I. Teacher Li Cured My Heart Disease and Many Other Illnesses

I’m 64 years old. My sad story began when I was diagnosed with heart disease 23 years ago. When tested at a hospital, my blood pressure was very high. The medical treatments failed to cure me, and worse still, I came down with drug poisoning and hepatitis. The hepatitis was successfully treated, but shortly after that I contracted diabetes. Then, a blood sugar test showed a blood sugar level of 15.6. The high blood pressure and diabetes mellitus played havoc with my body. I had a headache, swollen head, rapid heartbeat and I trembled all the time. Because I was weak, I only wanted to rest and lacked strength to do much. After being hospitalized, I suffered through a number of different treatments. I tried Chinese and Western medicines, and my health still didn’t improve. I felt so hopeless.

When I was 48 years old, I was helping my brother-in-law move to a different house. The road was rather bumpy, so I was shaken severely. I went to a hospital, as I was hurting quite a bit. I was diagnosed with a fractured pelvic bone and was again hospitalized, bedridden and in need of around the clock care. A month later I was released and had to recuperate for another two months. The fracture didn't heal and I was in constant pain. Then, I contracted an inflammation in the right knee when I was 58. My leg was swollen and it hurt when I walked. I lived in misery, was always in pain and there was no relief in sight.

I joined a qigong practice for a year, which didn't help me either. Then, I thought of religion and converted to Buddhism, burned incense, and worshiped the Buddha. It cost me a lot, and I donated a lot. I also worshiped a bodhisattva for more than a decade, but to no avail.

In May 2007, I was introduced to a Falun Gong practitioner. I was fortunate to come across this practice. In the beginning of the practice I had to rest on a couch during group Fa study, because of my illness.

After practicing Falun Dafa for half a month, my blood pressure was no longer elevated and I was cured of my heart disease. The pelvic bone fracture no longer hurt, the synovitis disappeared, and the diabetes mellitus was getting better. Suddenly I realized one day that I was healthy.

Dafa showed its divine power through me. Now, I can walk briskly and I have inexhaustible energy. After seeing that I was suddenly healthy, my husband, one of my younger sisters and three younger brothers started reading the Falun Dafa books. My second younger sister-in-law, a community secretary, was already a practitioner and protected practitioners secretly. All my relatives understand that Falun Dafa is good and quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliates.

Thank you Teacher Li and thank you Falun Dafa. Teacher Li saved my life, let me see the truth, turned me into an upright person, eliminated my diseases and purified my body. I believe in Teacher Li with all my heart and will do the {{three things} Teacher Li asks of his practitioners.

II. Falun Dafa Showed Its Divine Power  Many Illnesses Cured without Medication

My husband and I were laborers, but lost our jobs more than a decade ago. This spells disaster for a low-income family, as our means of support were gone. We had two daughters. My eldest daughter was in high school, which undoubtedly was another burden on our finances.

A middleman helped me find a job in an icehouse. However, I couldn’t afford to buy water boots, so I wore old and broken boots from my older brother. I was exposed to freezing conditions for three years and got frostbite on my feet and legs. It was very painful and hard to endure. I had to walk while holding on to the wall. Later, I no longer could work and our family had to make ends meet with my husband’s puny earnings.

Before I lost my job, I did hard physical labor in a factory, pulling cars with another three people. One person took every opportunity to skip the heavy work. Thus, over the years I was stuck with a greater load of work. I was bad tempered and was very angry with that person. Being constantly upset stressed me out and affected my health. We didn't have any money for doctor visits or treatments, so after some time I no longer could do hard labor.

I heard about Falun Dafa from a friend. Within half a month of practicing Falun Dafa I was healthy. My daughter had a baby soon after she got married. Since she worked, I babysat and did the house chores. I stopped practicing Falun Dafa. Within a few months, I not only came down again with my old illnesses, but also was diagnosed with high blood pressure. I was told to take it easy, take medication and get injections. I had a headache, was dizzy, and was stressed out again. I was exhausted and had trouble doing the house chores and babysitting.

My husband and children were all very worried. In the midst of desperation I practiced Falun Dafa again and after half a year, I was again healthy.

I’m 62 years old. Falun Dafa helped me become a healthy person, someone who was no longer stressed out and could work again. Human language cannot express the gratitude I hold towards Teacher Li. I deeply feel that only those who cultivate can truly understand the extraordinariness of Falun Dafa. Falun Dafa is miraculous and a science at a higher level.

III. Returning to Full Health after Practicing Falun Dafa

I suffered a number of illnesses before I practiced Falun Dafa. I had been diagnosed with suffering vertigo, colitis and left knee varicose veins. During a vertigo episode, I felt dizzy, vomited and my eyes were blurry. I couldn't turn my neck, was unable to work and needed to rest most of the time. The colitis tormented me for around 5 years. I had to hold to a strict diet and couldn't eat anything too hot or cold. My digestive system was out of whack and urinating and defecating was very painful. The varicose veins in my left knee sometimes formed a bulge larger than a fist. I couldn't wear anything that covered the knee.

The doctor said that I needed three surgeries and it would cost us around 10,000 yuan. We weren't wealthy enough for such expensive surgeries. So, I just had to suffer.

After I gave birth, I started having migraine headaches, especially on the right side of my head, which caused such severe throbbing pain I couldn't open my eyes. We were told that there was no cure, and it would get worse as I grew old. I suffered a lot and was never in a good mood. Although my husband and children cared deeply for me, we were too poor for medical attention. The over-the-counter medicines helped for a while, but then lost their effectiveness. People told me to worship as the "family protection immortal" could bless my family and help me get better. I worshiped, but to no avail.

In August 1997, I was introduced to Falun Dafa. I went to the practice site daily to learn the Fa and do the exercises and studied the Fa at night as during the day I was busy. Within two months of practicing Falun Dafa I no longer suffered the vertigo and colitis and had returned to full health. It was miraculous. My varicose veins became smaller and disappeared in 2005.

During all the years I have practiced Falun Gong I have not needed any medication or injections. I experienced what it means to be free of illness. I’m 71 years old, yet I am healthier than when I was young. My husband and children saw the changes within me since I stepped into this cultivation practice and actively support my cultivation.

I'm telling you my personal experiences, and they are real. So many illnesses being cured without treatment proves that Falun Dafa is a supernormal science. Practicing Falun Dafa not only benefits people’s physical health, but also improves people's moral standard. It is a path to heaven.