(Minghui.org) In late May, officials from Xisaishan District Court in Huangshi City, Hubei Province planned to illegally bring Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Luo Wen to trial. On May 21, when his lawyer from Beijing went to the No.1 Detention Center to visit him, he saw that Mr. Luo's condition was very serious. Two people were needed just to help him walk, he could not hold up his head, and his back was bent at a nearly 90-degree angle. He appeared to be on the brink of death, and was too weak to even speak.

Afterwards, his lawyer, accompanied by Mr. Luo's wife, drove to the court to submit relevant documents to have him bailed out of the detention center for medical treatment. Court officers claimed that Mr. Luo had been doing well, and refused the request. His wife said to them in a very serious tone: “If something happens to my husband, I'll sue you.” Mr. Luo has been detained for more than eight months.

Mr. Luo Wen, who is in his early 40s, lives in Huangshi City. He used to work at Huangshi Railway Station. On March 27, 2007, led by Zhou Xianjun, head of the Xisaishan District 610 Office, three officers from Chengyue Police Station, including Shi Jianguo, went to Mr. Luo's home to arrest him. They also ransacked his home. Under the orders of Zhou Xianjun, police officers from Baguazui Detention Center kicked Mr. Luo in the head repeatedly, until he lost consciousness. He also lost his hearing as a result of the torture. After he was taken to a hospital for emergency treatment, he escaped but had to stay away from home.

On July 19, 2011, in Shenzhen City, police officers arrested him at his home. In mid-August, he was transferred to the No.1 Detention Center at Huangshi City. In early September, police officers from the municipal police bureau told his wife to sign his arrest warrant; she refused.

On the afternoon of November 14, 2011, Mr. Luo's wife went with his lawyer to Xisaishan District Procuratorate in Huangshi City to see his file. Yi Na from the Procuratorate refused the lawyer's request, by saying that for the lawyer to have access to his file, they had to get permission from the 610 Office. At noon on November 15, Mr. Luo's wife went with his lawyer again to demand to check on Mr. Luo's file. The lawyer said: “Since the file has been handed over to the Procuratorate, as his lawyer, I have the right to look at his file.” Staff from the Procuratorate refused again by using the excuse that Yi Na, who was responsible for this case, was not around.

Relevant people and workplaces related to the persecution of Mr. Luo:
Xisaishan District Procuratorate in Huangshi City, Hubei Province: +86-714-6271408
Person in charge of the Procuratorate: Liu Jinming
Xisaishan District Court: +86-714-6303057
Huangshi City Police Bureau in Hubei Province: +86-714-62259717
Associate Secretary of the Municipal Committee and Secretary of the Political and Juridical Committee: Zhang Jiasheng
Associate Secretaries of the Political and Juridical Committee: Liu Daotian, Wang Xinhua
Person in charge of the Municipal Comprehensive Management Office: Cai Xiaofeng
Associate Director of the Municipal Law-Enforcement Office: Xiao Qingguo
Person in charge of Huangshi City Domestic Security Department: Sheng Jiangang
President of Xisaishan Police Sub-Bureau under Huangshi City Police Bureau: Qi Shiping
Head of Huangshi City No.1 Detention Center: Li Yanqi

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