(Minghui.org) During the cultivation process a cultivator should keep finding attachments and getting rid of these bad habits. It is not a simple thing to get rid of all attachments. It requires us to study the Fa, repeatedly compare ourselves against the Fa, and truly cultivate. Only then we can get rid of our attachments and improve.

During the past couple of weeks, my husband and son often criticized me. I didn't look within, but instead replied, “I don't see what I did wrong. Why did you say unpleasant things about me?” Everyone was unhappy in the end.

My son works at a place far away from my home. Recently, he was very busy at work and was in a bad mood. I wanted to comfort him by chatting with him. However, after a few sentences, he became angry and ended the conversation. I had skipped my nap to chat with him, but ended up with him claiming that I was not responsible. I was sad. “How did it become like this?” I asked myself. “I have had a very close relationship with my son since he was born. Maybe it's time for me to get rid of my affection for him? Or maybe I didn't truly have a benevolent heart toward him?”

Then, one day my son called home. He was fine talking to my husband, but when talking to me, after a few sentences, he got angry again. He insisted that he was right and would get angry if I didn't agree with him. I talked to him calmly. When I told him that I understood him, he said in tears, “As long as Mom can understand, that's good.”

After I put down the phone, my husband started criticizing me, saying that my son's strong, opinionated personality was inherited from me. He didn't allow me to talk and just kept blaming me. At first, I wanted to argue, but then I thought, “My son is a shadow of me. There must be some attachment for me to get rid of here.”

Teacher said,

“Whenever you encounter problems you should each look inward to search for the cause within, regardless of whether you’re to blame or not. Remember my words: Regardless of whether the problem is your fault or not, you should look inside yourself, and you will find a problem. If the matter has absolutely nothing to do with you or doesn’t involve any of the attachments you should break, then that thing would rarely happen to you. If you didn’t have an attachment the problem wouldn’t have come about. I have to be responsible for your cultivation. Any problem that happens to you, around you, or among you is most likely related to you, and there is something for you to get rid of. No matter whether it’s your fault or not, when my Law Bodies are having you remove your attachment, they don’t care whether it’s your fault or another person’s. As long as you have an attachment, they will try everything to have you run into problems and have you recognize the attachment that makes you fall short. Yet you’re still looking around, 'This isn’t my fault,' or you’re still thinking, 'I’m protecting the Fa.' Meanwhile, the other person is thinking, 'I’m protecting the Fa.' In fact, the conflict occurs because you probably each have faults of your own.” (“Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Europe”)

I am a very careful person. I always think that I am thorough and won't make mistakes. After reading this Fa, I suddenly realized that I had an attitude of always being right inherited from the Chinese Communist Party's culture. Why is it? It is not by accident. I had been well liked since I was young. I was “smart” and slick. Whether it was in the school, family, or community, people liked me very much. I was also good at studies, so my teachers and classmates treated me nicely. Nobody criticized me. Instead, all I heard was praise.

After I got married, I was no longer the “sweetheart.” I then complained a lot. The bad substances, including the attachment to complaining, kept coming to me, making me feel tired and sick. However, after cultivating in Dafa, my illness was gone. I could take things lightly and maintain a happy mood. With Buddha's Fa, I have gotten rid of many attachments. But I was still poisoned deeply by the Party culture. Today I saw this attachment of always thinking that I am correct. I am determined to completely eliminate it, rectify myself, and assimilate myself to Dafa.

Teacher, thank you for your gracious salvation!