(Minghui.org) After studying Master's new lecture, I had a lingering feeling of wanting to cry. Master expects us to save 70-80% of the world's sentient beings. However, having arrived at the verge of the completion of Master's Fa rectification, we've only saved 10%! Master's enormous suffering and the precious opportunity given to all the sentient beings of the universe are being squandered by us disciples' human notions. I'm truly saddened, really upset, and mad at myself for failing to live up to expectations.

Just now when I was sending forth righteous thoughts, I also wanted to shed tears. I kept trying to cheer myself up. I really want to earnestly work hard in this last period of Master's Fa-rectification. I'm well aware of having dragged my attachments around for too long. I apologize to Master, and to the sentient beings who have placed high hopes in me. I'm truly sorry to all!

I told myself to hold back on the crying until it's really the time of completion. It's at that time that any regrets would be finalized. Although there is little time left, sentient beings and myself nonetheless still have opportunities to do better.