(Minghui.org) I am now seventy years old and a very fortunate elderly woman, because on July 15, 1994, I was lucky enough to attend Teacher's Fa lectures in Chenzhou, Hunan Province. I personally witnessed Teacher's great compassion and magical actions.

Extraordinary Experiences at the Chenzhou Falun Dafa Lectures

In July 1994, Falun Dafa lectures were held at the old Chenzhou Women's Volleyball Training Center. There were no chairs, and 800-900 people had to sit almost shoulder to shoulder on the floor using old newspapers as cushions. There was no air conditioning on this hot summer day, and no breeze in this small city in southern China.

At that time, I was 52 and terminally ill; hospitals were helpless to treat my diseases. I had serious rheumatoid arthritis, vaginal bleeding, Meniere's Disease (a condition characterized by recurrent vertigo/dizziness, hearing loss and roaring sound in the ears); meningitis, aneurysms and chronic hepatitis - all kinds of illnesses. I was so weak that I was unable to wash with cold water in the hot summer, and also unable to walk well due to severe leg pain.

I went to the lecture stadium on a rental motorcycle and sat in the front. The tall Teacher with his peaceful look spoke in a loud and clear voice. We were all sweating and fanning ourselves with newspapers. Teacher said smilingly, “The more you fan the hotter you'll feel; why don't you put them down, and you'll feel a little breeze around you.” I did what Teacher said, and really felt a little breeze flowing around me. I was pleasantly surprised and told people around me, “It's true.”

I admired fellow practitioners sitting with their legs crossed. Even though I wanted to do the same, I had a hard time putting one leg up, let alone both legs. I tried very hard to press down on my legs. At that moment, Teacher said, “It's okay for now, that you cannot sit with crossed legs; you'll gradually be able to sit with crossed legs later on in cultivation.” I let go in my mind, and focused on listening to Teacher's Fa teaching.

While listening, I became uncontrollably sleepy. I thought, “How could I fall asleep while listening to Teacher's Fa? It's disrespectful to Teacher.” I pinched myself hard to stop from dozing off. At that moment, Teacher said, “You can sleep if you want to; you'll wake up when I finish speaking, because your brain is ill, and if I don't make you sleep while healing your brain, you won't be able to bear it.” I then understood why I was dozing off throughout the first period, and when I woke up, I felt very energetic and comfortable.

Teacher came down from the podium during the break. Fellow practitioners gathered around him, asking questions. Teacher smilingly answered them all, one by one. I was thinking about why they didn't let Teacher have a moment of rest. However, Teacher didn't seem to be the least bit fatigued and kept answering questions, then continued the lecture.

After listening to Teacher's Fa lecture the first day, I felt completely relaxed and was even able to walk home. It took almost an hour to walk from the stadium back to my residence, yet I had no difficulty at all, walking easily and swiftly – as if I'd gained a new pair of legs. Colleagues from work were surprised at what happened to me, as they all knew that my rheumatoid arthritis was so serious that I couldn't walk well. My tears came continuously, “This Falun Gong is really magical! What Teacher said is all real! Teacher saved my life!”

Tuition Returned Following Teacher's Fa Lecture

Teacher's Fa Lectures normally last nine days; the tuition was 50 yuan (less than $8 USD), which was the lowest in the country. Other Qigong classes were much higher-- at least double, triple the cost, or even higher. Due to some special reason, Teacher's lectures in Chenzhou lasted only four days, yet Teacher gave us just as much as in the nine days. We were given the full lectures, utilizing additional night classes. Teacher covered everything.

After Teacher's lectures in Chenzhou ended on July 31, my colleague Zhang who was one of the staff at Teacher's lecture approached me, “The tuition for the lecture was only thirty yuan, we're refunding you twenty yuan.” I asked, “Why the refund? Other qigong classes normally charge some additional fees, whereas you do refunds. Where and how do you track down 800 or 900 people? I've never seen anything like this before.” Colleague Zhang said, “Yes, we must do the refund, Teacher wants us to.” When I received the money, I was so deeply touched that I couldn't help but shed tears, “The Falun Gong Teacher is so good and righteous!”

I heard that following the Fa lectures, the staff approached every individual to do the partial refund. Their work wasn't completed until 1997, when the Chenzhou practice site staff told us, “The very last refund was given to an elderly lady from northern China who was visiting her relatives in Chenzhou.”

In July 1999, the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP) under Jiang Zemin started the persecution of Falun Gong, even slandering Teacher with lies, such as, “He accumulates wealth by unfair means”. But all Dafa practitioners know the great and noble moral quality of Teacher. What else could those scoundrels do, besides serve their masters!