(Minghui.org) During the process of doing the three things, every practitioner is trying his or her best. Actually it is Teacher who has repeatedly created opportunities to save sentient beings out of his compassion, but as time has gone by, some of us have gotten into a state of doing things mechanically or habitually, and it has brought about some laziness. I was also doing things mechanically, and I did not focus my attention on what I was doing. I knew this was not good, but failed to find the root cause for it. Recently I enlightened through Fa study that, as we do the three things, we must really know what we are doing and what we are thinking. Only that way will we really be really cultivating ourselves, having the righteous thoughts and righteous action of a practitioner, and doing well the three things. This is also the requirement of the Fa

Recently, I'd felt my status was not right. It manifested as having an empty mind and a numbness. The process of doing things was a bit mechanical, and I felt I did the three things for the sake of doing things. I did not really care about the result and did not do it attentively. I thought I was quite good since I did do the three things, and I always consoled myself with this thought. This state lasted for nearly a year.

There was interference from attachments, including jealousy and lust, not studying the Fa well enough, as well as not being clear about the Fa principles. I also forgot that our cultivation way is to cultivate our main consciousness. All these shortcomings led to this mechanical status. Although I was doing the three things, the results were not at all miraculous. Even then, I knew in my heart that I must not stop reading the Fa and looking inward. When I was reading the Fa today, I suddenly enlightened to a paragraph of the Fa. Teacher said,

“The Main Spirit that we are mentioning here refers to our own minds. One should be aware of what one is thinking about or doing—that is your real self.” (Zhuan Falun)

I suddenly understood: our cultivation school cultivates our own main consciousness. Since the process of doing the three things is also the process of our cultivation, then it is extremely necessary to cultivate our main consciousness well. Therefore, in the process of doing the three things, we must be clear about what we are doing and what we are thinking. That is real cultivation and doing the three things. If we only want to do the three things for the sake of doing them, then we will not be doing what we have to do with a clear mind or with any degree of concentration. Instead we will be dragged along by attachments and do things blindly. None of this is on the Fa, so the results will not be good. It is also not the righteous thoughts and righteous actions of a true practitioner and will not be counted as being diligent.

Many of us have cultivated for many years and some practitioners have cultivated to a very high level. Many of us who have cultivated well are feeling like it is dull to stay in this human society. Many who have reached Consummation or are about to reach Consummation also say that they do not want to stay in human society even for a minute. But our reason for being here is not for our personal Consummation. We are practitioners, and we are here to assist Teacher to rectify the Fa and save sentient beings. If we find that we are doing things mechanically or having such a thought, we must check our mindsets: are we simply trying to free ourselves or save sentient beings. If it's really for saving sentient beings, then how can we do it mechanically and not pay attention to the result?

Of course, as long as we stay in this human world and as long as the Fa rectification is not finished, we are still in the human world and will have human thoughts and attachments. Dafa asks us to cultivate our main consciousness. Therefore, during the process of doing the three things well, we must know clearly what we are thinking and what we are doing. We must get rid of every human thought and check if we still have human thoughts deeply buried. If we can let it go through our cultivation, that is the truly cultivating ourselves. Only by using a cultivator's righteous thoughts and righteous actions can we do things with the power of the Fa.

Since my level is limited, please kindly point out my shortcomings.