(Minghui.org) I'm from Northeastern China. I fortunately started practicing Falun Dafa on October 20, 1998. Just a month later, at 1:00 a.m. on November 21, 1998, my coworkers and I witnessed the miraculous nature of Dafa.

I was working the night shift in the coal mine. Before I descended underground, the shaft supervisor told me there was a tunnel face where wood needed to be recycled, which was very dangerous. He warned me to be very careful. It was a 30 degree slope, and wood had to be retrieved from 98 feet deep down in the tunnel. The work space was about six feet wide at the bottom, just over five feet wide at the top, and over 5 feet high. The roof was made of gangue and stone after extraction and mining, and it was dangerous to work under. I therefore sent two experienced workers, Lao Zhou and Xiao Liu, to work up there.

I pondered a little while after I sent them up. Being concerned about their safety, I told myself I had to switch with Lao Zhou. (I wouldn't have done so if I hadn't practiced Falun Gong.) I went up into the tunnel and told Lao Zhou, “I'm younger than you, let me do it.” He resisted at first, but after I insisted, he let me take over for him. As a matter of fact, like a coal dust explosion, a roof collapse (where bearing rocks fall from above) is extremely dangerous because workers only have a hairbreadth chance of escape. Workers would never take chances in this kind of situation, they only do it when their experience tells them it's OK.

Shortly afterwards, a roof collapse indeed occurred. In an instant, it was all dark and I was knocked down and was facing down. I couldn't move and could only hear the rocks knocking into each other and rumbling over my head. I shouted Xiao Liu's name, and he answered near me. I asked how he was doing; he said he couldn't move. With the continued rumbling noise on top of us, he said, “Buddy, we're doomed. With this amount of rocks, we will die of suffocation if we are not crushed.” I said, “Don't worry. I practice Falun Gong. My Master's is protecting me. We will be fine!”

Lao Zhou heard the rumbling noise and realized something was wrong. He immediately notified the workers above for rescue. Those above thought it was impossible for us to survive. Three hours later, when they got near us and heard my response, I heard them saying, “Still alive.”

When they got us out, I wasn't hurt at all; but Xiao Liu suffered nerve injury in his arm when the rescuers pulled him out, and he could not work for more than a year afterwards. When we got out of the mine, the mine manager, the shaft supervisor, and the others all urged me to see a doctor. I said, “I'm OK. I practice Falun Gong, I'm perfectly fine. If I hadn't practiced Falun Gong, we probably would have both been killed.”

They all found it inconceivable. Being in such a serious accident and buried under three meters of rocks, I did not die. Moreover, I was not even hurt. They found it even stranger that two rooms-full of stones and gangue fell from above and piled up like a mountain in the tunnel face, but none of the rocks rolled down the slope.

I looked at the site afterwards and found that the rocks, which were supposed to fall upon us, formed a stone wall above us and stopped more rocks from falling down. By the law of nature, the force of falling rocks would have dumped all the rocks on and around us, which would have been a big problem. In such a narrow place and at a 30 degree slope, it is imaginable how difficult and dangerous it would have been for rescue. Large rocks can only be blown up to get them out of the way, but it is impossible to use dynamite during a rescue. How collapsing rocks naturally formed such a means for easy rescue is unbelievable for most people. The shaft supervisor told me afterwards, “There was a rock that weighed hundreds of pounds. Ee could not send two people up to remove it because the space was too small. I don't know where my strength came from, I moved it all by myself.” I knew, it was Master's intricate arrangements to save me.

One summer evening, I rode a motorcycle with my wife to a place that is 6 miles away to buy medicine for a friend. It was around 10:00 p.m. on our way back. It was very dark, and it started drizzling. Worrying that the rain would get heavy, I sped up on a straight section of the road. My wife asked me to slow down, but I ignored her. I was driving very fast. A sharp turn suddenly appeared in front of me sooner than I had expected, and it was too late to slow down. I shouted “Master please protect us!” In an instant, the motorcycle and both of us were thrown into a ditch six feet deep, and we hit a big tree trunk. (It is common to see trees in the ditches along the roads to the countryside.)

I felt a force pushing me backward, and I landed on the ground sitting. The same occurred for my wife. I checked on her, and she was fine. We stood up, feeling extremely grateful for Master's protection. My wife called her friend to get the motorcycle out of the ditch. The friend arrived with a flashlight. We saw that the motorcycle's front piece, headlight, and handles were gone.

On the third day, we pulled the motorcycle to a repair shop for waste disposal. The person asked us, “It's a mess. How's the rider?” My wife pointed at me and answered, “Right here!” He didn't believe her. We told him we practiced Falun Gong, and we were safe because of Master's protection. He exclaimed it was a miracle.