(Minghui.org) My mother is a steadfast Dafa disciple. When she first started practicing, I had read some Dafa books, and I practiced the exercises for several days with her. However, I never studied the Fa seriously. I then fell back into ordinary society. Thinking back about the dozen years that I was away from Dafa, I became a slave to fame, money, and emotion. Hatred grew in my heart during the intrigue and conflict in the career arena. I became exhausted physically and mentally. My health had been deteriorating, and I had to take medicine daily.

Under Master’s arrangement, my husband and I started seriously practicing Falun Dafa right before the New Year of 2010. My body and mind have since undergone tremendous changes through studying the Fa and cultivation. I truly felt Falun turning from the beginning and felt its strong energy. In less than one month, my fear of cold, dysmenorrhea, lumbar hyperplasia, rheumatism, myocardial ischemia, insomnia, and other chronic problems disappeared. I truly experienced the joy of having no disease, and witnessed how extraordinary and miraculous Dafa is.

Master often hinted me to give up attachments and to be diligent in cultivation. There are many miraculous incidents. I will share a few of them.

Last winter, someone verbally “attacked” me because I did not drink at a dinner party. In fact, Master used this opportunity to help me get rid of the attachment of saving face. I could hardly bear the verbal attack and felt tremendous humiliation. I recited with tears,

“Forbearance is the key to improving one’s xinxing. To endure with anger, grievance, or tears is the forbearance of an everyday person who is attached to his concerns. To endure completely without anger or grievance is the forbearance of a cultivator.” (“What is Forbearance (Ren)?” from Essentials for Further Advancement)

I still felt grievance however. That night I dreamed about falling from a high gong column. I suddenly understood after I woke up that I didn’t pass this test.

Another time, the rearview mirror on my husband’s car was hit by another car. He requested 350 yuan from the other person for the repair. He told me about this after he returned. I told him, “That was not right. You owed him a debt and now you are even. You should not ask for money.” However, he thought that he was following common sense. He later understood it after studying the Fa and sharing the experience with others. The other car was also damaged, but they didn’t ask for money. It happened because of karma. Because he didn’t pass the tribulation that time, Master gave him another chance. One day our car was accidentally hit by a neighbor in the community. We didn’t ask them to pay for the damage, and took care of it ourselves. To verify that we did pass this test, one night when my husband parked in the community, he felt that he may have hit another car. He was not sure because it was too dark to see the other car clearly. The next morning he checked and did see some scratches. However, these scratches would not have been made by our car but by a car with a higher chassis. So he left our phone number on the car. He still felt confused about it when he came back home. I said that nothing is an accident. Maybe he needed to pay for the other person’s deed. We don't know the reason behind it.

I asked Master at that moment, “Let them call if it was our responsibility. Otherwise, don’t call.” As it turned out, no one called.

On another occasion, the Party committee of our workplace needed to someone to join the committee, and I was elected. I refused it however. After work, I heard that the leader would have a talk with me the next day. The next morning, I came to the workplace while sending righteous thoughts on my way to dissolve this arrangement. When the leader spoke with me, I expressed that I didn’t care about fame, but I did want to do some solid things for the workplace. As it turned out, the leader expressed that he understood and assigned someone else to the position.

My husband previously had a misunderstanding regarding Dafa. He once said bad words in response to my clarifying the truth to him. To help more relatives learn the truth, we treated them better and with greater tolerance than before. Master once hinted to me that my sister would soon obtain Dafa, so my mother and I exchanged our views and agreed to behave well so all our family members would see the beauty of Dafa. As it turned out, my sister started practicing Falun Dafa on New Year's Day this year.

Because they played computer games so often, my sister’s daughter's eyelids developed many small pustules. The largest was the size of a grain of rice. Later, we asked her to say “Falun Dafa is good,” and advised her to stop playing computer games. The pustules have since miraculously disappeared. Our family members witnessed this miracle. In addition, my brother’s father-in-law went into a coma before New Year's Day this year. My mother told their family to recite sincerely “Falun Dafa is good,” and "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” He woke up after three days without any sequelae. His thinking was as agile as a normal person's. Later, he also became a practitioner. This miracle helped everyone to witness how extraordinary Dafa is, and validates Dafa.

In the area of clarifying the truth to save people, I experienced that Master always made the arrangements and protected me. I remember my first time going out to distribute truth-clarifying materials. I was about to place some materials in the building where I lived. As it turned out, when I got in the elevator, I bumped into the cleaning lady. She told me that the other building didn’t have Dafa materials, and that only our building had them. I immediately realized that I should go to other building in the neighborhood as well. After I got out of the elevator, I went straight to the other building. Under Master’s ingenious arrangement, a lady opened the security door, and I followed her in. I distributed the materials from the top to the first floor. I was very nervous during that time. There was noise of people walking in and out of the elevator. However, under Master’s protection, I was able to distribute all the materials smoothly. I happened to have distributed all materials when I reached the first floor. Moreover, I didn’t encounter a single person. I sincerely felt that Master was by my side and dissolved any danger.

When the classmates gathered together, Master also arranged for some of them to join me, so I could conveniently tell them the truth about Dafa. We had dinner and then went to karaoke. So I had plenty time to talk to them one by one. They easily accepted the truth and withdrew from the Party's organizations.

When I was clarifying the truth one time in a taxi, the lady riding with me was a predestined person. Master guided the taxi driver to get out of the car, and left us alone. I was able to tell her the truth in short. She said that she did not dare to read Dafa materials before, but after talking with me, she said that she would pay attention the next time someone offered materials to her.

On another occasion, Master helped me eliminate my attachment of saving face. I used to go to a beauty salon regularly before I began cultivating Dafa. I felt a little uncomfortable doing so after I started cultivating. However, because I had pre-paid a one-year fee, I felt that the money would be wasted if I didn’t go. Then the beauty salon moved to another location that was too far from my home, and I could no longer go. Nonetheless, my attachment to pursuing beauty was still not eliminated. I bought a set of advanced cosmetic products. As it turned out, I was allergic to them! When Master saw that I still had not understood the message, he hinted to me in a dream and let me see two plump and ruddy faces of Dafa practitioners. I finally realized that Master was pointing out that cultivators don’t need cosmetic products. Isn’t this an indication of my not believing in Master and Dafa? Thinking about that, I was shocked. I realized that truly believing in Master and Dafa means every thought and action is based on Dafa, every word and move needs to harmonize with Dafa. I made up my mind not go to beauty salons anymore, and I thought it would be alright to forfeit the money I had pre-paid. However, the beauty salon began to call me to invite me to come. After several calls, I realized that every single thing was not an accident. Maybe I needed to go tell them the truth there? I later went on a day that I was off work. It turned out that Master let me do the three things. One was elevating my xinxing on this issue without losing a penny-the salon refunded me. Another was clarifying the truth to them, and yet another was encouraging the boss of beauty salon to return to practicing Dafa. She had given up practicing because of the persecution. That day she came back. She said to me, “I know this was arranged by Master. I started reading Zhuan Falun two days ago.”

Immersed in Dafa, my body and mind are full of happiness and joy. Every second I witness how miraculous and extraordinary Dafa is. I hope we can all get back to studying the Fa as if we were beginners, being as diligent as when we first started!

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