(Minghui.org) On July 20, 1999, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), under the direction of then leader Jiang Zemin, openly initiated a persecution against Falun Gong and fabricated the so-called "1,400 Death Cases" to slander Falun Gong and incite public hatred against the practice.

One of the "1,400 death cases" was related to a Mr. Liu Pinqing, who then worked in the agriculture business in Gushan Town, Donggang City, Liaoning Province. He was alleged to have committed suicide in the spring of 1999 by throwing himself into a well. The CCP authorities said that it was because of "practicing Falun Gong.” Was it really true? Anyone who was acquainted with Liu in his local area knew that his death had nothing to do with practicing Falun Gong.

According to information provided by insiders who had spoken with Liu's father before he died, Liu Pinqing had taken out a loan to buy and raise shrimp, when he was the deputy mayor of Pusamiao Township of Donggou County (now renamed Donggang City) in the 1980s. Liu agreed to let his wife take charge of the shrimp business. However, he not only ended up not making any money, but also lost hundreds of thousands yuan and could not pay off the loan. The only income was his fixed wage, which could not cover the family's financial burdens, including taking care of his elderly parents and education fees for his two children. Liu's daughter was studying in a teacher's school and his son was studying at a university. With such responsibilities, it was very difficult for Liu to pay off the debts. In the spring of 1988, Liu was transferred to Gushan Township (now classified under Gushan Town), Donggou County. He was demoted to a lower rank, as a section chief of the agriculture business. In 1998, he was demoted again to an ordinary employee. It became yet more difficult for him to repay his debts with the reduced salary that accompanied the demotion. He was already under severe mental and physical stress, and this situation made his life even more difficult.

After Liu Pinqing moved to Gushan Township for work, he had to live in an old house left by retreated military forces. The house was very old and rundown. The only valuable appliance, the 17-inch black and white television set, was confiscated to pay off part of the debt. Although it was brought back to him with the help of others, Liu was deeply frustrated. At that time, he suffered from chronic bronchitis and coughing. The long-term pressure of trying to pay off the debts, the family’s difficult situation, and the problems with work plunged him into a very deep depression. Finally, he committed suicide by throwing himself into a well in the spring of 1999.

From an objective account, it is very clear that the death of Liu Pinqing has nothing to do with Falun Gong. Sadly, many people choose to end their lives out of desperation, family adversity, chronic illness, and so on. In addition, Falun Gong clearly prohibits practitioners from killing and committing suicide. If Liu Pinqing had indeed practiced Falun Gong, he would not have killed himself, and instead looked at the situation in an entirely different light.

However, the CCP and the faction led by Jiang Zemin blamed Liu ’s death on Falun Gong, in an attempt to justify its brutal persecution of the practice.