This article was first published in May 2003.

( There are many shameful things that are happening in the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp each day, and the labor camp officials are afraid of these things being exposed.

Once there was an inspection group from Beijing that came to visit the labor camp, along with some Hong Kong and overseas reporters. The whole labor camp worked hard to get ready for the visit. In order to cover up the massive number of Dafa practitioners illegally detained there and how bad the living conditions were, the labor camp police removed most of the detainees. About five to six hundred were shipped to a nearby junior Labor Camp's cafeteria by bus, leaving only the detainees who agreed to cooperate with the labor camp and lie to the reporters during their visit. Normally eight detainees have to share one bunk-bed. The officials took away all the quilts except one for each bed, showing only one person using each bed.

Their "performance" succeeded and the group of reporters left. That night all the detainees were moved back. When we questioned the police why they lied as Party members, they did not know what to say. Later one policeman said, "Isn't the Party always like this?"

This is what I have personally witnessed. Many media reports about the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp are the result of lies like this one. They are doing everything to deceive the public, especially those that are overseas.