(Minghui.org) I feel truly sorry for those who haven't realized how evil the essence of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) really is. Once upon a time, I was just like them. Although people know that corruption in the Party is very common, they continue to put their hopes in it. Although most people are puzzled by the CCP's propaganda, they never think to question it, because they don't believe that a nation-wide media publication could deceive the population of an entire country.

Gradually, after experiencing so much, I came to realize the evil nature of the Communist Party. Violence and lies have been playing out all along, and it has become more and more frenzied and hidden. Many people don't know about the savage persecution that has been occurring around them. Many kind and innocent families have been destroyed.

Regarding the Tiananmen Square massacre in June 1989, people in the military were told that there were no shootings. They were told that there were no deaths, and that there were not even any injuries among the students and the masses, but that some soldiers had shed their blood and even lost their lives. Therefore, as active servicemen, we all believed that the protest ended peacefully and that no students died. I later met someone who participated in the Tiananmen Square student movement. He talked about the students being crushed by a tank and shot. A few years later, an older man told me that he heard continuous gun shots, like from a machine gun, from quite a distance from Tiananmen Square. Someone near him had been shot to death by a stray bullet.

A few years later, a local TV broadcast was interrupted with a video clip of the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre. I saw flames from the shooting tanks and the sound of gun shots from far and near. The next day, all the TV broadcasts from that TV station were stopped. The TV channel involved in the interception was permanently shut down.

I was shocked by the incident. I started to try to figure out if there was any truth behind the Party propaganda.

In May 1999, my father returned home and told me with a serious look, "Today, there was an announcement among the Party members. No members of the Party or the Young Leagues are allowed to practice Falun Gong." At that time, I responded, "Our practice is not involved in politics and does not seek any power. Moreover, the constitution states that we have freedom of belief."

A few days later, an announcement was broadcast on CCTV to "refute a rumor," "There has been no such statement that members of the Communist Party and the Communist Young League are not allowed to practice Falun Gong." My father, who is always honest and frank, was confused. He said, "It was just announced in the cadre meeting a few days ago. What's going on?"

Many people may have forgotten that such a small overture occurred just before the start of the all-out persecution of Falun Gong. At that time, however, I indistinctly sensed the smell that occurs just before the dark clouds come crashing down. Soon after, in late July, the foul wind and rain of blood started.

Looking back in history, the CCP has started every one of its political movements with deceptive propaganda. When all the media reported how Falun Gong practitioners killed people, murdered people, and did other bad things, I realized that the Party regarded Falun Gong practitioners as its enemy. That's why it confused right and wrong without reason. Because I persevered in my belief, my life changed dramatically. The CCP's brainwashing tricks played out right in front of me.

My Freedom Was Restricted and I Was Illegally Detained

At first, I was restricted when entering or leaving the military compound, and my colleagues had to escort me. Then I was sent to the military forced labor camp. I protested, "I didn't commit any crimes. It is illegal to send me to a labor camp just because I chose my own belief." I was told, "You must be introspective and get with the program. We care about you. Since we can't find another proper place to conduct the 'law and education class,' we will use a place in the forced labor camp." This farfetched reason was presently so plausibly. The illegal decision was presented in such a high-sounding way.

Several other practitioners and active servicemen were also detained in the forced labor camp. We were detained alone in individual rooms but were all on the same floor. We were not allowed to talk to each other and were isolated from the rest of the world. There were five metal gates between us and the outside world, a metal rail gate to our room, a metal rail gate at the stairs on our floor, a metal gate at the small courtyard, and a large metal gate on the compound of the forced labor camp.

We were mistreated in various ways. Some of us were not allowed to turn off the light at night, and the light bulbs had been changed to high-wattage bulbs. Others were beaten by the soldiers and cadres in the labor camp, and had broken noses from the beatings. Some were force-fed. Others were sent to the local forced labor camp. And so on.

The room I was detained in was only eight-square-meters with three metal beds. Every day two of my colleagues were assigned to monitor me around the clock, and report my every word and movement. I had to get permission to make any calls, and I was not left alone while making a call. Every letter I wrote was inspected. There was one common bathroom on each floor. I was escorted to the bathroom and allowed no privacy. When I was called out to have a “talk” with a cadre, the colleagues checked and searched my personal belongings in the room.

