(Minghui.org) Wang Lijun, the would-be defector and former Chongqing police chief with numerous extravagant titles such as “Supreme Heroic Role Model of China's Police,” “One of China's Top Ten Elite Police Officers” and “China's Heroic Fighter in the Battle for Public Security,” has an infamous reputation for his interest in the female excretory system.

As the website for the China Guanghua Science and Technology Foundation (CGSTF) put it: “On September 17, 2006, CGSTF hosted a grand award ceremony in Beijing in tribute to professor Wang Lijun, chief of the Police Department of Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province, for his founding of the sole “On-Site Psychology Research Center (OSPRC)” in China's public security system, for which he was awarded the 'Guanghua Prize for Outstanding Contributions.'”

Wang authored, as the leader of his research team, several academic papers that were deemed of great importance and significance, including “On Injury-Free Dissection,” “A Study on Organ Transplant Recipients after Injection” and “A Study on the Time Dependence of Intestinal and Gastric Excrement of Females from Northern China”.

Based on Chinese traditions, no Chinese woman would be a willing subject for intestinal and gastric research by men. Coercion would have been the only option left for Wang to do his work. As police chief, he could have chosen his test subjects from female prisoners, but they would likely bring lawsuits against his testers after they were released, a risk that Wang would not take. Wang was then likely to target female Falun Gong practitioners. Wang emphasized in his paper that his research subjects were from northern China. This is consistent with the fact that most Falun Gong practitioners who went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong, and who were arrested and imprisoned in Liaoning Province without giving their names to the police, were from northern China.

The World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (WOIPFG) received a report from a policeman under Wang about the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)'s harvesting of organs from living Falun Gong practitioners. In his statement, he witnessed on April 9, 2002, an organ harvesting performed in an operating room on the 15th floor of the General Hospital of the Shenyang Military Region. He saw doctors removing organs from a female Falun Gong practitioner while she was still alive. The victim was in her 30s and was a teacher from a middle school. She died with full awareness that her organs were being excised from her body.

The victimized Falun Gong practitioner was brutally beaten and raped many times a month before she was sent for organ harvesting. According to the police officer: “Before she was killed for her organs, she had been subjected to even more horrible humiliations. I saw, with my own eyes, perverted police officers violate her with instruments. I regret that I did not take photos of the atrocities that were committed, and the obscenities. She was a pretty woman. They raped her many times, many times.... ”

In the history of the CCP's judiciary system, there are notorious records about the gratuitous abuse of female prisoners before they were executed. For instance, Ms. Zhang Zhixin, a famous Chinese dissident during Mao's time, was wantonly raped during her detention before she was executed. It is not surprising that the female Falun Gong practitioners, to be destroyed physically under Jiang Zemin's command, would be deliberately abused by Wang and his men as test subjects before having their organs harvested. It is understandable that we have seen no victims bring charges against Wang, because they were all killed after being victimized as test subjects.

Did Wang only observe his Chinese women test subjects? Wang's paper “A Study on the Time Dependence of Intestinal and Gastric Excrement of Females from Northern China” did show the possibility that he had dissected the females for his study.

Wang could not have published an academic paper without a statistically significant sample of test subjects. In the ceremony where he was awarded the “Guanghua Prize for Outstanding Contributions,” Wang talked about the organ transplants to recipients: “The scientific outcome that we achieved is the fruit of thousands of on-site studies. It represents the efforts of so many people....”

The man known as the “Supreme Heroic Role Model of China's Police” was not doing the work that he was supposed to be doing. During his reign as a powerful police chief, thousands of “test objects,” human beings, disappeared without explanation. It's likely that Wang has records of his victims, which are now in the hands of the Central Government. Let's hope that the extent of his crimes will eventually come to light, and that this kind of tragedy will never be repeated.