(Minghui.org) In late 2011, a former security guard assistant, who used to work in the brainwashing center where I was detained, and who had understood the facts about Falun Gong after listening to my truth clarification, came to my home and told me that he had been fired from his job. He was a laid-off worker and had worked temporarily as a security guard at the police station.

He was fired because he released a Falun Dafa practitioner who had been illegally arrested and detained at the police station. He released the practitioner during his night shift. When he opened the back door to let the practitioner go, the surveillance camera captured him. I asked him, "Since you were fired, do you regret your action?" He said that he had no regrets. He was in a very happy state of mind when he told me about the incident, because he felt that he did something that he had to do. I told him, "You will be rewarded for your good action." Only a few days later, he returned to my house and told me that he'd finally gotten all his retirement papers in order from his previous job at a factory. He could now enjoy a retirement income of 3,200 yuan per month. He had also found a job that he liked, which paid him a monthly salary of 1,500 yuan. When he was working at the police station, he only earned 800 yuan, even though he had to work early morning and night shifts. He truly experienced the heavenly principle that "Good is rewarded with good," because he treated Dafa and Dafa practitioners well.

I am 72 years old. Before cultivation I suffered from a number of illnesses, including main artery infarction of my left cerebellum, spinal hyperostosis, cervical dislocation, gastrointestinal-related skin allergies, acute jaundice hepatitis, hepatomegaly, and some other illnesses. I was in such bad condition that I needed someone to help me daily. I had been tormented by skin allergies for a long time. Whenever the weather changed, I experienced swellings, which became extremely itchy. Even the dermatologists at the very well known Harmony Hospital of China were at a loss.

Practicing Falun Dafa Nobly Brings Benefits

In early 1998 I began practicing Falun Dafa for the sake of curing my illnesses. Within only two months I no longer had pain and had become healthy. Falun Gong not only has miraculous healing effects, but also taught me how to be a good person. I now live by the Falun Dafa principles Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. I became a noble person and have achieved higher spiritual realms. I witnessed and experienced the benefits of Falun Gong, and have devoted myself whole-heartedly to the cultivation of Dafa. I still go to the park to practice the exercises, despite the unprecedented persecution.

In order to have me renounce Falun Gong, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) illegally arrested me three times and took me to a brainwashing center in 2002 and 2009. They also attempted to take me to a detention center. Thanks to Master's merciful protection, the plan to imprison me failed. But the brainwashing center sentenced me to two years of forced labor as well as to brainwashing sessions.

I never acknowledged the persecution, even when imprisoned in the labor camp and brainwashing center. I clarified the facts about Falun Gong at the brainwashing center and undertook legal proceedings after I left that dark den. I appealed at the city's appeals office, Public Security Bureau, the District Court, Procuratorate, and many other government agencies. No matter where I went, I told people the facts about Falun Gong. By doing so and sending forth righteous thoughts, all my belongings that had been confiscated by police were returned, including computers, printers, and other equipment for making truth-clarifying materials about Falun Gong.

Clarifying the Facts to the Police

In the brainwashing center I helped open the minds of those who were poisoned by the CCP's lies about Falun Gong. When the police took me to the center, I told them, "There is nothing wrong in cultivating Falun Gong and being a good citizen. You are now helping the evil party to arrest good citizen. Isn't what you are doing despicable behavior?"

The two young police officers didn't agree with what I said, claiming that the police are the police, whose duty is to help citizens. I responded, "Nowadays there are so many thieves. For example in Beijing, you can't find any family who hasn't had a bike stolen. How many thieves have been caught? Helping the evil party to persecute good citizens is no different from doing evil yourselves. This is very bad." The two young policemen were speechless and their faces turned red.

The deputy head of the police station was also in the car. He said to me, "We two should talk." I agreed. He then tried to explain how well the CCP takes care of the Chinese citizens. I said, "What you were just saying is repeated daily on television and in the newspapers. You are not being honest with yourself. You are saying exactly what the CCP has put into your mind. The CCP is using you on the one hand and deceiving you on the other hand. When the time comes, it will also persecute you. How about Liu Shaoqi? Wasn't he persecuted at the evil party's will, and died?" The deputy became angry after hearing this and said, "Don't you mention Liu Shaoqi! It's the Gang of Four who persecuted Liu Shaoqi." I then asked him, "Wasn't The Gang of Four part of the CCP? It's not the Gang of Four that persecuted Liu Shaoqi. Liu Shaoqi was convicted as a traitor, and his death sentence was approved by all the members of the Twelfth Plenary Conference of the Eighth Session of the CCP. This is a historical fact." The deputy was rendered speechless.

Helping Brainwashing Center Employees Understand the Goodness of Falun Gong

I practiced the Falun Gong exercises, sent righteous thoughts and told everyone the facts about Falun Gong at the brainwashing center. I spoke of the beauty of Dafa and the evilness of the CCP's persecution of Dafa, of how it persecutes practitioners and persecutes the Chinese people.

The brainwashing center assigned “assistants” to monitor and torment Dafa practitioners around the clock. The assistant who was assigned to me during my different detentions is the one that I mentioned at the beginning of this article, who released a practitioner because he understood the facts. I kept telling him the facts about Falun Gong he finally understood what Falun Gong is. I helped him to understand clearly what the CCP really is like and why the CCP persecutes Falun Gong. Once he saw the goodness of Falun Dafa, he never stopped me from practicing the exercises and he even protected me. He was afraid that I would be beaten, so he said, "If they beat you, just lie down. Then, I will try to get them away from you." I steadfastly believed in Master and Dafa, sent righteous thoughts, and carried out only righteous deeds. The evil never dared to even touch me.

