(Minghui.org) On October 26, 2009, I was diagnosed with stage 2 ovarian cancer. On October 29, I had surgery to remove my cervix, double attached organs and the net. The pathological diagnosis was: dual-ovarian cancer. The hospital gave me a chemotherapy treatment before I checked out: It was late term ovarian cancer. The doctor proposed to treat the cancer with chemotherapy and advised that at least six to eight treatments would be required. I asked the doctor what I should expect my health condition to be after the treatments. The doctor said: Keep on taking the treatments. In three or five years your probability of survival is approximately 50%. Hearing that I felt that my world was coming to an end.

Each chemotherapy treatment cost 5,000 Yuan. Within three months I had three chemotherapy treatments and all of my critical organs had been damaged due to the side effects of the treatments; therefore, I could not take any more chemotherapy treatments. Among the patients, one idea was spread about chemotherapy: Taking chemotherapy treatments, your life will gradually be snuffed out. Without any more chemotherapy treatments, my only hope of staying alive was gone.

In order to save my life, I took Shenyang Anti-Pain Cancer Institute special cancer capsules for three months continuously. As a result the skin on my whole back and stomach started to swell and began to look rotten because of the poisonous medicine effects. That pain and the associated itchiness felt just like ten thousand ants had snuck into my body and bit my bones. This tortured me day and night so that I could not sleep all night long. I really thought about jumping from the 18th floor to end this suffering. But I could not afford to die because I owed large debts and I felt that I could not leave without paying them.

Unfortunately, on June 17, 2010, a re-examination after my surgery revealed another swollen lump the size of 4cm x 2.3cm was growing on the right side of the ovarian area. Looking at the written notice by my doctor that requested that I have yet another surgery, I felt further depressed. Although I had so many treatments, within only one year another cancerous lump appeared. Where could I borrow the money for the surgical fees? I was an orphan; also I did not have children. I lived in a rented apartment. In order to treat my diseases, I had already borrowed money from all of the people that I knew who could possibly lend me money. But now I had realized that even money could not save my life and besides, my body could no longer take this kind of torture. I could not find a path to live.

At that time when I had walked to the end of my life path, my friend’s elder sister heard about my situation and came to visit me. She told me the truth of Falun Gong and gave me a copy of the treasured book Zhuan Falun.

August 20, 2010 was an unforgettable day for me. In the morning I sat in bed facing the window. I held the Zhuan Falun book and began to read. I continued to read the first 60 pages. Normally I only could sit up for three to five minutes and then I had to lie down. However that morning while I was reading Zhuan Falun, with one leg crossed over the other one, I sat up to read for one and a half hours. I did not feel fatigued and I also felt comfortable and very relaxed, a feeling that I had never had before. Not only that but later I slept soundly, which had not happened for a very long time. I just carefully read the first 60 pages of Zhuan Falun and my health improved significantly. Nobody could imagine what happened but that was my real experience. Master said: “In fact, let me tell everyone that matter and mind are one thing.” (Zhuan Falun) My experience also confirmed that Master’s statement was very much true.

On August 27, at around 3:00pm, I suddenly had a fever and severe pain in my whole body that made it impossible for me to straighten my back. My friend immediately took me to the hospital. My body temperature was 38.2 degrees C. Around 8pm, after taking an IV injection, my body heat was actually increased to 38.5 degrees C. The doctor and nurses all felt that this was very strange. Soon I had severe diarrhea and even orally taken medicines could not eliminate the symptoms. Then my friend said: “Maybe it's due to reading the book?” I had just started reading the book and therefore did not understand the Fa’s principles. My fellow practitioner heard about my state and she came to visit me in the hospital even though it was a rainy day. After she saw me, she said with a definite tone: “It’s Master purifying your body.”

I immediately put my hands together and silently thought: “Master, from now on I will accept your arrangements. All that I have belongs to Master!” Immediately the fever vanished. During the night I went to the toilet 13 times. Each time when I came back, my back was straightened a little bit more.

The next morning the doctor came in to see me. He could not believe his eyes. He said, surprised: “Who can say you are a patient? The latest ultrasound report indicates that the size of your cancer lump has shrunk to 1.8cm x 0.9cm. What kind of great medicine have you taken?!” At that moment, everyone in the hospital room exclaimed: “It’s so amazing!” I had been effectively sentenced to death by the hospital but after I read Zhuan Falun for only 9 days, the cancer symptoms immediately improved without any medical treatment. Even modern science could not explain the miracle that had happened in my body.

Since then I have not taken any medicines or injections. However, in addition to my cancer, my coronary heart disease, stomach problems, bile duct stones, arthritis, migraines, and all of the other diseases I used to have are now healed. In the old days if I climbed the stairs to the second floor, I needed to stop to take a break twice. However, now I can climb up to the seventh floor just like I am flying. Before, if I was talking about working outside to earn money, it was like a dream. But now I worked and earned money which helped me to pay back my debts of over 10,000 yuan.

My good friends and relatives witnessed the wonderful changes in my body and they all asked me how this occurred. I smiled and told them: “It’s Master Li Hongzhi who saved my life!”

I gained my life back through Falun Dafa. I could not use any words to express my sincere gratitude to my venerable Master. The only thing that I could do was to shout in my mind: “Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!”

I bow to our venerable Master here. I wish more people could know the truth of Falun Gong, break through the lies of the Chinese Communist Party, and begin to practice.

From the Call for Submissions to Commemorate the Twentieth Anniversary of Falun Dafa's Introduction