(Minghui.org) I became a Falun Dafa practitioner in 1996. Over the past fifteen years, I have experienced so many miracles and the incredible power of Dafa, and each miracle reflects the immense effort and boundless compassion of Master Li. Nothing can express my gratitude toward Master. I have too many things to say, but here I will share my daughter’s story.

In 1986, my daughter was born when I was 31 years old. My daughter was born with a tiny pink spot over the right side of her mouth. The spot was smooth, and it did not cause her pain when touched. We did not pay much attention to it and assumed it was a birth mark. But when she cried, the spot would become reddish. It grew into a blood blister, about the size of a bead, when she was one month old. It continued to grow over the next two weeks.

The local hospital did not know what it was, so I took her to the hospital in the city. It was diagnosed as a cavernous hemangioma (small tumor found near the eyes), and there were only two ways to treat it. One option was to use a laser and the other was to freeze it. Since the spot was close to one of her eyes, freezing it was the only option. Liquid nitrogen was used to freeze it, and she was treated once a week. It took more than 100 treatments to remove the spot; however, a new bump, caused by the freezing treatment, appeared on her face. We had to bring her to Dalian City for surgery. The attending surgeon told us that three possible consequences of surgery included dying on the surgery table, becoming mentally disabled, or permanently having her mouth tilted to one side. My husband and I were so shocked to hear this that we cried. When the doctor asked us to sign the consent form for the surgery, my husband was so scared that his hand was shaking, and he even forgot his name.

After we signed the consent form, the nurse took my daughter into the operating room. After three-and-a-half hours, the nurse showed us a plate with a piece of bodily tissue on it, which was the size of a dumpling. My daughter woke up two days later, but she was expressionless when she saw me. There was a scar on her face, and her memory gradually became worse. When she attended elementary school, she could not remember what her teacher had taught her, and her grades were very poor. She also could not remember any Pinyin. We were so sad and worried. Her teacher did not like her, and her classmates bullied her. I was upset with her behavior and often spanked her.

In 1996, my neighbor gave me the book Zhuan Falun. From that day forward, I began cultivating. I also took my 10-year-old daughter with me every day to attend Fa study and group exercises. Because her memory was not good, I enrolled her in a drawing class when she was seven years old. However, I did not pay much attention to her progress. She just followed me every day to practice Dafa.

The drawing class asked the students to participate in the national Xinhua Cup Second Youth Star Artist Competition. More than 100,000 people from 29 provinces and cities joined the competition. My husband and I both encouraged our daughter to participate. We told her that she only needed to draw one picture, and that she did not need to worry about the results. In the end, her drawing won third prize, and she received a bronze medal. Her name was added to the Talented Artist Data Center of China's Ministry of Culture. At that moment, my husband and I seemed to have awakened from a dream. Dafa gave my daughter wisdom, and her memory came back. Our daughter had become as smart as before, and we are so grateful to Master.

Later on, my daughter was accepted into college, and she received two degree certificates and two graduation certificates. She also obtained a certificate for teaching high school art. She passed and received all of the required certificates in her degree, and that year she was the only student in her entire class to pass the Level Four English Exam.

Now, she is an art teacher. Last year, 40 of her students attended the elementary and middle school art and calligraphy competition, and they earned first, second, and third prizes. There were 100 students to receive first prize in the whole country, and three of them were her students. She also received the first prize for the art teacher award presented by China's Ministry of Education.

Without Dafa, my daughter would not have accomplished as much as she has. Master saved my daughter and gave her a new life. Again, we want to thank Master and thank Dafa.

From the Call for Submissions to Commemorate the Twentieth Anniversary of Falun Dafa’s Introduction