The assistants and security guards from other rooms also loved to listen to the facts about Falun Gong. They all came to listen whenever they had some free time. Once, a young assistant asked me in front of others, "Uncle, you must already have a Falun." I told him that all those who truly cultivate have one. They witnessed with their own eyes that when the doctor measured my blood pressure, it was 170 over 120. I told the doctor, "You can measure tomorrow again. The readings won't exceed 120 over 70." The next day the doctor said that the readings were 117 over 64. They personally witnessed that Falun Gong is truly miraculous.

I was Immune to Brainwashing and Torture

The assistants at the brainwashing center forced me to watch a video about the staged self-immolation, which had been shown throughout China. It was meant to defame Falun Dafa. I asked them to stop for a moment, so I could point out the inconsistencies in the story. For example, there was Liu Baorong. She was supposed to have drunk more than half a bottle of gasoline. I said, "After drinking so much gasoline, she is still ok and able to talk to the media? Which one among you could demonstrate this, so it would be convincing?" They were dumbfounded and finally stopped playing the clip.

Three or four assistants monitored me at all times. They recounted their false theories and then spoke up for the evil party. I never listened and continued to clarify the facts about Falun Gong. I said, "Chinese people should be clear-headed now. The CCP has ruled China with a strong fist and has been dictatorial for so many years. It has organized endless political movements, is responsible for the deaths of more than 80 million Chinese people, and brought enormous disaster as well as poverty to our country." They countered that the CCP was not dictatorial, and mentioned the National People's Congress and Political Consultative Conference. I responded, "The power wielded by the National People's Congress is superior to the law. The Political Consultative Conference is just like an ornament. The CCP has had so many movements, such as the Suppression of the Anti-revolutionaries, Elimination of the Anti-revolutionaries, the Cultural Revolution, and so on. Won't the CCP persecute whoever they want to persecute? Do the National People's Congress and Political Consultative Conference dare to stand in the way?"

They were unable to persuade me to renounce Falun Dafa so they asked the head of the brainwashing center to talk to me. He said, "All the issues that you have raised were already solved. It was resolved during the Resolution of the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Conference. They admitted to having made mistakes and said that they would avoid these mistakes in the future." I responded, "More than 80 million people were persecuted to death. Numerous families were separated. Numerous people were disabled and lost their health because of the torture. Do you really believe that only one piece of paper, a resolution, will erase all these sins? How easy is that? Will those who were persecuted acknowledge this? Will their relatives accept this? Isn't this exactly how a dictatorship acts? What's more, this kind of persecution is still happening today!" I told them not to listen to the lies of the evil Party any longer, or do anything bad simply because they were ordered to do so. I said, “What you need to do is to quit the CCP and all its affiliated organizations so you won't be buried with it when it is eliminated.”

At this time, an assistant who was fully controlled by evil notions said to me in a provocative manner, "Those who are like you I can push into the wall with just one strike." I responded immediately, "OK, no problem. I will stand at a place where it will be convenient for you to push me. I would like to see how you are going to push me into the wall." As I said that, I stood up and walked towards him. The other assistants pushed me down on a chair and held me so I couldn't move. I said to the first assistant, "You are not happy with what I am saying here, right? But these are my words. I can say them, no matter what you think. Can you? Do you dare to express your own thoughts to the evil party? Can you speak your own thoughts? You are acting wildly to show off as if you are hero in front of me. I think you just want to show off in front of your boss so that you can gain some benefits. Do you think that I am afraid of you? Even if I were killed by you guys, I am invincible, and stand proudly. But you will be a coward who has no guts, only following those in power."

In response to this incident, a meeting was held, where different types of assistants were asked to attend. The security guard who protected me asked the antagonistic assistant, "Why do you want to beat him? I'm the one who was assigned to monitor him. If someone should hit him, it will never be your turn. What makes you think that you can beat him?" In the end, the assistant had to admit that he was in the wrong.

I have never stopped clarifying the truth about Falun Gong since the CCP started persecuting the practice. At first, when I didn't have many truth-clarifying materials, I made photo-copies at stores so I had more to distribute. Later, I asked fellow practitioners for truth-clarification materials. There were times when I was practicing in the park, I heard the sound of a parcel dropping on the ground. After I finished practicing, I opened my eyes and saw that it was a big parcel of truth-clarification materials.

During the second half of 2002, I set up a truth-clarification materials production station with fellow practitioners. We produced and distributed a large amount of truth-clarification materials. We still cooperate and work well together. I take my fellow practitioner's issues as my own issues and help as much as possible. I learned how to operate a computer, how to access the Internet, and how to make different kinds of truth-clarification materials. I also learned how to install an operating system so I can provide technical support to other practitioners. This is something unimaginable for an older man who has only a few years of primary school education. It's Falun Dafa that gives me the wisdom.

During the past thirteen years, I have been under Master's merciful protection and the guidance of Dafa. The evil persecution has been unsuccessful in dragging practitioners down. Practitioners have become more and more mature, while the CCP is destroying itself.

From the Call for Submissions to Commemorate the Twentieth Anniversary of Falun Dafa’s Introduction