(Minghui.org) The Xianning City 610 Office and Political and Legal Affairs Committee set up a new brainwashing center to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. The facility was established at the Tianzhao Ecological Farm, situated at the end of the road that runs between the Xianning government building and the Xianning Administration Service Center. It was used to carry out a 1-month forced brainwashing session.

The brainwashing center employed high-level officers from the 610 Office and Political and Legal Affairs Committee, guards assigned to monitor the detained practitioners around the clock and “transform” them, and logistical staff such as security, medical, accounting and cafeteria personnel.

The Xianning 610 Office and Political and Legal Affairs Committee implemented various methods for arresting practitioners, in order to detain them at the brainwashing center. These methods included arresting practitioners on the street or at work, as well as setting up deceptive schemes to lure practitioners to a specific place of planned arrest.

Ms. Tao Xizhen, a retiree of the Xianning Construction Company, was illegally arrested on the street on the morning of May 3, 2012, by officers from the Xianning 610 Office, the Xianning Police Department, the Wenquan Development Zone Police Department, and the Chalukou Police Station. She was then taken to the brainwashing center.

Ms. Yang Xiaohua, owner of the Lantian Supermarket, was arrested at her store at 10 p.m. on May 3, 2012, and taken to the brainwashing center.

Ms. Yang Caiyun, an employee of the Xian'an District Environmental Protection Bureau, received a phone call from her colleague on the morning of May 11, 2012, asking her to come to work. As soon as Ms. Yang arrived at work, she was arrested by officers from the 610 Office and the local police department. The officers forced her into the car and took her to the brainwashing center.

Brainwashing Methods

The brainwashing center copied the methods implemented by the Banqiao Brainwashing Center to persecute the practitioners. These methods include:

1. Denial of personal freedom: Practitioners are monitored around the clock. They are not allowed perform Falun Gong exercises or read Falun Gong books.

2. Mental abuse: Practitioners are forced to watch videos that slander Falun Gong and write guarantee statements to promise to stop practicing Falun Gong.

3. Intimidation and threats: The brainwashing center staff attempts to “transform” practitioners through intimidation and threats. Practitioners are often sent to forced labor camps if they refuse to give up their belief.

4. Family involvement: The brainwashing center personnel lies to practitioners' families and puts them under enormous pressure. For example, they say that a practitioner's situation is very serious, and that it could only be resolved if he or she renounces Falun Gong, thus instigating the family members to pressure their loved one to give up the practice.

5. Deception: The personnel pretend that they care about practitioners, even claiming that they can help get social welfare for low-income practitioners. They manipulate practitioners and attempt to wear away their will power with empty promises.

6. Atmosphere of terror: The constant presence of guards and medical staff contribute to an environment of terror, which is mentally exhausting.

7. Isolation: Each practitioner is held in a separate room. They are not allowed to talk to each other. Guards isolate practitioners in an attempt to destroy their will power.

Ms. Tao, Ms. Yang Xiaohua, and Ms. Yang Caiyun have been released.

Parties involved in the persecution:
Zou Yu, head of the Xianning 610 Office: +86-715-8232059 (Office), +86-13872181056 (Cell)
Yao Xiong, deputy head of the 610 Office: +86-715-8126788 (Office), +86-715-8281738 (Home)
Liu Ying, chief of the Xianning Domestic Security Division: +86-715-8253197 (Home)
Wang Fuxiang, head of the Xian'an District 610 Office: +86-13971818135 (Cell), +86-715-8321843 (Office), +86-715-8369132 (Office)