(Minghui.org) My second sister wanted to access the Minghui website and asked me to help her install some software on her computer. I was very happy to hear that and went to her home. However, when I stepped into the door, I saw that her husband, who is not a practitioner, was playing video games on her computer. I greeted him and started to discuss with my sister how she could install the software. Her husband was upset and said, “Stop! I have to play my game.” My sister shouted back, “Do not be so selfish! I will just use part of the computer. I will not affect you. You cannot be the only one to use the computer.” Facing this conflict, I tried to calm down and look inward. I said to them peacefully, “You two should talk in a good manner. Do not argue with each other.” However, that did not stop the conflict and I asked my sister not to argue with him.

We decided not to install the software that day and my sister wanted to take some time to talk with her family and reach an agreement. On my way back, I thought that this was probably because their home had been ransacked multiple times and her husband was worried. When my sister made truth-clarification materials, her husband used to help staple them together. He must have been afraid this time. Otherwise, he would not have been so upset. I started to feel sympathetic toward him.

The next evening, I went to her home quietly and saw that her husband was watching TV and he did not welcome me as usual. I asked my sister, “Have you had a good discussion?” She replied, “Don't worry about him!” I said, “No, we should respect him!” I came up with a good idea to talk to him; however, he said, “If you install the software, I will not be able to play my games!” Then they started to argue again. I felt very embarrassed and asked my sister not to argue any more and talked with her. “In fact, he is a nice person. It is the evil factors behind him that are controlling him. If you argue, these evil factors will have an effect. When he is talking, you should just be quiet and send forth righteous thoughts. Study the Fa well and send forth righteous thoughts. I will come back tomorrow morning.” My sister apologized to me because I had to come over twice, but was not able to install the software.

I felt that something was pressing on my head and felt very small. I asked myself, “Why did you see them arguing twice? Why did you feel embarrassed? Which attachment was touched upon? What is the reason?” I said to myself over and over again, “Where are your righteous thoughts?” Then I remembered the words of Master's Fa,

“Gods can control the human mind and lead humans to do certain things, not vice versa. How could human beings possibly affect gods?” (“Teaching the Fa in Canada, 2006”)

I suddenly understood that I did not have enough righteous thoughts and was affected by human attachments. I felt sympathetic toward her husband and this was like helping the evil factors. I sent forth very strong righteous thoughts to eliminate these evil factors that controlled her husband and prevented my sister from accessing the Minghui website. Thereafter, I felt very light and it seemed like I was floating in the air when I was walking.

When I got home, I studied the Fa and kept sending forth righteous thoughts. After the twelve o'clock and six o'clock global sessions, I sent forth righteous thoughts for that thing. On the third day, I decided to go to her home after seven fifteen, when I finished sending forth righteous thoughts. When I was about to lift my hand to send forth righteous thoughts, one of my classmates called me and she just wanted to say hello to me. I knew that was interference. Then I spent another fifteen minutes sending forth righteous thoughts and I continued doing this on the way to her home.

When I arrived at her home she smiled at me and said, “Stay here this noon and enjoy the dumplings that my husband made for you!” I said to him, “It will not affect you if I install the software. When you are not using the computer, my sister can also use it, right?” Then he said, “Go ahead!” Then we successfully installed the software and my sister learned how to access the Minghui website and download materials.