1. Master’s Hint Encourages Me to Have Solid Faith in Dafa

During the initial period of my cultivation, I always looked at and understood Dafa with notions contaminated by the Communist Party culture. I found the following paragraph in Zhuan Falun hard to understand:

“We have a practitioner who broke a few needles at a hospital. In the end, the liquid medicine squirted out, and the needle still would not penetrate.”

How could a human flesh body possibly bend a needle? Only through a personal experience, did I later finally realize the magical and extraordinary power of Dafa.

At about midnight on a winter day in 1998, my heart began beating abnormally. It seemed similar to the condition of my last heart attack. Because I lacked understanding about maintaining xinxing at that time, I hurried to the hospital. Upon hearing my medical history and a general explanation of my condition, without saying another word, the doctor asked me to lie down and performed an ECG. However, the diagram showed nothing. After checking and making sure that there was no problem with the wire connections, the doctor performed the ECG two more times. However, the diagram still showed nothing. Feeling strange, the doctor asked me, “Are you wearing something or carrying something with you?” His question woke me up. We had been in a big rush to get to the hospital and didn’t have time to bring anything. What could I have? If I had anything, it was only the Falun installed by Master, and everyday people may not understand that.

At that point, the doctor decided to use another instrument for the ECG diagnosis. This time, there was a very irregular display, so the doctor decided to perform a blood test. A young female nurse came in to draw blood. She twisted and poked my arm for five or six minutes, but could not draw blood. Before I started cultivation, I was a frequent hospital patient, and this kind of thing never happened.

Another nurse came in and asked what was going on. The young nurse said, “It’s very strange. No matter what I do, I cannot draw blood from this person.” Then, the two nurses started to work together. One nurse repeatedly inserted the needle in and then pulled it out. The other one pushed and squeezed my upper and lower arm back and forth. Finally after much effort, they were able to get a tiny bit of blood. They murmured something and then left the room.

In fact, when the doctor and nurses were busy working on me, my husband, also a Dafa practitioner, and I were already clear in our hearts that discomfort and problems that appear in the body are not sickness at all. This was a hint from Master. Didn’t I have trouble understanding how a human flesh body could bend a needle? Then how could a living person not display any signals on the ECG test and have trouble getting blood drawn? Having understood this principle, I said to my husband, “Let’s stop wasting time here and go home.” By then, I understood everything.

Back in 1998, the cultivation environment in China was still very relaxed, and Master’s picture was hanging on the wall in my room. After returning home, maybe because of the one thought, “I have understood everything,” Master saw that I still had some enlightening ability and displayed through the picture a magnificent scene to me. Bright and dazzling light radiated from the edges of Master’s picture and lasted for about three minutes. Standing in front of Master’s picture, I felt ashamed about my poor enlightenment quality and constant use of human logic to understand the Fa.

Through this incident, I also felt inspired. I felt that Master was right next to us, and as long as we are determined to cultivate and are diligent, Master will protect us and help us reach consummation. I also felt very regretful that I couldn’t take a picture of this beautiful and magnificent scene as a witness of the divine power of Dafa.

2. Magic Comes from Righteous Thoughts

My younger brother, who lives in another province, started having blurry vision at the end of 2008. After getting checkups at several famous local hospitals, the diagnosis was retinopathy. Six months of treatment resulted in no improvement. It became worse and worse, and he almost lost his vision. Due to this condition, my brother became more irritable, and he often fought with his wife. A minor unpleasant feeling would cause him to throw chopsticks and rice bowls, turning the whole family into utter chaos. Later, after getting much advice from us, he decided to come to my place for treatment.

In the fall of 1998, when I had visited my home town, I told my brother and his wife about the miraculous power and beauty of Dafa that I had witnessed after beginning cultivation. I also gave them the book Zhuan Falun and helped them to learn the basic exercise movements. Maybe because they were busy working back then, and especially after the brutal persecution started on July 20, 1999, they didn't truly enter the door of cultivation at that time. This time, however, because he was struck by disease, they decided to give it a try.

