(Minghui.org) Qi Shuying, a professor at Hebei Baoding University, was arrested on February 25, 2012, then held at the Baoding Detention Center. Her husband had previously been sentenced to eight years of imprisonment, and is still being held in Jidong Prison in Hebei Province—simply because he practiced Falun Gong. As a result, their thirteen-year-old daughter Liu Yuxin was left home unattended.

Family and friends expressed concern for Ms. Qi's safety. On the morning of March 17, her sister and seventy-year-old mother traveled from her hometown in Quyang to Baoding government offices, along with Liu Yuxin. They held up a small poster: “Heaven! Please help us! The child is not allowed to see her mother. The lawyer was also prevented from seeing her. Our petition is unanswered. What should we do?” Her child was wearing a school uniform and passed out leaflets to the passersby. Another family member was taking photos of the scene. Half an hour later, police arrived and confiscated their camera. Additional officers came to disperse the crowd and confiscate the leaflets. Afterwards, police took Ms. Qi's sister, brother-in-law and daughter to the Beishi District Public Security Bureau. They were released half an hour later. However, the camera's memory card was confiscated.

The following is the family's letter to the government department requesting the release of Qi Shuying:

Qi Shuying is a professor at Baoding University. She follows the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance; she's a good mother and a wonderful wife. She is a diligent and devoted instructor at the university.

However, she was arrested on February 25, 2012 by Wusi Road Police Station officers in Baoding. She is currently being held in the Baoding Detention Center (Qing Yuan).

Prior to her detention, her husband Liu Yongwang had been sentenced and held at Jidong Prison, just for practicing Falun Gong. Their thirteen-year-old daughter Liu Yuxin was left at home alone. She is a first grade student of Baoding Lekai Junior High School. Prior to her parents’ detention, she was a happy and positive girl, however, she is now quiet and introverted. Following her mother's detention, she was so frightened and stressed that she developed a fever for several days. She is now suffering from depression, trying to survive without her parents.

After her family negotiated with police station officials, they finally assigned a policewoman to stay at her home to accompany the child. However, the child was under additional pressure from the neighbors and their unkind gossip. She had difficulty sleeping at night, and usually called us at midnight. Her teacher reported that she was depressed. The policewoman told her, “I am here temporarily to take care of you. Your mother will be home in a couple of days.”

However, twenty days had passed, and the child was extremely disappointed; she wasn't even allowed to visit her parents. All of her relatives had jobs, family and children to take care of, so one could replace her mother.

No matter how society has changed, the child is innocent. She should not have to endure this trauma and pain. Nowadays, society is so complicated. She is so young, and we see many reports about children committing suicide, or exhibiting extreme behavior when their parents are no longer with them.

We believe that all related governmental departments don’t want to see such incidents occur. The family cannot face such cruel reality. We all hope for a harmonious society. No one is independent in this society. Your kindness will encourage others to be kind, bringing hope to society.

We hope that you will consider the child’s wellbeing. Please don’t let her become a victim of the government and society. She needs her mother! If Qi Shuying truly committed a crime, we ask the government to provide evidence. If not, please release her so that she can be reunited with her daughter.

On the afternoon of March 14, Yuxin’s school held a parent-teacher conference. Nowadays, parents need to be deeply involved in children’s education, including monitoring the children, communicating with the teacher, providing feedback and attending many meetings. Children are our future. Many families have only one child. Since they are our hope and future, we truly hope that our children will be healthy and happy.

All kind people know that it is right and good to believe in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. We call on all people to help this child and her mother.

Thank you!


The relatives and friends of Qi Shuying