had gone to Beijing to validate Dafa.

During the two years prior to the persecution, the local security officials harassed and arrested practitioners. When I was home, I always told them that Falun Gong was wonderful, that practitioners followed the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, and that the CCP's propaganda was fabricated lies. It was wrong to persecute Falun Gong. I listed the cruelty of the political movements in history and asked them not to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. Knowing that they were wrong, they left. The local 610 Office repeatedly asked the supervisor about my wife's situation and arrested many practitioners. They asked all practitioners if any of them had contacted my wife. They detained the practitioners for several days and forced them to reveal the source of the book the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and other materials.

In 2005, the head of the local 610 office and several others came to see me and asked to go to my house. I knew that they wanted to search our house. I was very calm because I knew that evil would not win. Upon entering our house, several people sat down in my bedroom. A copy of Zhuan Falun was on the table and an emblem that said “Falun Dafa Is Good” hung on the wall. They asked me about my wife's practice of Falun Gong. I then asked them what they know about Falun Gong. I told them, “Falun Gong is righteous. It reveals the evilness of the CCP. Because the CCP is evil, it can't tolerate the righteous. It frames Falun Gong using fabricated materials and lies. I hope you don't persecute these kind people. Otherwise you will suffer retribution. The numerous political movements in Chinese history are wrong. During the Cultural Revolution, I was in charge of our area, including finance. I witnessed the cruel fighting and killing between different social classes, it was truly disastrous. It is the vicious result of Mao Zedong and the CCP's philosophy of conflict and persecuting people. I had deep sympathy for the victims. Therefore I have never incited people to torture others, nor have I given others a hard time. After ten years of turmoil, it was decided that the movement was wrong. In the early liberation period, it went on for 20 years of political movements, including “three evils,” “five evils,” “suppression of the landlords, the rich, anti-CCP and the rightists.” Then it was decided that it was wrong again. The cycle kept repeating. Tens of millions of people died as a result of these movements. Those who killed others all suffered retribution. The military officials who were involved in the Cultural Revolution were later killed by the CCP or suffered retribution.” I talked for over an hour. They had nothing to say. At last, they invited me to have dinner at a restaurant. I asked them, “Do you still need to look in other rooms?” They replied, “No” and left. Later they never dared to harass me.

Although I am not a Falun Gong practitioner, I do the five sets of exercises whenever I have time. When I read Zhuan Falun, I cross my legs and read with respect. Teacher said in Zhuan Falun,

“At the same time as teaching the Fa, we have also explained the principles of being a human being, and hope that if after the class you cannot follow this Dafa to practice cultivation, you will at least be a good person. This will benefit our society. In fact, you already know how to be a good person. After the class, you will be a good person.”

I follow Teacher's words at work. Although I am 70 years old, I'm still active. Others all say that I will never age. This is because of Falun Gong. I am very accurate and agile in my work. I am honest, dedicated in my work, and always put quality as a priority. While the competition among businesses is fierce, the company trusts me and keeps me to continue my work. I am considered part of the older generation among my colleagues. However, I treat them like my brothers and sisters. I never scold them or lose my temper when others are late or make mistakes. When they thanked me for my tolerance, I told them about the magnificence of Falun Gong and that Teacher taught me how to be a good person who will benefit others and the society. Gradually, they've learned the truth about Falun Gong and the evil nature of the CCP. They've all withdrawn from the CCP organizations. They remember that “Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!”

My wife has read me all Teacher's Fa lectures and articles. I realized the importance of compassionately saving sentient beings. Although I am not Teacher's disciple, I've tried my best to save people. In order to clarify the truth better, I watched the video including Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, Prophecy, Feng Yu Tian Di Xing and Shen Yun Performing Arts CDs. I've made use of every opportunity to tell people the magnificence of Falun Gong, that it has spread to over 100 countries. Falun Gong promotes Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and it is a Buddha cultivation way. The CCP committed a crime by persecuting Falun Gong. I've told them about the political movements in history and the CCP's crimes against humanity. The CCP is bound to be eliminated. Because what I said was rational and I honestly shared my personal experience, others have been interested to hear what I had to say and believed that Falun Gong was good. And they agreed to withdraw from the CCP organizations.

Whenever my relatives or friends came to visit me, I played the videos for them. When my nephew and his wife visited me two years ago, I showed them the video. After learning the truth about Falun Gong, they both withdrew from the CCP. They were doing business in another city. Later my nephew called and told us that his business became very good after he withdrew from the CCP. This year he brought many presents to show respect to Teacher. He also brought his three daughters (one in college, one in high school, and the other one in middle school) to hear the facts. After my wife pointed them to Teacher's portrait and told them, “This is our Teacher – the founder of Falun Gong,” I continued to clarify the truth to them. I told them not to slander Falun Gong in their homework even though their grade would be marked down. They agreed and withdrew from the CCP organizations. My nephew asked for a copy of Zhuan Falun and the Shen Yun DVD.

The above are only a few examples of how Teacher has protected my family from danger. Words can't express my gratitude for Dafa and Teacher. May 13, 2012, marked the 20th anniversary of Falun Dafa's introduction. It was also “World Falun Dafa Day.” On this day, all practitioners and sentient beings express their gratitude to Teacher. My whole family sincerely thank Teacher!

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