(Minghui.org) When I was illegally detained at a prison, the officials used my human attachments to pit me against other practitioners and in the end I would get rather angry. Later, I had a dream in which I saw that the temperature of my anger could reach as high as 8 million degrees Celsius and the temperature of indifference could reach as low as 4 million degrees below zero.

That is when I realized that everything has life in another dimension. When we are angry and indignant it is not simply an issue of human anger, but it is affected by other dimensions. The emotions of anger and indignation generated in the three realms are controlled by other dimensions. No one really knows how high the temperature generated by these emotions will reach before human beings lose their calm and become irrational.

This principle also takes effect during conflicts among practitioners. If practitioners don't look within, this anger will turn into a loophole for evil factors in other dimensions, which in turn will be used by the evil forces to take advantage of practitioners. The factors determining this principle will be multiplied so that some practitioners would become irrational when doing things. Not just heat, but also cold or indifference is at issue, as indifference appears to be like solid ice in other dimensions.

It does not matter if we are saving sentient beings or encountering such emotions among practitioners, we must pay attention to eliminating factors that interfere with Fa-rectification.