(Minghui.org) Practitioners live a different kind of life from ordinary people. Given a choice between one life or the other, we all know the right choice to make. But when it comes to balancing the two lives, isn't it more difficult? It seems to me that many practitioners are not clear on how to handle this situation.

Cultivators of the past avoided the secular world. They were guided by their teacher and followed him closely. Other than taking care of basic survival needs, they were completely focused on cultivation.

In our case, how should we handle the situation? Teacher has asked us to conform to ordinary society while cultivating ourselves. And yet some practitioners spend time enjoying the life of an ordinary person and don't do well in applying the Fa to daily situations. Still others are too busy with daily chores to give cultivation much thought. They justify their actions by saying that it's necessary to do things this way. But it seems to me they are behaving as ordinary people. We don't have to leave our homes, or give up all of our friends and relatives. At the same time, cultivation has to be the top priority. Everything else comes after. When we are doing things for Dafa, we should do them with our full attention; we shouldn't be thinking about what to prepare for dinner. If you don't have time to cook, then just buy a bun. Don't worry about what your family members might say, because when you're doing well in your cultivation, your family will receive blessings. To those who haven't prioritized their lives properly, please wake up since your time is so precious. Don't forget that you have a historic mission to fulfill.