I Was Subjected to Brainwashing and Waves of Pressure

Many people took turns to try to brainwash me. Hardly any of them had ever read any Falun Gong books. What they said all came from the CCP propaganda.

I was forced to watch video programs that slandered Falun Gong during my detention, and forced to learn the articles that twisted the facts with lies. Some so-called experts were brought in to put pressure on me.

After a while, my colleagues started to make fun of me and yell at me me if I tried to reason with them by telling them the facts. They criticized me, saying I was extremely selfish because I pursued my own belief regardless of the responsibility to my family. Before I lost my freedom, I took care of the family and my child. There were no conflicts in balancing work and life. But how could I take care of my family when I was in detention?

Under such a high-pressure brainwashing environment, my life completely changed. It was hard to keep a normal state of mind. Everything was different. It seemed my colleagues were no longer like colleagues, and my family members were no longer like my family members. Although I was previously very healthy, I started to feel dizzy and have headaches. The harmony and calm I had gained after practicing Falun Gong gradually went away. I became agitated and talked less and less.

I later acted against my conscience and wrote the guarantee statement. After I was allowed to leave the forced labor camp, I was asked to hand in my military officer certification to the politics department, but I refused. I was still escorted when entering or leaving the military compound.

I was advised to demobilize myself, and all my colleagues were encouraged to convince me to do it. I suffered their deriding and teasing, and had no intention of fighting back. I was detained again later, because my conversation with a fellow practitioner on the phone was intercepted.

I twice suffered isolated detention and brainwashing for a total of about 400 days. I was monitored, and my freedom restricted for nearly two years. I later left the military. I formerly withdrew from the evil Party before I left the military. I felt fortunate that I had finally broken away from the evil organization.

I found a high-ranking management job. Because I purchased a ticket for Shen Yun Performing Arts, I was arrested and detained for eight days. My legal documents are still in the hands of the police today, and there was no official receipt given to me for those detained documents.

I gradually learned about even worse cases of persecution. My experience was nothing compared to my fellow practitioners' suffering. Mr. Zhu Keming, a billionaire, was tortured and imprisoned for appealing for Falun Gong. He later sued Jiang Zemin and exposed the brutal persecution in China. I learned about Xu Yin, an associate professor at Qihua University, who was subjected to forced labor; the story of Zhen Xujin, the Ph.D student at China Electric Power Research Institution, who endured forced labor; and Ms. Qi Bingshi, the granddaughter of the famous painter Qi Baishi and a famous painter herself, who was sent to a mental hospital and a forced labor camp. Mr. Yuan Jiang, who graduated from the famous Qinghua University, was an assistant CEO at a information and technology company in Lanzhou City. He was inhumanely tortured for two months and died at age 29. Others who were murdered for their beliefs included Gao Xianmin, a young teacher at Jinan University; Zhao Xin, a teacher at Beijing Industry and Business University; Li Baifan, a science teacher at Huadong Normal University; Shen Jianli, the applied mathematics teacher in Jilin University; Bai Xiaojun, a philosophy teacher at Dongbei Normal University, etc.

I learned about the persecution that occurred in some forced labor camps and prisons, including Masanjia Forced Labor Camp in Liaoning Province, Shuihua Forced Labor Camp in Heilongjiang Province, Xinjiang Province Women's Prison, Fangjiang Forced Labor Camp in Jiangsu Province, Nanmusi Women's Forced Labor Camp in Sichuan Province, Dujun Prison in Quizhou Province, Sansui Women's Forced Labor Camp in Guangdong Province, and Yunnan Province Forced Labor Camp.

I learned of the different inhumane tortures used on the Falun Gong practitioners, such as hanging them by their handcuffs while their hands were cuffed behind their back, force-feeding them excrement and urine, injecting them with unknown harmful drugs, the death bed torture, exposing them to the hot sun, pouring freezing cold water on them, etc.

There are still thousands of practitioners whose whereabouts are unknown. The harvesting of organs from living practitioners has been widely practiced for several years in military hospitals and non-military hospitals.

These savage atrocities have been occurring around us constantly. However, most people don't know about them. The truth has been concealed from the public, and all these acts of brutality have been covered up. The CCP has put on a false mask to present its best period of human rights, while at the same time, it has utilized everything at its disposal to persecute innocent people. It is deceiving itself as well as others! The CCP is guilty of the most heinous crimes! I hope that our motherland will soon experience the dawn that will drive away the evil clouds.