(Minghui.org) Mr. Deng Changfu, about 60 years old, lives in Luoxianchu Village, Yuanling County, Hunan Province. He started to practice Falun Gong in 1998 and benefited both physically and mentally. On March 1, 2012, he was taken from his home by Deputy Police Chief Tang Qifu and three policemen from the Chengxi Police Station because he had hung up banners about Falun Gong. While detained, he was injected with toxic substances. Mr. Deng was released after being detained for 22 days.

In the Chengxi Police Station, the police slapped Mr. Deng on the face more than ten times. To obtain a confession, they also held his head and banged it against the wall. On March 2, he was placed in a solitary cell. Tang Qifu and another policeman held Mr. Deng's hand tightly while one male and one female police officer dipped needles into urine and stabbed them into Mr. Deng's four fingers. As a result, Mr. Deng could not eat; he could only drink water. He experienced severe stomach cramps while taking solid food. During the 22 days of his detention, he ate only three meals. He also felt dizzy and uncomfortable all over.

After being detained in the lockup center for 15 days, Mr. Deng was transferred to the detention center. He was sent to a hospital for a physical examination before the transfer. His heartbeat was 110 to 160 times per minute and he was diagnosed with severe tuberculosis. When the detention center initially refused to accept him, a call came in with this message: “He has been injected with a toxic substance. He will not stay long.” So the detention center admitted him.

On his release from the detention center, Mr. Deng Changfu appeared emaciated and his face was dark.

Mr. Zhang Zhiming worked in Yuanling Town, Yuanling County. He was taken to a brainwashing center in September 2010. He fainted on the spot after being forced to take an unidentified yellow pill. After being released from the brainwashing center, Mr. Zhang had headaches for a long time. His mouth was numb and he often felt uncomfortable. On the night of April 24, 2011, Mr. Zhang suddenly passed away at his home. It was said that the left side of face and his eye were swollen and engorged with blood; his neck was black and purple.

Relevant responsible people:

Tang Liwu, Director of the Yuanling Police Department: +86-13607459581 (Cell)
Quan Jixiao, Chief of the Yuanling Domestic Security Division: +86-13407455409 (Cell)
Tang Qifu, Deputy Chief of the Chengxi Police Station: +86-13467457727 (Cell)