(Minghui.org) I recently learned that a large number of practitioners in Guizhou Province were illegally arrested. Since the persecution began in July 1999, it has never been as severe as it is now in the Guizhou area. As soon as we practitioners heard the news of the arrests, we sent forth righteous thoughts for an extended period of time. I recited the names of the practitioners who had disappeared or were arrested. I then saw a red dragon gradually appear from the dark. I sent forth righteous thoughts to break its body in half and destroy it.

That evening, I dreamed that I was still sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the bad elements. Since my cultivation state was up to par, I was able to notice that my energy was weak. I gathered all of the energy into my hands and placed my palms outward. The energy glowed like a searchlight looking for the evil elements. Although the rotten minions are carrying out a large scale persecution in the human dimension, the bad elements are scattering with fear in another dimension.

I dreamed that I was looking all over for the rotten elements that were hiding. Each time I eliminated one, a practitioner's loophole would appear, and I would mend the loophole. After reading articles on the Minghui website about practitioners being persecuted, I began to search inward. I realized it was partly my responsibility. In recent years, I have spent most of my effort on ordinary people's work, hardly did the three things, and did not contribute positively to the local area. I did not fulfill the requirements of the Fa and was far from the standard of a practitioner. My righteous thoughts were not effective. I let myself go and indulged in human sentimentality. I wasted a lot of time as well as the opportunities that Teacher gave us to save sentient beings. I felt unworthy of the title Dafa disciple and ashamed for not fulfilling the mission.

After I looked inward, the next evening I dreamed that I was continuing to get rid of the evil. This time my energy was no longer weak, and I did not have to look for the evil one at a time. As soon as I recited the verses for sending forth righteous thoughts, my energy was as large as the universe and encompassed the area that corresponded to the celestial bodies in my dimension. A red light lit up the entire universe, and my gong was like a huge wave going after the bad elements. Unlike previous times, the remnants of the evil entities did not gather together to attack. Instead, they scattered around, disguised themselves as ordinary beings, mingled in the crowd of sentient beings, and pretended to be good. When the energy of the righteous thoughts lit up the area, the bad elements were exposed and blown up. I saw the rotten entities being destroyed everywhere like exploding fireworks. This time, it took much longer to disintegrate the evil entities. Sentient beings in the universe were shocked as they watched the event with their eyes wide open.

When the cultivation environment is not good, it is because practitioners in the area have not cultivated well. Teacher said,

“Changes in your thinking can lead to changes in your surrounding environment. How the people in your region are is a result of the extent to which you have clarified the truth to them. The environment is shaped by your human attachments. When the environment is bad, it is because you made it that way.” (Fa Teaching at the 2009 Greater New York International Fa Conference)

“As I've said, everything that happens today in the ordinary society is the result of Dafa disciples' thoughts. Even though the old forces do exist, if you don't have those thoughts they can't do anything. When your righteous thoughts are strong enough the old forces can't do a thing.” (Teaching the Fa at the Conference II, Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Philadelphia, U.S.A.)

Because we have not cultivated well, this kind of persecution has occurred during the final phase of Fa-rectification when most of the evil elements have been destroyed, thus we need to look inward. I hope that all of us practitioners in Guizhou can search inward to find where we are lacking, truly cultivate ourselves, not slow down the pace of Fa-rectification, and play the role of Dafa disciples. Amidst this large-scale persecution, we practitioners should mend our own loopholes, help the arrested practitioners mend theirs, and strengthen our righteous thoughts. Once we form a large righteous field, we become one body that is indestructible.

I hope we can change the habit of looking at others' shortcomings and look inward instead. Let us not blame or seek fault in those who have been arrested. We should instead help them and not examine their weaknesses with human notions. Only when we purify our thoughts can our righteous thoughts become truly powerful. We must have a clear understanding that the old forces are after us, and that they want to destroy sentient beings. To those who have not stepped forward to clarify the truth: please do not use the evil's persecution as an excuse for not being diligent. Those who have been arrested are the ones who took the initiative to clarify the truth, thus we should be rational and step forward to clarify the truth as well, and we should continue to save sentient beings. Those who have not been arrested should not think that they are cultivating better than those who have been arrested. We should not use the persecution of others to validate ourselves. Those who usually disagree with the arrested practitioners should not use the fact that they themselves have not been arrested as the reason to prove that their opinion is correct.

I hope that we can all look inward and distinguish the difference between our true thoughts, the ego, and thought interference to wholeheartedly rescue practitioners and save sentient beings.

In addition to strengthening and extending the time for sending forth righteous thoughts, we must not forget to search inward. Only when we mend our loopholes can we completely disintegrate the evil. I also hope that practitioners like myself, who have slacked off, can wake up and become diligent. Let our righteous thoughts guide us, cultivate steadily, and walk the final path well!

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