(Minghui.org) I was fortunate to start practicing Falun Dafa in August 1996. I am 71 years old this year. With a firm faith in Dafa, I have not wavered or fallen behind in my belief even when faced with severe hardships. I am not able to fully express my gratitude to Master and Dafa in words. Now, with the upcoming 20th anniversary of Falun Dafa's introduction, to express my gratitude to Master, I would like to share a miracle that occurred in my family. I still feel excitement, and have tears falling down my face whenever I think of it. Although more than a decade has passed, I wanted to share it so that people can understand Falun Dafa better.

On March 15, 1999, my husband who is ten years older than I, suddenly became unconscious due to a stroke and brain hemorrhage. He was sent to the ICU in the Railway Hospital and remained unconscious for more than 40 days.

My son asked several well-known local specialists, including the director of a hospital, to treat my husband, but he did not get much better. The director told me, “A specialist in the cardiovascular department in my hospital became a vegetable himself. The window of time to save your husband has been missed; there's not much we can do. ” Many doctors and nurses in the Railway Hospital also told me that several of their employees died or were in a vegetative state because of the same problem. They suggested that I take my husband home by car. These words implied that there was no hope for my husband to live. I told them decisively, “I want him to walk home! I would have been dead had I not practiced Falun Dafa. My Master said that one person practicing Falun Dafa can benefit the whole family. My master will certainly save his life and protect him! ”

When my son went to the hospital to keep his father company, I went home to take an incense burner and Dafa books. I put them in an appropriate spot in the hospital. I burnt incense and read Zhuan Falun every day. I also played the recordings of Master's lectures for my husband. After about two weeks, my husband gradually regained consciousness. At first he could move his limbs slowly, then sit up by himself, then take in some liquid food, and finally, he could speak. Then we started to read Zhuan Falun together. In the beginning I read first and he followed along after me. After another two weeks he could walk in the ward slowly, with support on both sides.

Since then, my husband, who had never practiced Falun Dafa, started to examine himself and require himself to meet the universal principles of Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance. He viewed his physical tribulations and people and happenings around him from the view-point of a Dafa practitioner. When his mindset was uplifted his health was improved, too.

Although later that year Jiang's group discredited Dafa and insanely persecuted practitioners, my husband remained firm in his belief in Dafa and insisted on studying Dafa. Also, he would ask me to give him a hand when he went downstairs to practice Falun Gong. We also shared the restoration of my husband's health with other people to prove that Master is good, Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance is good, and that what the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) said about Falun Dafa were all lies. I did not know that this was clarifying the truth; I only knew that everybody should have the chance to benefit from such a good Fa, and that I should stop them from being deceived by the CCP and Jiang.

Seeing that my husband had been saved from near death, several other patients in the ward borrowed the Dafa books from me respectfully. A patient with heart disease in the ward next door borrowed Zhuan Falun and read it for three days. He hand-copied several paragraphs, and on the fourth day he asked to be discharged to practice Falun Gong at home. Patients in other wards came to ask for our phone number and address, so that they could come to us later for Dafa books and Falun Gong lessons.

My husband had been sentenced to death by the hospital in May. In the course of listening to Fa, studying the Fa and uplifting his mindset, practicing the Falun Gong exercises and spreading the Fa, his health improved so much that he was discharged in August.

I could not help but shed tears when my husband walked briskly out of the ward to say good-bye to the doctors, nurses and other patients. I cried and laughed, “Look, my vegetable husband can walk home!” It was Master who gave my husband his second life. Master is compassionate and great, Falun Dafa is superb and miraculous. All those who had witnessed this, including the doctors and nurses, were moved and amazed by this miracle.

Thank you Master! Thank you fellow practitioners! Heshi!

(From the Call for Submissions to Commemorate the Twentieth Anniversary of Falun Dafa's Introduction)