(Minghui.org) Please pay attention to the developing appeal on behalf of a Falun Gong practitioner in which the thumbprints of 300 villagers were sent to the Politburo. This has shocked the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The petition urges the authorities to release Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Wang Xiaodong. Mr. Wang was arrested on February 25 after police found a Falun Gong CD in his home in Zhouguantun Village, Fu Town, Botou City, Hebei Province. The Minghui website, the Epoch Times, and NTDTV have all reported on this incident, with photos, video footage, and comments from petitioners and other insiders.

The appeal is believed to have been circulated in the Politburo and has stunned its members. The Jiang Zemin rogue political faction is panicking. The faction has given orders to lawless officials in Botou City and in the wider Cangzhou area to assemble in Fu Town. The officials have also been ordered to use different approaches in coercing the villagers to rescind their rightful petition. The authorities have also ordered the villagers to sign a so-called “commitment card” that renounces “cults.”

The officials have threatened to place Mr. Wang's younger sister, who is also a Falun Gong practitioner, under arrest. She has thus been forced to stay away from her home. Fellow practitioners have publicized what these lawless officials have done. These activities, however, are merely what can be seen on the surface.

Some practitioners have taken special note of these recent developments. They have realized that, at this historic moment of the Fa-rectification, to publicize specific persecution cases, to expose the crimes of the primary culprits and their followers, and to inform the international community of the mounting evidence of the ongoing persecution is to prompt people around the world and those among the Chinese leadership to confront these crimes, make their choices, disclose their positions, and even make a positive judgment.

Through discussing and sharing thoughts, some practitioners have improved their understandings based on the Fa. It is clear that what we are doing is not participating in politics, nor is it relying on everyday people; we are doing this to help save those sentient beings who are in privileged groups with special power or positions in society. We have realized that this is not a matter restricted to individual persons or an individual region. We should pay attention as one body, completely disintegrate the evil, and save sentient beings. Those in the neighboring cities and areas shoulder special responsibilities.

We hope fellow practitioners immediately cooperate with righteous thoughts, thwart the persecution in process, and support those morally upright leaders in reaching a positive decision to put an end to the persecution that has spanned more than a dozen years. Their rightful acts will definitely lead more sentient beings to escape the CCP's pitfalls so that more sentient beings can be saved.

We hope that fellow practitioners will send forth strong righteous thoughts. We also ask that practitioners who are skillful in editing multimedia messaging, audio content, and truth-clarification materials produce relevant content.