Right after they arrived at our home, my husband and I started to tell them about the beauty of Dafa. This time, they were both ready to listen and willing to accept it. Considering that they might be tired from the trip, we arranged for them to go to bed early. I didn’t expect to hear the following words from my brother the next morning: “Last night when I got up to use the restroom, I saw the two of you doing the sitting meditation in the living room. I thought that if I had listened to your words earlier and continued practicing Dafa, there wouldn’t be this problem today. It seems that if one wants to change his life, he should be like both of you and cultivate in Dafa.”

We arranged a checkup for him at a large hospital and made an appointment with a specialist. During this time, other than visiting some sightseeing places nearby, my brother and his wife just practiced the exercises with us and listened to us speak about Falun Dafa. When we did the exercises at night on the second day, my brother said that the practice made him very comfortable, and he felt heat in his lower back. He had a persistent lumbar disc herniation, which had not shown any improvement despite long-term treatment. However, he felt very relaxed when doing the exercises. My sister-in-law felt Falun turning in her lower abdomen.

On the third day, before we left for the hospital, I asked my sister-in-law to speak from her heart in front of Master’s picture. I later asked her what she had said. She answered, “I said to Master that we also want to cultivate in Dafa. Please give us a chance and let his eyes be cured. Even if it is a cataract, that would be better.” At the hospital, within less than a minute, the specialist said, “Typical cataract. Why didn’t you come earlier?” My brother was stunned upon hearing this and couldn’t believe his ears. He asked again, “What’s the problem with my eyes?” The doctor once again confirmed that it was a cataract and then turned to another surgeon saying, “He is from another area. Please arrange a surgery as soon as possible.” My brother thought to himself: “I have been seeking treatment for retinopathy all this time. How did it become a cataract upon coming to my elder sister’s place? There is hope now.” His excitement was obvious. After returning home, he kept on murmuring: “It’s really strange. So many big hospitals said that it was retinopathy. Why when I went to my brother’s place, did it turn out to be a cataract?” I said to him, “Actually we all understand. It is because Master sees that you have the heart to cultivate, which is more precious than gold. It is Master who has saved you. Master can do anything.” I lightly joked with my sister-in-law, “Why did you think about a cataract in front of Master’s picture? It would have been better had you thought about no problem at all.” She said, “I don’t know why I thought about a cataract. In front of Master, I couldn’t be too insatiable, right?” Everyone laughed happily.

After the surgery, the doctor said, “Your operation went very smoothly and was very successful. We haven’t seen this for many years.” Because they were eager to return home, my brother went to get the stitches removed. After it was done, the nurses checked his vision. The result showed 1.0. They asked my brother when the surgery was done. He answered, “Yesterday.” The nurse asked again with a surprise, “When?” The doctor said, “It’s simply incredible! In general, the best result after a cataract operation is 0.8 vision. In order to recover to 1.0 takes at least one to two years. How can you reach 1.0 immediately?” At that moment, my brother was very excited. He thought in his heart, “I just thought I wanted to cultivate, and Master already gave me so much. If I don’t cultivate well after going home, I will be letting Master down and letting Falun Dafa down.”

In April or May 2009, within less than six months since my brother entered the door of cultivation, he suddenly felt an unbearable pain in his lower back. It was similar to the old lumbar disc herniation. Each year in the past, this problem had recurred. Each time he would have to lie in bed for two to three months, and endure great suffering. However, this time, he suddenly realized that the pain was to eliminate the karma, and it was not a disease. He thought, “This time I will definitely not lie on the bed.” He then went out to buy groceries and helped with the housework afterward as usual. After two or three days of difficulty, the symptoms were gone. He later told us over the phone: “I have passed another test. Master helped me to eliminate the old lumbar disc herniation as well.” My sister-in-law also said: “After coming back from your place, my brother always has smile on his face. We no longer hear the chopsticks and bowls smashing.” They experienced and witnessed the miracles of cultivating in Dafa.