(Minghui.org) I am a new practitioner who started practicing only two months ago. I am 63 years old. Before practicing, I suffered from lumbar herniation and diabetes. A kindhearted practitioner brought me to Falun Dafa.

I met this practitioner when I picked up my grandchildren at school. Whenever I saw her, she told me about the goodness of Dafa, the truth about the “self-immolation” hoax on Tiananmen Square, and how she benefited from the practice. In fact, before 1999, four or five people introduced Dafa to me. I was quite deluded by the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) propaganda however, and sadly was not able to comprehend the truth.

I had to take many different kinds of medicine every day for lower back pain, but nothing was effective. I went to a practitioner's home, hoping that practicing Falun Gong would heal me. The practitioner gave me the book and taught me the exercises. When I practiced the second exercise, I felt severe pain in my arm, making it hard for me to hold my arm up. So I put my arm down for a while and raised it later. I later saw a big Falun holding my arms up, preventing me from putting them down even if I wanted to. The comfortable feelings that I experienced are hard to describe in words.

I later experienced another amazing thing. One day I was studying the Fa and sharing experiences at a fellow practitioner’s home. Suddenly, I saw that I was a male chief chamberlain in a Buddha's world. A young monk quickly arrived on the scene. He was very disobedient, so I took a stick and beat the young monk. I realized that Master was showing me the karma that I had previously incurred. It was incredible.

Another notable event occurred when I first started practicing. On my way home from that practitioner's house, I felt more back pain, and it felt like my back was going to break. I laid down at home for three solid days. I thought that practicing Falun Gong wasn't helping cure my illness. I even started to cry. At this time, the practitioner visited my home and encouraged me, telling me that I was eliminating karma, which was a good thing. She told me that this was how Master was purifying my body and that He had already bore a lot for me. She also said that Master was looking after me at every moment. This practitioner's words helped me become much clearer. I just had one thought from that point on, that I would steadfastly cultivate Dafa!

I once went to another practitioner's home to practice the exercises, and saw a large, thick hand hit my back. I suddenly felt as if I had gone blind, and cold sweat poured out of me. I felt sick and wanted to vomit. I knew that this was Master cleansing my physical body. I silently said to Master, “Master! I am now at the home of a fellow practitioner. It would be bad to vomit. I don't want to make trouble for her. Can you please adjust this situation.” At this moment, I immediately felt my stomach ache. I went to the restroom twice. Dafa is really amazing. After this experience, the ashen color in my face gradually changed to a pinkish white. The pain in my legs also reduced significantly.

I sincerely said to Master, "You bore everything for me. It was nothing for me to bear some pain. However, can you tell me the root cause for my back pain?" One day when I was practicing the exercises, Master appeared before me. He sat on a lotus flower, wearing yellow silk clothing, with one bare arm whose skin was delicate like a baby's. Master took out more than twenty nails which looked like the nails used on a railway, and asked, “Do you want to know the reason for your back pain?” I replied eagerly, “Yes. I want to know.” Master then made me recall a time in 1998 when I practiced some other form of qigong and used it to treat illnesses. There was a man who suffered from back pain. I removed nails from his body (in other dimensions) similar to the nails on the railway. After Master recalled this experience for me, He then took out a spiritual being like an animal from my body. I suddenly felt so much relief. My body became better and better, day after day. I realized that I had incurred karma without even knowing it. I casually treated others and the result was that their sickness karma was transferred to my body.

Looking back on my two months of practicing Dafa, I see that Master was looking after me every step of the way. I encountered some very serious tribulations, and if I had not treated myself as a practitioner, the results might have been disastrous.

I once went to my grandchild's school and leaned down to pick something up. My feet suddenly became tangled up in his classmate's schoolbag. I didn't notice it and kept on walking. Suddenly, I fell forward about one meter. I heard a “pop” in my knees. In the past I had osteoporosis, and if I had not been practicing Dafa, my knees would have broken into pieces. All the teachers and parents nearby were terrified. Somebody helped me to stand up, and another advised me to go to the hospital. I then remembered that I was a practitioner who was looked after by Master. There was nothing wrong with me, and I could see that the cause was my carelessness. I struggled to stand up. The pain in my legs went away in one day. Dafa is truly amazing.

One time, some practitioners bought me an MP3 player with Master's lectures and the exercise music. But I did not know how to use the player. When I wanted to practice the sitting meditation one night, I begged Master, “Master, I want to practice the exercises. Can you help me get the music started for the meditation.” Magically, and I don't know how I did it, the meditation exercise music started playing. Thank you, Master!

Over these two months of practicing, I have enjoyed reading the Fa more and more. The Law inside is so rich and I can perceive the amazing power of Dafa more and more every day. Master, your level is really so high. I am truly fortunate to be able to study the Fa. I will definitely follow Master's requirements and Dafa's standards to make diligent progress and treasure the precious predestined relationship I have as a Dafa disciple.